Fire Hoser Vcinity Creates Global LAN From WAN Using RDMA Over IP

The venerated Chris Mellor of Blocks and Files details his opinions on the products and capabilities of Vcinity in this piece. Building off of their recent Tech Field Day appearance, Mellor describes their VDAP solution and how it affects modern IT practitioners. Read the piece for the entire picture.

Network Analysis Tools: Intelligent Data Collectors

Kerstin Stief of the data://disrupted podcast details networking updates from the Nuvas Summer Party in Munich. This piece from Medium contains all of the breakdowns of the intriguing technologies displayed at the event. Check it out for more info!

Hazelcast Platform Delivers Cloud First In-Memory and Streaming Application Platform

This post covers Hazelcast’s appearance at April’s Tech Field Day event, where they displayed their Platform for data-intensive workloads. Working between both cloud and on-premises mainframe systems, Hazelcast Platform keeps data flowing across application code and stored in on-memory stores. Read on to learn more, and watch Hazelcast at the Tech Field Day event to learn more.

BlueCat Is DNS for People Who Hate DNS, Which Should Be You

Delegate Justin Warren saw BlueCat present at Tech Field Day in April and writes on his blog that he was impressed with their product functionality and ease of use. Specifically, Justin points to a whiteboard session and a demo from BlueCat’s Tech Field Day appearance while writing on his website. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to head over to to check out Justin’s thoughts on BlueCat!

Vcinity Calms the Turbulent Waters of WAN

Classic Tech Field Day delegate Justin Warren looks over the recent presentation by Vcinity at April’s Tech Field Day event in this post from his personal blog. In it, he claims that “the most technically intriguing” presentation of the event challenged him to really think about how Vicinity is reimagining the ways IT practitioners tackle WAN connections. Learn about the questions and challenges that spurred his intrigue by reading the post or watching Vcinity’s presentation.

Xilinx and the Adaptive, Composable Datacentre

Justin Warren had the opportunity to join us as a delegate at April’s Tech Field Day and see Xilinx’s presentation. In this post by Justin, he notes that “Xilinx makes programmable hardware, most famously Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), that combine the speed of hardware with the flexibility of software.” He also mentions that Xilinx views FPGAs as now being at a similar level to other kinds of compute, such as CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs. For more of Justin’s thoughts, be sure to check out this post on!

Riverbed and the Search for Total Awareness

From his personal blog at, this piece by Justin Warren describes his experiences as a delegate during April’s Tech Field Day event, specifically the presentation by Riverbed. Their WAN acceleration product made them famous, but as they detailed during the event, Riverbed is expanding into the network visibility space. Read Warren’s blog to see what he thinks about Riverbed’s announcement and watch their presentations for all of the new announcements coming out of Riverbed.

Vcinity Minimizes Latency to Bring Local Network Performance to Geo-Dispersed Applications and Data

Data management becomes more challenging as data and applications are dispersed across multiple environments, including on-premises and public clouds. At Tech Field Day in April, Vcinity introduced its Vcinity Data Access Platform (VDAP), which enables organizations to sustain Local Area Network-like throughput over Wide Area Network distances. Vcinity’s VDAP works to ease the challenges associated with data management, such as keeping multiple copies of the same data in sync or moving data around for many organizations. To learn more about Vcinity and its Vcinity Data Access Platform, be sure to check out the videos of their Tech Field Day presentation on our website!

Server Building Block + Storage + Networking = Pure Storage’s FlashBlade

During April’s Tech Field Day event, Pure Storage presented their solution to the problem of unstructured data in the enterprise: their new FlashBlade server blocks. FlashBlade combines storage and networking needs into a single package, reducing latency and compute times while maintaining a small form factor for server stack scalability. Read this piece to learn more about FlashBlade, and be sure to watch Pure’s presentation for a full technical breakdown.

Disclosure: Tech Field Day 23

Justin Warren gives a breakdown of his time as a delegate at April’s Tech Field Day event in this post. In the same tune as his past disclosure pieces, Warren discusses his approach to the event, as well as some of the swag he received from the sponsors. Read on for more information, and tune into all of the Tech Field Day presentations from this event to see Warren in action.

BlueCat Moves DDI to the Cloud

Bluecat is completely changing the DDI game by shifting it entirely to the cloud, as they presented during April’s Tech Field Day event. This piece dives into just what exactly that means for the industry as a whole, and how their cloud DDI solution solves four key issues the cloud presents in the realm of DDI. Learn more by reading the post, or watching BlueCat’s presentation for yourself.

Riverbed Optimizes Your Network and Applications Through Performance and Visibility

April’s Tech Field Day event served as the spotlight for Riverbed to talk about how their new Unified NPM platform is painting a bigger picture of network and app telemetry. This post details their presentation, specifically how the platform works and the benefits it provides enterprises. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch Riverbed’s Phil Gervasi present on the Unified NPM platform during their Tech Field Day appearance.

DDI Scenarios That Can Hurt Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

BlueCat’s Andrew Wertkin presented at Tech Field Day in April. During the presentation, Andrew whiteboarded three scenarios to show how DDI challenges affect your hybrid cloud strategy. These scenarios were setting up a VPC, the use of a single DNS zone across multiple namespaces, and hybrid cloud DNS routing setups. Head over to to explore these instances and catch the full presentation video!

Micron and the Coming of CXL

Curator of the Eigen Magic blog and perennial Tech Field Day delegate, Justin Warren, discusses his time as a delegate at Micron’s recent Tech Field Day presentation. With Micron’s announcements of the discontinuation of 3D XPoint persistent memory and their Compute Express Link (CXL) product, Warren certainly has a lot to talk about in this piece. Read on to learn what all he took away from the presentation, and be sure to watch the event yourself for more information.

Threat Hunter: How AI Protects Your Business

This article comes from Kerstin Stief, Tech Field Day delegate and proprietor of data://disrupted. The article dives into the role that AI plays in the modern enterprise, specifically in terms of security and how it can be used to radically advance whitelisting capabilities and root cause analysis, such as the products offered by Riverbed. Read on to learn more, but reader beware, you will need a functional understanding of the German language, or at the very least, a Google Chrome browser with the Translate function active to read.

Tackling Data Storage at Scale With Micron

At April’s Tech Field Day event, Micron discussed how they’ve positioned themselves and their portfolio to take on the massive amounts of data at play in today’s enterprises. This article details the composability and scalability capabilities Micron’s storage can provide, and how they will ultimately benefit the modern data center. Read on or watch the Tech Field Day presentation to see how Micron’s adjusted outlook on the market has led them to innovate and collaborate, establishing themselves as technological leaders in the space.

Improving the Data Center Through Composability With Xilinx FPGAs

The battle between ASIC and FPGA has long divided the compute hardware manufacturer industry, and Xilinx believes the FPGAs they showcased at April’s Tech Field Day will set the story straight. Xilinx FPGAs alleviate loads from the CPU, taking on high-powered tasks and promoting a more composable data center. See how they work in this article, or by watching Xilinx’s Tech Field Day presentations.

GigaOm Live – 4.16.21

In this first ever episode of the livestreamed GigaOm Live show, host Johnny Baltisberger is joined by analysts Jason Collier and Enrico Signoretti, who discuss their experiences at the recent Tech Field Day event in late April. Specifically, the crew dives into news surrounding NetApp as well as the Tech Field Day presentations by Micron and Xilinx. Tune in to hear all of their discussion, and check out April’s Tech Field Day for the technical context.

Tech Field Day 23 Recap

First-time delegate alert! We were excited to have David Klee at his first event at Tech Field Day last month! On his blog,, he writes about his first event and focuses in on four presenters: Hazelcast, Vcinity, BlueCat Networks, and Pure Storage. Head over to his blog to hear his thoughts on his first event, and here’s to many more!

Presenters React to the Tech Field Day Experience

Tech Field Day last month was a success and presenters were thrilled with the experience. Check out this video and post to see what the presenters thought of the interactive format, delegate interaction, and more!