Chamber 🏰 of Tech Secrets #2

Welcome to the Chamber of Tech Secrets! After attending Edge Field Day in February, Brian Chambers gives his thoughts on Disposable Units of Compute (DUC) and talks about how at Chick-fil-A they treat their devices as “cattle instead of pets.” Read his full thoughts on his website.

Intent Based Networking in the ISP Industry

Check out Charles Uneze’s thoughts on Intent-based networking from the latest Networking Field Day: Service Provider 2 presentation from Chris Cummings. You can check out his thoughts on his website, Networking Characteristics, and be sure to check out all the latest presentations from Networking Field Day: Service Provider 2 on the Tech Field Day Website!

Hybrid Infrastructure Is an Operating Model

VMware presented at this past Cloud Field Day! In Keith Townsend’s post, he discusses how VMware is on a corporate-wide mission to evangelize its cloud capabilities beyond VMware cloud solutions. Check out his thoughts on cloud adjacency here!

Infrastructure as Code Is … Code

Keith Townsend, a Field Day delegate, attended this past Cloud Field in San Jose, California, where he got to meet up with an old friend from RackN! RackN discussed the advantages of immutable artifacts to automate the infrastructure as a code pipeline. Keith found this presentation to be very impactful, check out his thoughts and most recent podcast here!