Mist a Refreshing Experience When You Need a Support Case

Haydn Andrews got his hands on a Mist AP43 during Mobility Field Day last summer, and just found time to run it through its wireless paces. In his initial testing, Haydn found the setup process to be incredibly easy. When he did run into some issues and questions while trying to do some advanced configuration, he was even more impressed by the support system at Mist Systems. Instead of having to send all sorts of log and license information over to the support team, they got him answers to his questions within a few minutes. It was a refreshing change of pace for what is considered standard in much of the industry.

NetAlly EtherScopre nXG Hands-On

Haydn Andrews got his hands on the NetAlly EtherScope nXG, something that was teased by the company at Mobility Field Day. He runs through the capabilities of this new device and where it fits into the network engineer’s toolkit.

A Better Way to Do Guest Wireless

Haydn Andrews considers what he saw from Aruba and Cisco at Mobility Field Day. Each showed how they will use existing wireless networks to fill in the cellular gap, which requires making sign on seamless. The two companies have different approaches, and Haydn breaks it down in this post.

I Spy a Wi-Spy

For Haydn Andrews, MetaGeek’s presentation at Mobility Field Day offered some interesting new solutions. He’s been a long time user of Channelyzer and inSSIDer, but had longed for something that didn’t always require him to tote around a laptop. Now with their new Wi-Spy Air, any Android or iOS device will do.

So the MFD4 Secret Company Is NetAlly

Haydn Andrews experienced a sense of anticipation approaching Mobility Field Day familiar to many a delegate, who is the mysterious Secret Company? At that event, it was revealed to be NetAlly. While a new company by name, NetAlly was spun out of the tooling division of NetScout, with a set of respected solutions for the Field Day community.

#MFD4 – Thats a Wrap

Haydn Andrews recently attended his first Mobility Field Day event. It was great to have a new face around the table. In this post, he looks back at the experience, and about the unique experience the entire event provides. The great conversation with the delegates and the in-depth presentations from the companies really left an impression.

Meet the #MFD4 Delegates: Haydn Andrews

In between designing networks for the Australian Army, the Northern Territory government, universities and retailers, Haydn Andrews made time to come out as a delegate for Mobility Field Day. This interview with Aruba digs into his background, how the industry can encourage more people to get into STEM, and how the advent of 5G will impact mobility.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Haydn Andrews

It’s always important to get new voices and faces around the table for our delegates at Field Day events. This year at Mobility Field Day, we have a number of new people attending, including Haydn Andrews. In this interview with Gestalt IT, they dig into his background and IT outlook to better inform where he’s coming from during the company presentations.

Mobility Field Day 4 – Here I Come

In this post, Haydn Andrews give a preview of what he’s looking forward to at Mobility Field Day this week. He wrote the post just before hopping on a plane for a 15 hour ride across the ocean, so we hope he gets a lot out of it. Be sure to tune into the live stream to watch along with Haydn during the entire event.

Haydn Andrews

Haydn is a senior Wireless Engineer at Dimension Data Australia. Haydn has been responsible for large wireless deployments in multiple different verticals. He also maintains a blog at thewlan.com.au and runs wireless meetups in Australia.

Cape Networks

Haydn Andrews had a chance to review the Cape Networks sensor and monitoring tools which they presented at this year’s Mobility Field Day. Other than lack of 802.11ac support, Haydn found it the simplicity of their overall approach impressive.

Netscout Aircheck G2 V2 and Test Accessory

NETSCOUT’s V2 update for the Aircheck G2 has received a lot of buzz and for good reason. The update expands the functionality of the already valuable, including support for captive portals, iPerf testing, and direct packet capture. Haydn Andrews had the opportunity to test out the new update, and was pleased to see the capabilities added to an already essential piece of the wireless toolkit.