The Network is Still the Computer

DriveScale first came to Chin-Fah Heoh’s attention when NFS guru Brian Pawlowski joined their team earlier this year. At Tech Field Day earlier this month, he got a deeper dive into how the company’s scale-out architecture is designed to address the needs of webscale data processing. He got a look at their virtual cluster framework and how they use a advanced switching fabric to bridge compute and storage with extremely low latency. Chin-Fah came away impressed with the engineering talent at the company.

The Dell EMC Data Bunker

At Tech Field Day, Dell EMC announced a new product to the delegates, the Cyber Recovery solution, coming from their Data Protection BU. Chin-Fah Heoh wrote up his thoughts after seeing the announcement as a delegate at the event. He frames Cyber Recovery as a data bunker, isolating mission critical secondary data, while preserving the integrity of the copy. Chin-Fah thinks this falls more into the security camp rather than the storage side, but it appears to line up well with enterprise security standards.

Hammering Next Gen Hybrid Clouds

Chin-Fah Heoh looks at Hammerspace, a company that came out of stealth at Tech Field Day this week. Chin-Fah sees them offering Metadata-as-a-Service, delivering just the right data needed for applications, using metadata to determine those requirements, and delivering it in the cloud of on-premises. The company has an impressive data-as-a-service portfolio at launch, but Chin-Fah was impressed by this capability in itself.

My first Tech Field Day

It’s not uncommon to see Chin-Fah Heoh as a delegate at Storage Field Day. However for the first time, he’ll be around the table for Tech Field Day this week. He’s particularly looking forward to seeing more from Hammerspace, and getting a deeper dive with DriveScale. You can watch the presentations along with Chin-Fah on our live stream.

Tech Field Day 17 Preview

For all of our Czech readers, Karel Novak posted a preview of Tech Field Day, happening this week out in Silicon Valley. Make sure to follow along on Twitter with #TFD17, and watch all presentation on our live stream.

Tech Field Day 17

We’re thrilled to have Chan Ekanayake returning as a delegate this year. He’ll be coming to Tech Field Day this week, after previously attending Storage Field Day in March. He’ll be getting a wide range of presentations from across the enterprise, and he highlights the company’s on the docket in this post. Make sure to follow along on the live stream to see all the presentations along with Chan.