StorageCraft and The Sub-Second Recovery

Ather Beg attended a recent Tech Field Day Extra presentation from StorageCraft at VMworld US 2018. They highlighted their OneXafe hyperconverged data protection platform. This comes in 1U or 2U configurations, and is aimed at SMB and Mid-Market organisations.

Long Term Data Retention – What do I do?

Prompted by StorageCraft’s presentation at Storage Field Day, Alex Galbraith answers questions about long term data retention. This includes describing what the regulatory requirements are for long-term data retention as well as the consequences of losing said data. He also discusses StorageCraft’s latest backup software iteration which includes a local cache with cloud integration and the added ability to spin up a disaster recovery environment in the event of an outage to your primary data center.

StorageCraft Are In Your Data Centre And In The Cloud

At StorageCraft’s Storage Field Day presentation, Dan Frith was reminded of why he’s liked using their solutions in the past. The world of DRaaS, offers a “terribly simple” way to get it up and running. And when disaster does strike, the ability to immediately use their cloud as a failover means you don’t lose a lot of time in recovery either.

Backup and Recovery in the Cloud: Simplification is Actually Really Hard

Scott Lowe looks at the effort needed to really simplify backup and recovery to the cloud. This was inspired after seeing StorageCraft present at Storage Field Day earlier this month. For Scott, simplicity is just a mask that wraps up inherent complexity. But in StorageCraft, he saw an interesting approach to this masking. In the event of a total data loss, StorageCraft overnights disks with data that was stored nightly on their private cloud. Once received, these are then synced with the most up to date versions that occurred between the last full backup and the present time. This allows organizations to recover mission critical data from catastrophe much quicker.

Storage Field Day 13 Primer

Max Mortillaro takes a look at one of the presenters coming up at Storage Field Day, Exablox. Despite being targeted more at the SMB storage market, Max thinks they have an impressive set of enterprise class feature. He’s anxious to get a technical deep dive. Make sure to watch along on our live stream!

Hear more from Exablox at Storage Field Day 13

Exablox is presenting at Storage Field Day next month in Denver, and Mike Preston is excited. He’s looking forward to getting to know more about the company’s OneBlox solution, specifically their custom object based file-system. He’ll get to drink from the firehose during their presentation. Make sure to watch the live stream during the event to follow along!