Application Discovery and Mapping with Uila

Thom Greene explains one of his favorite monitoring tools, Uila, which has continued to impress him since he became familiar with it at Tech Field Day 13. Designed to allow technicians to determine root cause for performance and availability issues, Uila’s goal is to amplify visibility in a virtualized environment. Here, Thom highlights Uila’s application dependency mapping capabilities as well as its application baselining tools.

Step by Step – Install Veeam Availability Orchestrator

Karel Novak wrote up a step-by-step guide on how to get up and running with Veeam’s Availability Orchestrator. The original post is in Czech, but there’s an English translation available here:

SolarWinds, Not Just On-premises, There Is SaaS Too

Alastair Cooke looks at how SolarWinds is offering an increasingly compelling SaaS monitoring portfolio, which he saw at two past Tech Field Day presentations. In this post, he runs down their Pingdom, Loggly, Papertrail, and AppOptics offerings.

Holistic full stack monitoring with Uila

Andrea Mauro originally heard of Uila at Tech Field Day last year. He’s been following the company’s holistic full stack monitoring and visualization since then. In this post, he shares some updates the company has released since that presentation.

Uila App-Centric Monitoring: Deep Packet Inspection meets beautiful UI

After hearing about Uila from friends and colleagues, Max Mortillaro checked out the company’s presentation from Tech Field Day last year. He found their monitoring solution compelling, particularly their use of deep network packet analysis. This allows for transactional data, which can even give visibility into areas not strictly inside the infrastructure. According to Max, Uila has “a very interesting product that delivers outstanding business outcomes, while keeping true to their network engineering roots.”

Uila – A view into your data center

Roger Lund shares a brief product overview of Uila. The company offers a Application-Centric Infrastructure Monitoring solution, which Roger thinks is essential for identifying performance issues between the virtualization layer and the application layer. All of this is wrapped up in easy to understand visualizations.

StorMagic’s SvSAN – Targeting HCI’s ROBO Sweet Spot

StorMagic presented at Tech Field Day back in February. Here, Howard Marks reviews how their SvSAN delivers hyper converged infrastructure for remote and branch office environments as well as how their unique approach to software-defined storage is designed to keep costs low while improving performance and maintaining highly available clusters.

Uila are Using Your Network (and some smart analytics) to Understand What’s Really Going On

After viewing Uila’s presentation at Tech Field Day 13, Dan Frith discusses their unique approach to monitoring and root cause analysis, saying they shine at making the trip from data collection to problem identification a quick and easy process.

Half 2017 in community with VMTN, VMworld 2017 and TechFieldDay

Lino Telera joined us as a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2016. He’s been keeping up to date with our past events, and wrote up some thoughts on the past two Tech Field Day events. Lino also gives a preview of VMworld 2017. He’ll be in attendance, and see the show moving to embrace greater industry trends of Big Data and IoT.

Veeam Goes Hollywood, Now Has Two Agents

Veeam recently released new backup agents for both Windows and Linux. Rich Stroffolino gives them both a quick overview. He focuses on features, UI, and where they fall in Veeam’s much larger backup and recovery portfolio.

Pingdom of Heaven: Monitoring Cloud with SolarWinds

Rich Stroffolino takes a look at Pingdom from SolarWinds. As part of their Monitoring Cloud Suite, Pingdom monitors web app and site uptime and performance. This supports not just simple checks, but includes the ability to script complex page interactions to simulate user experience. Pingdom combines simulated and real world client side monitoring to give you a comprehensive performance perspective.

Openstack made easy: Platform9

A lot of organizations look to move to OpenStack, but are put off by apparent complexity that will require additional personnel. Raff Poltronieri reviews what he saw from Platform9 at Tech Field Day, a SaaS solution for OpenStack that makes it a much more accessible and affordable solution.

Robin Systems Defines Applications

Redefining IT infrastructure isn’t something to take on lightly. Robin Systems believe they have an approach. It’s focused around making the infrastructure application aware. The entire system is designed around an application manifest, a YAML file where the actual requirements of an application are laid out in a simple rules based format. This is the basis which the system uses to automate everything from deployment to performance.

Sans SAN with StorMagic

Rich Stroffolino writes up his thoughts about StorMagic’s SvSAN solution. He sees it as an interesting way to bring enterprise class storage to sites that might not have a heavy volume of data, but need high availability and redundancy in a pure software package.

What’s New in Networking: Docker at TFD12

Pete Welcher got a look at Docker’s plans to improve their networking from their presentation at Networking Field Day last November. Pete is still trying to wrap his head around what containers mean for networking. But in this post, he raises some prescient concerns. With the proliferation of containers and micro-services, he sees a world with the network getting even chattier, as container-based app components “pass the buck” to other components to actually get work done. It’s an interesting concern, and it’ll be interesting to see how this is addressed and hopefully resolved.

Step by Step – Instalace Solarwinds Virtualization Manager

Karel Novak wrote up a piece reviewing how to install the SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, after seeing it at Tech Field Day in February. The original is in Czech, but we’ve provided the Google Translate versions for our monolingual readers. Check it out here:

Step by Step – Uila Monitoring – Deploy

For all of our Czech readers, Karel Novak wrote up a step by step guide on getting started with Uila’s monitoring solution. Here’s the English translation:

Chat with @RebeccaFitzhugh at #TFD13

Alastair Cooke took a break at Networking Field Day to have a chat with Rebecca Fitzhugh. They talk about the role of mentorship in career development within enterprise IT. It’s a brief but thoughtful discussion, make sure to check it out.

Uila: Visions of the Future

Uila presented at Tech Field Day last month, and Teren Bryson wrote up a look at their data center analysis solution. While there’s no dearth of overall analysis tools, Uila really impressed Teren by offering visualizations that he called “nothing short of stunning”. This information is gathered by virtual smart taps, which is able to intelligently provide application visibility.

Touching the physical world: Veeam Agents for Windows & Linux

Andreas Lesslhumer looks at Veeam’s efforts to become as renown in the physical server space as they are in the virtual one. With the Veeam Agent products for Windows and Linux, Andreas sees them making significant strides. The Windows Agent allows users to restore backups directly to Hyper-V or Azure, has source-side encryption, and full support for Windows Server 2016. Andreas gave it a spin, and so far it’s proven easy to install and as capable as you’d expect from Veeam.