Exploring Data in the AI Era With Solidigm – New Data Insights Series

The TechArena has launched a Data Insights Series, joining forces with Solidigm, where they will explore the intricate landscape of data in the AI era. Hosted by Allyson Klein with Jeniece Wronowski and Ace Stryker from Solidigm, the series will delve into the objectives of understanding and leveraging data, underscoring the central role of SSD innovation in crafting modern data pipelines. This initiative aims to shed light on the transformative influence of storage solutions in AI advancements, positioning SSDs as a cornerstone technology in data-centric environments.

Compute Requirements in the AI Era With Intel’s Lisa Spelman

In this TechArena interview, Allyson Klein explores with Intel’s Lisa Spelman the evolving compute demands as enterprises gear up for the AI revolution and strive for widespread AI integration. They delve into the current state of AI adoption across industries while highlighting the critical role of software, tools, and standards in scaling AI solutions effectively. This insightful discussion underscores the thriving synergy between hardware advancements and software ecosystems necessary to power the next generation of AI applications.

VAST Data Soars With Industry Heavyweights

As Allyson Klein writes, VAST Data is revealing a major shift in AI strategy, joining forces with NVIDIA and Supermicro to bolster its role as a forward-thinking AI data platform. By embracing a novel architecture that eschews traditional x86 design for a powerful GPU-centric platform with NVIDIA DPUs, VAST Data is poised to redefine data storage, promising significant energy efficiency and enhanced performance for AI workloads. The company’s move shifts the AI training landscape towards GPU-native frameworks and sets VAST Data as a key innovator in an infrastructure industry ripe for disruption.

VAST Data Upends Storage in the AI Era

Allyson Klein offers an insightful look at VAST Data’s innovative approach to the AI data pipeline, a process crucial for preparing data for AI training, through their advanced NAS solution spotlighted at AI Field Day. VAST Data’s platform addresses the challenges organizations face with data prep and movement in AI, proven by their success in the HPC sphere and their natural progression into supporting AI training clusters.

Google Cloud Talks AI Trends at AIFD4

During AI Field Day 4, Google Cloud positioned AI as the next major platform shift, emphasizing its role following the internet and mobile, and highlighted their impressive data store capabilities including every search query since the inception of their browser. Google Cloud’s adoption of generative AI and the introduction of Google Gemini and DeepMind’s open model Gemma signal a strong continuation of their open-source ethos, enhancing AI scalability and accessibility. As noted by Allyson Klein in this article, the presentation also underscored Google’s commitment to supporting a diverse AI ecosystem, showcasing extensive compatibility across major silicon platforms, even as the event focused on Intel’s technology.

Intel Modestly Lays Its Case for AI — Tech Arena

As Allyson Klein writes, Intel addressed their strategy for AI workloads at AI Field Day 4, discussing the strengths of CPUs in AI inference and the growing role of accelerators—a notably humble stance for the tech giant in the face of intensified competition in the AI silicon sector. With a focus on where CPUs excel and integrated AI acceleration technologies like Intel AMX, Intel is positioning themselves to cater to mid-market organizations looking for an accessible AI solution. Amid a rapidly evolving landscape, Intel’s efforts to balance core CPU advancements with accelerator development highlight their pursuit to maintain relevance and leadership within the AI optimization space.

AI in the Marketing Arena With Digital Sunshine’s Gina Rosenthal

In the latest episode of TechArena, host Allyson Klein engages with Digital Sunshine’s Gina Rosenthal in a thought-provoking discussion on the transformative impact of AI on the marketing landscape, setting the stage for AI Field Day 4. The conversation delves into current trends and future implications of AI in marketing strategies, offering insights on how businesses are adopting these technologies. As AI Field Day 4 approaches, this dialogue serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the potential and challenges AI presents to both marketers and technologists.

Security in the AI Era With Fortinet’s Srija Allam and Julian Petersohn

In this TechArena podcast, Allyson Klein spoke with Fortinet’s security experts Srija Allam and Julian Petersohn about how Fortinet is integrating AI into their comprehensive security solutions. As cybersecurity becomes increasingly complex with rapid technological advances, Fortinet is optimizing with AI to stay ahead of threats. Their approach is a proactive one, aiming not only to respond to attacks but to predict and prevent them through intelligent monitoring and AI-driven insights.

Cloud Field Day Report: Juniper Networks Delivers Automation for the AI Era

Allyson Klein discusses the Juniper Networks presentation from Cloud Field Day, where they shared their vision for AI-era data center networking, with a focus on operations, openness, and solutions. The talk highlighted the recent acquisition of Apstra, a network automation software designed to simplify and scale network management for IT operators. With demonstrations of a cloud-native management interface and deep dives into AI cluster design and network analytics, Juniper Networks outlined its approach towards streamlining network oversight and responding to new network requirements.

AMD Leaps Ahead With Zen Architecture Powered EYPC Processors for the Cloud

Allyson Klein’s TechArena report on Cloud Field Day provides a deep dive into AMD’s approach to cloud native computing, focusing on the development of EPYC processors. The review details how AMD’s architectural changes adapt to various computing models – from traditional, to virtual, containerized, and functionized workloads. Klein applauds AMD’s forward-thinking innovation, highlighting their chiplet designs, 3D stacking for higher silicon area, and prioritization of high-performance cores for tenant workloads which could be more beneficial to most enterprises running off-the-shelf code.

Cloud Field Day Report: WEKA Throws the Data Gauntlet

Allyson Klein highlights the impressive performance and cost-saving capabilities of the WEKA Data Platform in this post. The platform’s ability to run across all major cloud providers and notably reduce carbon emissions are key highlights. Of particular interest is WEKA’s “converged mode zero footprint” solution, demonstrating innovative strides in resource and cost efficiency that will be beneficial as demand for cloud-based AI and HPC workloads rises.

Mind the Gap Between Hyperscale and Enterprise IT

Stephen Foskett and Cloud Field Day delegates Allyson Klein, Eric Wright, and Nathan Bennett examine the gap between hypserscale and enterprise IT in this episode of the On-Premise IT podcast. The episode’s guests scrutinize the disparities across numerous areas, including AI and sustainability. They propose that these differences stem from the influence hyperscalers have on technological developments and discuss the importance of bridging the hypserscale-enterprise IT gap.

The Future of VMware: Going Down the Rabbit Hole at VMware Explore 2023

In the VMware Explore article, Allyson Klein delves into Broadcom’s imminent acquisition of VMware and highlights how NSX, and its latest version NSX+, may be the crown jewel of VMware’s portfolio. NSX+ brings new multi-cloud security policy configuration and management, with a single pane of glass view on management of distributed firewalls, gateways, and IDS/IPS policies. As this technology lies at the center of network innovation, Klein surmises it is likely the primary attraction for Broadcom in the acquisition, and will undoubtedly play a significant role in the VMware of the future.

Edge to Cloud (To Edge) on the Biggest Stage on Earth

In the latest from The Tech Arena, Allyson Klein and Carl Moberg of Avassa discuss the complexities of delivering live broadcast media on a global scale. They bring up the transformation happening in the production side of the broadcast chain, highlighting the challenges of real-time video processing and the need for specialized infrastructure. They also share their thoughts on the future of production infrastructure, including the potential for cloud-based solutions and the importance of considering the specific requirements of each production scenario.

Application Management at the Edge With Avassa

In this TechArena podcast, Allyson Klein engages in conversation with Avassa CTO Carl Moberg, who she met at Edge Field Day recently. Carl shares how his company is pioneering the idea of bringing application control to edge environments while designing solutions that cater to both infrastructure operators and application developers. Avassa’s solution enables businesses to get the most out of their existing infrastructure investments while delivering applications with improved performance. Listen to the TechArena and learn all about Avassa!

Simplified Edge Deployment With Scale Computing

Following their Edge Field Day presentation, Allyson Klein talked with Scale Computing VP Craig Theriac about his company’s simplified hyperconverged compute solution for edge deployments. Listen in to The Tech Arena and learn about this exciting new offering!

CXL Enabled Memory Innovation With Memverge

Allyson Klein, the host of TechArena, talks to Charles Fan (founder and CEO of MemVerge) about his company’s innovative strategy to overcome the memory constraints in data centers. They also discuss how the adoption of the CXL standard can drive innovation in infrastructure. Listen to the full podcast on Allyson’s website.

Achieving Dynamic Provisioning and Control at the Edge With Scale Computing

“Organizations that seek an edge infrastructure provider with seasoned experience deploying fleets of equipment across edge environments should seriously consider Scale Computing’s offerings.” In this article presented by Scale Computing, Allyson Klein writes about the success of Scale Computing’s deployment of edge solutions. Read her full thoughts on the Gestalt IT website.

Edge Is Not Just Cloud or Datacenter

Even though most of the technologies and infrastructure elements are the same, the nature of edge comping is entirely different. This episode of On-Premise IT features Edge Field Day delegates Enrico Signoretti, Allyson Klein, and Alastair Cooke discussing these differences with Stephen Foskett. Check out the full podcast on Gestalt IT’s Youtube channel.

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