The Security Field Day 2 Experience

Stephanie Ihezukwu attended her first Field Day event with Security Field Day earlier this year. The experience of the event is sometimes hard to understand until you attend, and it’s always great to hear people share their perspective. She really enjoyed the packed technical presentations of the event, and the chance to see these presentations at presenter’s offices. Over the course of three intense days, she got to bond with the other delegates and immerse herself in the latest enterprise security goodness. We can’t wait to hear more from Stephanie!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Stephanie Ihezukwu

Stephanie Ihezukwu is one of the new delegates heading out to Security Field Day later this month. Be sure to check out this interview to get to know her a little better before the event. She talked about where she sees security going in the next few years, how she manages work/life balance, what she would do if she wasn’t in IT, and so much more. It was a great interview and we can’t wait to meet her at the event!

Stephanie Ihezukwu

Information Security Analyst that enjoys all things Security, technology and Psychology.