Application Discovery and Mapping with Uila

Thom Greene explains one of his favorite monitoring tools, Uila, which has continued to impress him since he became familiar with it at Tech Field Day 13. Designed to allow technicians to determine root cause for performance and availability issues, Uila’s goal is to amplify visibility in a virtualized environment. Here, Thom highlights Uila’s application dependency mapping capabilities as well as its application baselining tools.

Holistic full stack monitoring with Uila

Andrea Mauro originally heard of Uila at Tech Field Day last year. He’s been following the company’s holistic full stack monitoring and visualization since then. In this post, he shares some updates the company has released since that presentation.

Uila App-Centric Monitoring: Deep Packet Inspection meets beautiful UI

After hearing about Uila from friends and colleagues, Max Mortillaro checked out the company’s presentation from Tech Field Day last year. He found their monitoring solution compelling, particularly their use of deep network packet analysis. This allows for transactional data, which can even give visibility into areas not strictly inside the infrastructure. According to Max, Uila has “a very interesting product that delivers outstanding business outcomes, while keeping true to their network engineering roots.”

Uila – A view into your data center

Roger Lund shares a brief product overview of Uila. The company offers a Application-Centric Infrastructure Monitoring solution, which Roger thinks is essential for identifying performance issues between the virtualization layer and the application layer. All of this is wrapped up in easy to understand visualizations.

Uila are Using Your Network (and some smart analytics) to Understand What’s Really Going On

After viewing Uila’s presentation at Tech Field Day 13, Dan Frith discusses their unique approach to monitoring and root cause analysis, saying they shine at making the trip from data collection to problem identification a quick and easy process.

Step by Step – Uila Monitoring – Deploy

For all of our Czech readers, Karel Novak wrote up a step by step guide on getting started with Uila’s monitoring solution. Here’s the English translation:

Uila: Visions of the Future

Uila presented at Tech Field Day last month, and Teren Bryson wrote up a look at their data center analysis solution. While there’s no dearth of overall analysis tools, Uila really impressed Teren by offering visualizations that he called “nothing short of stunning”. This information is gathered by virtual smart taps, which is able to intelligently provide application visibility.

Uila, the art of visualization

Andrea Mauro got a look at Uila’s data center monitoring solution at Tech Field Day earlier this month. Overall, he think that while it has similarities to other SaaS based monitoring solution, it differentiates in key ways. For one, while Uila generally operates it in the cloud, it can be setup as an on-prem solution. It’s also flexible enough to not just monitor infrastructure, but down to the application level. All of this is wrapped in their excellent visualization engine. Andrea goes into the technical detail of how this is accomplished, but overall he seemed impressed!

The Road to Root Cause

Work in IT for any length of time, and the dreaded “why is anything slow” question inevitably rears its head. It’s a loaded question, almost impossible to directly answer in that moment, and invariably happens at a bad time. Thom Greene thinks Uila might have a solution to quickly get some answers. Their Virtual Smart Tap provides unified metrics that give you a look into packet flows within virtual machines. They do this by having the Tap sit on each ESXi host and perform deep packet inspection. Thom was definintely impressed by how Uila visualizes this information in their dashboard. It makes it an ideal tool to quickly identify system slow down issues.

Back to Tech Field Day

Andrea Mauro is heading to Tech Field Day in Austin, coming up February 1st. He give a little context for his own involvements with past events, including some Virtualization Field Days and Tech Field Day Extras, but this is his first full Tech Field Day. He gives a rundown of his impressions of the presenting companies, but overall is excited to meet with other delegates, and to get into the technical deep dives. We’re excited to have Andrea coming to Austin, and can’t wait to hear his impressions of the presentations!

Tech Field Day 13 Preview: Uila

As enterprise tools become increasingly virtualized, it gets harder to properly visualize performance systematically. Visibility radically decreases, leaving the prospective engineer in a veritable blackhole. That’s why Thom Greene is excited to dig into Uila’s presentation at Tech Field Day, coming up in February. Their solution drills down the virtual network, identifying traffic on the application level. This allows users to have a visualized map of performance between applications in real time. As workloads become increasingly virtualized, a solution like Uila’s is vital to let you know what is going on.