StarWind NVMeoF

At Storage Field Day earlier this year, Aaron Strong got to hear from StarWind. Aaron was definitely familiar with the company, and charts how the company has moved from purely software into hardware. He then looks at their demos from the event, and how the company is innovating with NVM over Fabric in a variety of ways.

StarWind Continues To Do It Their Way

Dan Frith heard a presentation from StarWind at Storage Field Day last month. He likes the company because they look to innovate to solve everyday storage problems in the enterprise. In this presentation, they focused on NVMe over Fabrics, looking at their developments of NVMe SPDK for Windows Server, and a NVMe initiator for CentOS.

Starwind NVMe Over Fabrics for SMB and ROBO at SFD17

Jeffrey Powers heard from StarWinds at Storage Field Day last month, and got up to speed with what the company is doing with NVMe-oF. The presented on their new NVMe process on Windows Server, and the company’s Storage Performance Development Kit driver for Windows. Make sure to check out the full video of their presentation for more details.

Screaming IOP performance with StarWind’s new NVMeoF software & Optane SSDs

It’s pretty impressive when a Storage Field Day presentation can get Ray Lucchesi thinking about building a super computer. But that’s just what happened after seeing the impressive performance from StarWind NVMeoF initiator on CentOS and Windows Server. Using just 2-core in a Hyper-V environment, StarWind was able to achieve bare metal storage performance on Optane, getting ~551K 4K random write IOP performance at the 0.6msec RT and 2.26 GB/sec level. Not surprising that Ray called StarWind an “amazing company.”

The era of composable storage infrastructures is coming

After seeing StarWind present on their NVMe-oF solutions, Enrico Signoretti thinks that it’s time to declare the SAN officially dead. The ability of NVMe-oF to access remote storage the same way as local storage opens the door to borrowing storage resources from other servers across the datacenter and building your virtual storage array. For Enrico, what StarWind presented is the start of the age of Composable Storage Infrastructure.

Dialogue: What do We Mean by Predictive Analytics?

At Storage Field Day this month, Dr. Rachel Traylor heard from StarWind. They developed a prediction algorithm to proactively detect drive failures. This led Dr. Rachel to call for a dialogue with her fellow mathematicians and storage experts, what do we mean when we say predictive analytics?

StarWind VTL? What? Yes, And It’s Great!

At Storage Field Day, StarWind presented on using Virtual Tape Libraries to backup to object storage. For Dan Frith this makes a compelling case for SMBs who aren’t in a position to rearchitect their data protection, but want to modernize their backup targets.

Starwind software: SFD15 preview

The first Storage Field Day of 2018 kicks off this week in Silicon Valley. Arjan Timmerman will be in attendance and wrote up a preview of one of the presenters, Starwind. This is their second time presenting, during their first presentation at Storage Field Day, they discussed HCI solution, AcloudA, Veeam VTL and Cloud replication. Arjan is interesting in hearing what they have to say this time around.

The Year of Cloud Extension

The idea of incorporating cloud storage into the data center has been around for a while. But Stephen Foskett thinks we’re seeing philosophically different approaches to it recently, with many companies embracing the premise of data non-locality. Stephen sees this change in the assumption from data being tied to a data center to the cloud as a transformative shift allowing for true data center transformation.

There’s A Whole Lot More To StarWind Than Free Stuff

StarWind presented at Storage Field Day earlier this month in Silicon Valley. Dan Frith thought they made a compelling case for their storage appliance in the 20 – 40TB hybrid or all-flash space, where high performance is needed cost effectively. Though the HCI space is crowded, he thinks StarWind can differentiate on broad protocol support and practical management features.

StarWind Gives You a Gateway to the Cloud

Rich Stroffolino reviews what he saw from StarWind at Storage Field Day. He particularly looks at their “cloud gateway” hardware, that lets you have addressable cloud storage via a standard SATA interface. It’s an interesting bridge device that could be used to replace spinning disks for cold data.

Storage Field Day 12 Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Preview

Adam Bergh wrote up his thoughts after the first day of Storage Field Day, held last week in Silicon Valley. First up was Ryussi with their MoSMB solution. Adam found it an interesting SMB3 stack, ideally suited for scalable environments due to it’s lightweight and performance considerations. Starwind then presented, and Adam enjoyed hearing about their Cloud Gateway hardware, basically a hard drive without the drive to make cloud storage more addressable to your server. Elastifile presented about their distributed file system for block storage on Linux, using a very interesting consistency algorithm to keep performance from suffering. Finally, to finish the day, Excelero presented, launching their NVMesh solution. Adam was impressed when he saw 2.4 million IOPs at 0.2ms latency using relatively inexpensive hardware.