Shivering With Microsegmen……..tation

One of the things that struck Tricia Howard about Security Field Day was the preponderance of companies with solutions using microsegmentation. This isn’t a new solution in networking, but it is pretty new for security. The emphasis with these approaches was isolation as quickly as possible, quarantining endpoints to prevent further spread. These concepts were wrapped with an emphasis on speed and ease of deployment, otherwise they don’t get used. For Tricia, the next step is to get these solutions into your deployments to test them out.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Tricia Howard

Before you see her on the Security Field Day live stream, be sure to get to know Tricia Howard a little bit more in this post. She talks about getting into IT after starting with a degree in theatre arts, where she sees security going in the near future, and introduces us to Darth, the Pomsky. We can’t wait to hear what Tricia’s impression of the event are!

Tricia Howard

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