Pure-Ly My Pre-Attendance Thoughts for Accelerate

Writer and Technologist, Becky Elliott, shares her anticipation about Pure Accelerate 2019. As a delegate and active community member, Becky explains why this is a FOMO-inducing event for her, as she covers her pre-attendance hopes, thoughts, and expectations of this year’s Accelerate. Follow Becky’s post series on Gestalt IT and on her blog.

VMware Entering the IT Infrastructure Composability Game

Enrico Signoretti found VMworld US 2019 to be full of fascinating announcements. It showed VMware making serious inroads into composability for virtualized servers, with the ability to now virtualize GPUs over the network. Enrico sees this working similar to how VMware treats NVMe storage resources in vSphere and VSAN. He doesn’t see this completely disrupting the current composable infrastructure market, but its an important step for VMware. Be sure to check out all the video from Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019 for all the technical deep dives on this!

Apstra’s VMworld US 2019 Experience

Apstra presented at Tech Field Day Extra at VMWorld US 2019 earlier this month. They are no stranger to the Field Day audience and delegates, having presented at several Networking Field Days in the past. In this post, Apstra’s Rami Rammaha reviews some of their announcements and highlights from the event and their presentation.

A Software First Approach

Tech Field Day delegate stalwart Al Rasheed heard an update from Apstra at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019. He was familiar with the company based on their prior presentation at Networking Field Day. They presented on how companies often take a hardware-first approach to infrastructure transformation. This locks them into specific solutions and reduces their agility long term. Apstra demonstrated why they advocate a software-first approach to infrastructure, one that gives organizations the most option to meet their business needs over time.

VMware Project Pacific – First Impressions

VMware announced their plan to integrate container management into vSphere with Project Pacific at VMworld US 2019. Chris Evans got to hear more details about the thought behind the project during VMware’s Tech Field Day Extra presentations at the event. Be sure to check out his blog post with more thoughts on this ambitious effort.