StarWind NVMeoF

At Storage Field Day earlier this year, Aaron Strong got to hear from StarWind. Aaron was definitely familiar with the company, and charts how the company has moved from purely software into hardware. He then looks at their demos from the event, and how the company is innovating with NVM over Fabric in a variety of ways.

Thoughts from Commvault Go

Aaron Strong didn’t physically attend Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018, but followed the show on Twitter and on out live stream. Overall, Aaron found the overall vibe from the show very positive, showing Commvault innovating with as-a-Service offers and virtual appliances.

NGD Systems from #SFD17

Aaron Strong got a look at how NGD System’s computational storage solutions hope to deal with the coming deluge of large data sets. At Storage Field Day, they showed how putting ARM CPUs directly on the storage layer, combined with their In-Situ suite to expose the compute, can help offload and distribute workloads, saving latency and energy.

Komprise Systems Overview from #SFD17

At Storage Field Day last week, Aaron Strong and the other delegates got a deep dive from Komprise. In this piece, he gives an overview of what he saw. For Aaron, Komprise’s solution reminded him of Windows Quota “on steroids.” It allows you to get a handle on your unstructured data, and move it safely and economically.

Tech Stand UP Episode 8 – SFD17 – Initial Thoughts on Komprise Podcast

On the latest Tech Stand UP episode, Luigi Danakos, Aaron Strong, and Joe Houghes discuss what they saw from Komprise at Storage Field Day last week. They discuss how Komprise’s Observer can be a tool to help users and businesses stay in compliance in a post-GDPR world.

Aaron Strong

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