Pure Storage Acquires Portworx

There’s big news in the storage world this week as Pure Storage announces they are acquiring Portworx. Writing for Architecting IT, Chris Evans notes that he had the chance to see the CTO of Portworx present in another capacity at the very first Tech Field Day event in 2009. Chris writes that Pure Storage has made a significant move that will help them expand options for their customers. Pure Storage clearly has a long-term strategy planned out, and it will be interesting to see what they decide to do next.

BONUS: The Origins of Tech Field Day – the On-Premise IT Roundtable

In this bonus episode of the On-Premise IT Roundtable, we’re joining Stephen Foskett as he talks with some of the original delegates and inspirations for the Tech Field Day event series. They discuss the event that gave Stephen the initial idea, a fortuitous plane ride, how the first Tech Field Day event went, where the idea for the live stream started and more.

Where Did Tech Field Day Come From? Tech Field Day at 10

One of the most common questions people ask Stephen Foskett is where the idea for Tech Field Day originally came from. In this post for Gestalt IT, he discusses the world of influencer/blogger relations back at the start of the event, including a key “blogger day” with HP (now HPE) storage. After that event, Stephen worked with others in the community, both on the blogger and vendor side, to create the first-ever Tech Field Day event, 10 years ago this month!

It’s All About the Delegates: Tech Field Day at 10

Gestalt IT tapped into the power of a unique and growing community of independent IT influencers, and this remains our most valuable asset. We built Tech Field Day primarily to serve this community and have always kept their needs in mind. Our delegates make it all possible, and I will always be grateful for their friendship and support.

Tech Field Day 20 – The Ten Year Anniversary Edition

We’re coming up on the 10th anniversary of Tech Field Day. As one of the first delegates at the first event, Greg Ferro shares his excitement at the anniversary, and shares a video of the closing speech from the event. While a lot in IT has changed in the last 10 years, it’s great to still have a lot of those first faces involved with the event.

Drobo Update – My experience of a failed disk drive

Drobo Update – My experience of a failed disk drive

Data Robotics Is First Three-Time Tech Field Day Presenter

The surest sign of success for the Tech Field Day event series is the return of past presenters and delegates. We are pleased to announce our first three-time Tech Field Day presenter: Data Robotics will make a third presentation as part of Tech Field Day 5!

Tech Field Day 1: The Links

Our first-ever Tech Field Day event has now come and gone, and it was more successful than we could have imagined! Fifteen of the best independent IT infrastructure thought leaders came together in California for two days of in-depth discussion and evaluation of some of the hottest technology products around. Official Channels Gestalt IT Tech […]