Quantum Myriad’s Architecture

Quantum Corporation’s Myriad platform offers a novel cloud-based architecture solution, revolutionizing how organizations handle unstructured data. By integrating storage and management seamlessly, Myriad simplifies the complex task of storing, protecting, and cataloging data assets on a large scale. This platform sets new standards in data lifecycle management, empowering users to focus on value creation rather than infrastructure complications. Andrea Mauro attended the Tech Field Day Showcase and covered it for his blog.

Quantum Myriad – a Transactionally-Consistent Scale-Out All-Flash File Storage

Quantum has taken a bold step towards solving the scalability dilemma faced by enterprise storage solutions with the introduction of Myriad, a cloud-native all-flash storage platform uniquely designed for transactionally consistent operations. Myriad’s open architecture, built with industry-standard components, promises unprecedented flexibility and scalability across environments, both on-premises and in the cloud, catering to the demanding requirements of modern workloads. Setting a new standard in high-performance storage solutions, Quantum Myriad is poised to address the needs of businesses grappling with exponential data growth, ensuring predictability and innovation at the core of its scale-out storage offering. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by David Klee, sponsored by Quantum.

Quantum Myriad: A Future-Proof Storage for High-Performance Workloads

Quantum advances its storage portfolio with Myriad, the latest software-defined solution that streamlines unified file and object storage capabilities tailored to today’s intensive workloads like AI and HPC. Myriad’s innovative architecture, built on a cloud-native foundation, promises high throughput and low latency, driven by NVMe technology to meet the rigorous demands of data-rich environments. This strategic move not only bridges the gap between Quantum’s StorNext and ActiveScale products but also redefines the company’s trajectory by catering to the burgeoning needs of capacity, performance, and scalability inherent to modern data workflows. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Max Mortillaro, sponsored by Quantum.