The Amazing Way Observability Shapes Automation

The benefits of automation far outweigh the potential perils, mainly because more than 70% of IT decision-makers have acknowledged reduced employee workload with automation’s help. Visibility and automation share a close relationship, with data being a prerequisite for both. Saha further explains how with proper implementation and integration, networking automation can significantly improve the entire system’s efficiency while reducing the need for human-based control. This Networking Field Day Roundtable discussion focuses on the promise and pitfalls of network automation.

My Time as a Tech Field Day Delegate!

Lexie Cooper experienced her first Field Day event with us at this past Tech Field Day Exclusive with Cisco! We hope you enjoyed your first event Lexie! Check out her YouTube video here about her experience.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Lexie Cooper

Meet our newest Field Day delegate, Lexie Cooper! Lexie took some time to tell us a little bit about herself, take a look!

Lexie Cooper

Lexie has four years of professional experience in network engineering, with a background as a Network Reliability Engineer for a cloud services provider. She currently works in the aerospace industry as an Avionics Integration Engineer.