Need Memory, Intel’s Optane DC PM to the Rescue

Intel’s Optane DC PM was one of the highlight announcements from Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel Data Centric Innovation Day. In this post, Ray Lucchesi breaks down how Optane works in memory on a server. This allows for up to to 3TB of Optane memory per socket, with latency roughly between DRAM and traditional NAND Flash. He breaks down the different modes the storage-class memory can operate in, what the durability looks like, and how it will impact enterprise applications.

Objects Stores and Load Balancers

We were fortunate enough to have Enrico Signoretti as a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World this year. At the event, he got to hear from Kemp Technologies. They presented on their validated load balancing solution for ECS allowing the end user to get the most out of an object storage infrastructure while being assured end to end support. For Enrico, getting the most out of your object storage is a key consideration and load balancers are essential in this regard.

Liqid Are Dynamic in the DC

Dan Frith crossed an ocean to join us in the desert for Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. There he heard from the composable infrastructure company Liqid. While he still thinks CI isn’t set to completely dominate the data center, he found “the possibilities that composable infrastructure present to organisations that have possibly struggled in the past with getting the right resources to the right workload at the right time are really interesting.”

Scaling New HPC With Composable Architecture

Liqid presented at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World, after announcing a new partnership with Dell EMC ahead of the show. Chin-Fah Heoh was there and got a deep dive into the Liqid Composable Architecture. What he saw excited him, with Liqid offering a simple-to-use, high-bandwidth, low latency approach to composable infrastructure.

Connecting Ideas and People With Dell Influencers

Chin-Fah Heoh attended Dell Technologies World this year, and was a delegate at the Tech Field Day Extra event we held there as well. During the presentations, he was introduced to Liqid, Kemp, and Big Switch Networks, all of whom recently announced major partnerships with Dell. For him, events focused on influencers are at their best when they foster real connections with real people, something he’s definitely got out of his Field Day experiences.

Liqid to Bring Industry-Leading Composable Infrastructure Platform to Global Enterprises

We got a technical deep dive from Liqid during Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. They showed off their architecture and implementation of their composable infrastructure vision. At the event, they also announced a collaboration with Dell Technologies OEM & IoT Solutions. This will use Dell’s PowerEdge portfolio to deliver Liqid’s software-defined, composable resource allocation solution. Be sure to watch their presentation video to see what they can do.

Dell Technologies World 2019 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

Dan Frith made another sojourn across the ocean to attend Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. He got to hear presentations from Big Switch, Liqid, and Kemp. Be sure to watch all the presentations to get a sense of the event. In this post, Dan discloses where he went and what he had while attending the overall conference.

Liqid Enables Industry-First Unified Multi-Fabric Support for Composable Infrastructure

Liqid has been a company to watch in the emerging composable infrastructure market. They recently announced their new unified multi-fabric support for composability across all major fabric types, including PCIe Gen 3, PCIe Gen 4, Ethernet, and Infiniband. They recently presented on their managed fabric at length during Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World.

The Intel Event and What It Means for the Future

Nathaniel Avery attended Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Day as a delegate for our Tech Field Day Exclusive. He not only got to hear all the big announcements from it, but see in-depth technical presentations as well. For Nathaniel, any one of the announcements would have been big news. By launching major new products and updates across compute, persistent storage, and networking, he sees it as a huge overall leap in server capability.

TFDx @ DTW ’19 – Get to Know: Big Switch

Adam Post is a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World this week. He’s hearing from Big Switch at the event, and in this post, he’s giving an overview of the company and a preview of what he wanted to hear more about. In his view, Big Switch’s recent partnership with Dell EMC to OEM Big Switch products is another signal of Dell’s commitment to open networking. He reviews some of their recently announcement hardware along those lines, and how it interacts with Big Switch Networks Big Cloud Fabric.

TFDx @ DTW ’19 – Get to Know: Kemp

Ahead of the Tech Field Day Extra presentations at Dell Tech World 2019, Adam Post is taking a look at some of the presenters. In this post, he focuses on Kemp. Ahead of the show, the company announced it had the only load balancer to be certified under the Dell EMC Select program for use with Dell EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage. Adam runs down why load balancing is needed in a scale-out storage solution, and he’s looking forward to a deep dive on it during their presentation.

TFDx @ DTW ’19 – Get to Know: Liqid

Adam Post is out at Dell Tech World and will be a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at the event. He’s taking a look at some of the presenters, giving Liqid a look in this post. He thinks the company has an interesting take on composable infrastructure, made possible by recent advancements in interconnects and fabrics. For Adam, composabile infrastructure as a category may still be a work in progress, but what he’s seen from Liqid shows they are going in the right direction.

Dell – Dell Technologies World 2019 – See You Soon Las Vegas

If there’s an event that will talk about storage, it’s always a good idea to have Dan Frith there. That’s why we’re thrilled to have him along as a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. He’s looking forward to seeing what announcements Dell EMC has on tap for the event.