Update on the HPE Acquisition of Juniper Networks

Troy Martin gives his opinion of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s acquisition of networking giant Juniper Networks. His article provides analysis on how this strategic move could enhance HPE’s portfolio, particularly in the areas of networking, security, and edge computing. It also speculates on the potential market implications and how the acquisition aligns with HPE’s broader business objectives.

Wyebot – Wireless Intelligence Platform

Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP) took the spotlight at Mobility Field Day with its proactive approach to eliminating Wi-Fi issues. Through their platform’s efficient analysis and optimization capabilities, site-specific Wi-Fi challenges such as network performance and client connectivity are addressed without delay. This integration of WIP into the Meraki Market and Ecosystem exemplifies Wyebot’s stride towards streamlining WLAN management and enhancing remote network visibility for practitioners.

Ventev Presents at MFD10

At Mobility Field Day 10, Ventev showcased their latest innovations, including the VenGo Mobile Wireless Case for flexible connectivity on the go, suitable for job sites and emergency scenarios. They also highlighted their upgraded UPS power system featuring a new lithium battery that provides double the power and a retrofit kit for existing customers. Additionally, Ventev introduced versatile mounting solutions like the VenFlex swivel mount for optimal access point positioning, and revealed the new, compact Atto Patch Antenna, designed for both performance and aesthetics in wireless network designs. This article by Troy Martin goes over the highlights.

Wyebot Presents at MFD10

Troy Martin provides a detailed overview of Wyebot’s performance during its recent Mobility Field Day presentation in this LinkedIn post. Martin highlights Wyebot’s improvements and new features, emphasizing the platform’s aim to become the standard for out-of-band WLAN environment monitoring. He commends its sensor capability, simple pricing model, and vendor-agnostic approach and suggests that its feature of capturing all of its own packet flows for analysis presents an impressive solution to emerging WiFi challenges.

Cisco Presents at MFD10

In this LinkedIn article, Troy Martin recounts Cisco’s presentation at the recent Mobility Field Day event. The tech giant showcased its commitment to delivering simplified outcomes for a diverse customer base with its three-pronged solution model: on-prem, cloud-enabled, and cloud-first. Cisco also highlighted the importance of enabling features such as 11r on networks for improved performance, and introduced two new APs, the CW9163E and CW9166D1, affirming its innovative strides in the tech field.

Introducing FortiAIOPs 2.0 at Mobility Field Day 9

Fortinet introduced FortiAIOps 2.0 at Mobility Field Day 9, combining troubleshooting tools with network insights to simplify network management and enhance security. The solution provides various tools for quick issue resolution, network performance insights, automation of network operations, and predictive analytics to prevent potential problems. Troy Martin was impressed that it is built for different-sized customer networks, and that flexible licenses are available to match specific needs.

Cisco Does the “AFC Side Step” With the CW9166D1

In this post, Troy Martin discusses the new Cisco CW9166D1 access point shown at Mobility Field Day. A redesign of the CW9166i front end, the CW9166D1 features an integrated directional antenna and some new tricks related to AFC. The integrated antenna enables directional focused antennas to be implemented without additional hardware costs. The CW9166D1 is capable of running in dual 5GHz mode and waiting to enable the 6GHz radio once client support reaches critical mass.

It’s Been a Year, Where Is Open Locate Now?

HPE Aruba Networking’s Open Locate offers a significant opportunity to leverage the potential of location services across industries and establish business insights. The tech uses remote GPS anchor points to improve the accuracy of location data, which will enable its use in critical areas such as worker safety, inventory management and asset tracking. However, the use and sharing of the data need to take into account privacy matters and consider carefully how to extract and transform the data to provide meaningful business value. Troy Martin, who attended Aruba Atmosphere in 2022 and 2023, considers the impact of Open Locate after a year.

New Cisco Meraki MREye for Wi-Fi Performance Monitoring

At Mobility Field Day 9, Cisco introduced MREye, a new feature that provides Wi-Fi performance monitoring to enhance Proactive Wi-Fi Service Assurance, to be released in the second half of 2023. MREye allows connected APs to perform continuous connectivity and experience monitoring with neighbouring APs so that WLAN practitioners can proactively monitor their WLANs 24/7, monitor connectivity or performance issues, and reduce time to resolution. The new solution does not require any overlays as it leverages your existing AP and cloud investment, providing WLAN Practitioners with better perspective to focus on root cause issues.

Aruba Atmosphere ’23 Sessions Hit List

Aruba Atmosphere 2023 is here and Troy Martin shares a hit list of the sessions he is most interested in attending, or plans to watch the recording of post-conference. This includes presentations on networking, mobility, and security that cover topics such as cell phone offloading to Wifi, WLAN security, and SD-WAN infrastructure. Troy also talks about participating as a Tech Field Day delegate for the Networking Field Day Experience on Tuesday.

Cisco’s Take on Real-World 6GHz Performance

Check out Troy Martin’s feedback about Cisco’s 6GHz performance testing from Mobility Field Day this past July! You can read more of his thoughts on his website, Wi-Fi Vitae, and make sure to check out all of the videos on the Tech Field Day website!

Juniper’s Take on Real-World 6GHz Performance

Troy Martin, a delegate from the latest Mobility Field Day, gives his opinion on Juniper’s presentation of Wi-Fi 6E. Read more about Troy’s thoughts on 6GHz on his blog, Wi-Fi Vitae, or check it out on the Tech Field Day website.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Troy Martin

We’re excited to have Troy Martin joining our delegate family at Tech Field Day! Troy will be at the Tech Field Day Exclusive with Cisco Live US in Vegas this June. He took some time to tell us about himself, let’s give Troy a big welcome!

Feeling Connections, Anywhere

In this latest post, Troy Martin talks about the presentation from Aruba at this past Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere. Aruba presented their EdgeConnect that will allow administrators to easily connect users and endpoints with their applications from anywhere that has internet connection. Check out his thoughts here on how this SD-WAN Fabric will assure users remembers the feeling of making a connection, anywhere and from any device.

Do Enterprises Need Private Cellular?

In the latest On-Premise IT Podcast, a panel of experts discuss the question; Do Enterprises Need Private Cellular? Check out this discussion that took place at the Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere, you don’t want to miss it!

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