Enabling Intent-Based With Airwall

In the latest post on his blog, Pieter-Jan Nefkens looks back at the first event he attended with us as a delegate: Security Field Day 3! At the event he saw Tempered present on their Airwall solution. On his post Pieter-Jan walks through how the Airwall solution can help demonstrate the capabilities of Intent-Based Networking. Head over to Nefkens.net to see his thoughts as well as a brief demo of Airwall itself.

Configuring Airwall

Tempered presented on their Airwall product at Security Field Day 3. Event delegate and networking, technology, and innovation expert Peter-Jan Nefkens took a deep-dive into the technology, how to configure it, similarities and differences between Airwall and other VPN solutions, and more. Airwall is designed to help users easily create and maintain hyper-secure networks across IT/OT/ICS/SCADA, remote, and in the cloud.

Tampering Visibility by Tempered Networks Airwall Solution

Tempered Networks might have gone last in the presentation lineup at Security Field Day earlier this year, but delegate Pieter-Jan Nefkens thinks that they were well placed to close the show with an intriguing encore. He writes that Tempered Networks is working to change the game in terms of security without visibility. Pieter also shares that he has been testing out the software and hopes to share more updates on his experience in the future. Check out the Tempered Networks presentations on the Tempered Airwall and more on our website!

Host Separation With Tempered

Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth looks back at Tempered’s presentation from Security Field Day in June. Tempered very quickly got Tom’s attention with their claim that they could secure host-to-host communications while keeping everything invisible on the wire. Tom writes that the Tempered product Airwall is an easy and straightforward solution that supports both network security and privacy. Check out Tom’s article and Tempered’s first ever Security Field Day presentations on our website!

Private and Secure Overlay Networking With Tempered AirWall

At Security Field Day, Justin Warren and the other virtual delegates got to hear from Tempered, who did an overview on their AirWall solution. This sets up a secure networking infrastructure that runs over the top of your existing IP-based network using the Host Identity Protocol. Justin is rather bullish on it, thinking that the future of enterprise networking will likely take a similar approach. Rather than throwing out the concepts of Ethernet and IP addresses that have defined networking for decades, but have recently become overstretched, Tempered’s AirWall takes an incremental approach to innovate on top of that. This allows you to use the infrastructure you already have, letting you add a secure network overlay with a low barrier to entry.