Sysdig Converges Monitoring and Security

Joep Piscaer heard from Sysdig at Cloud Field Day this past spring. In this post, he uses that presentation to consider how we evaluate application health, and how Sysdig helps companies solve the cloud-native visibility gap.

Cloud Native Application Visibility and the Sysdig Way

When the underlying infrastructure is no longer the province of operations teams, cloud-native application visibility becomes an issue. Sysdig is off to a solid start with Linux container monitoring and have Windows containers as well as monitoring of serverless application monitoring on their roadmap. In this piece, Ken Nalbone looks at the specifics of what Sysdig presented at Cloud Field Day.

Sysdig Solves the Instrumentation Problem Using eBPF

Sysdig presented for the first time at Cloud Field Day this past spring. Joep Piscaer was one of the delegates at the event and got to hear about the company’s solutions at length. In this piece, he looks at how Sysdig solves the problem of getting packet-level telemetry from containersnwithout accessing the underlying network stack. They do this using kernel-native instrumentation via eBPF to capture system calls and other OS events from containers, without having to create additional containers in the process. For Joep, that’s a key consideration.

Sysdig – Monitoring via eBPF

Sysdig recently presented at Cloud Field Day, and we were fortunate to have Ned Bellavance around the table as a delegate. Sysdig was founded by the co-author of Wireshark based on the idea that packet capture on the wire is dead. Sysdig instead aims to capture all traffic information from containers for analysis. They do this with a lightweight container on each host that can access a extended Berkeley Packet Filter running on the kernel. Ned found this a compelling architecture for the monitoring challenges that cloud-native applications introduce.

Sysdig for Cloud-Native Monitoring

At Cloud Field Day, Alex Neihaus saw Sysdig present on a fascinating system for monitoring and trouble-shooting cloud-native applications and the containers running them. They did this using their network-style approach to monitoring in the cloud, enabling them to get almost the same level of capture data a network capture would. Since capturing the packets lets you know everything about the applications, Alex found it an older approach but applied to the cutting edge of applications.

Heading to Cloud Field Day 5

Chris Porter is at Cloud Field Day this week, a return appearance after being on hand for the event last year. He’s looking forward to hearing what all the presenters have in store, particularly Sysdig and Nginx given his background with containers. Rubrik will be a returning presenter for Chris. He also highlights what he’s interested in from Pure Storage, VMware and Veeam. The Cloud Field Day informational firehose can be intense, but it looks like Chris is up to the challenge again.

Cloud Field Day – Sysdig

Ned Bellavance will be joining us at Cloud Field Day next week, but before he arrives, he’s doing his homework on the presenters. In this post, he’s taking a look at Sysdig. Ned was impressed by how succinctly the company states it’s mission: Monitor and secure containers across the entire software lifecycle. Of course the devil is in the details, and Ned is looking forward to a deep dive into how they are doing it at the event. Be sure to watch their presentation on our live stream to see for yourself.