Riverbed extends into the cloud

The cloud provides challenges for applications, as different tiers may be running in part on infrastructure an organization doesn’t own. Tim Crawford got a look at Riverbed’s portfolio of products to help address these problems at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. While not the most clear cloud story, Tim is encouraged that Riverbed keeps end-user experience, rather than simply network performance, as their primary focus.

Rubrik continues their quest to protect the enterprise

Tim Crawford got an update from Rubrik at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. He found the company’s modular API-centric architecture to be a data recovery solution that disrupts the market. At Cloud Field Day, they highlighted their SaaS offerinf for this market, Polaris.

Droplet Computing makes a big splash at Cloud Field Day 3

Droplet Computing seems to have made a splash with their launch at Cloud Field Day (yes that pun hurts). Tim Crawford wrote up his thought on their application containerization solution. It’s not a silver bullet to modernize your data center, but it could help you more securely and efficiently use those older apps you can’t live without.

Oracle works toward capturing enterprise Cloud IaaS demand

Tim Crawford heard from Oracle Cloud Instrastructure and go a review of the IaaS portfolio. He sees this as delivering true value for current Oracle customers looking to move to the cloud. Tim’s interested to see how Oracle catches up to more mature cloud offerings, and how they plan to expand beyond database as a service and HPC applications.

Delphix smartly reduces the friction to access data

Data may be the new oil, but like any raw material, it needs to eventually be refined. Tim Crawford takes a look at how Delphix handles this problem. He saw them at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. Their cloud-based data management platform uses automation of data management to reduce the overall data friction to access it.

Morpheus Data brings the glue to multi-cloud management

Tim Crawford got to hear from Morpheus Data at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. He thinks they offer an interesting abstraction layer for cloud services that enables unified management and visibility without losing features. This is a great start, but Tim is interested if going forward the company will target a wide range of supported services, or instead focus on a subset with rich features.

Hybrid cloud platforms look to liberate VMware, Azure tie-in

In this piece, Cloud Field Day delegate Tim Crawford was quoted on what he saw on Rovius Cloud from Accelerite at the event. Tim find the solution, which is built on the former CloudStack platform, easier to use and manage compared to OpenStack.

Kicking off Cloud Field Day 2

Tim Crawford is looking forward to Cloud Field Day. In this post, he gives a rundown of the presenters, many of which he is familiar with, but some not so much. Tim is always on the lookout for “new, disruptive companies” and hopes to find something new at Cloud Field Day, which he will be tweeting about using the hashtag #CFD2.

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