Mobility Field Day – NetAlly’s LANBERT

This post features the first Tech Field Day appearance of delegate Dan Jones, who attended July’s Mobility Field Day event. In it, he specifically details the presentations by NetApp, who showcased their LANBERT product. Read on for Jones’ full take, and be sure to watch the recorded NetApp presentation for even more technical information.

Mobility Field Day 6: Meet the Delegates

Aruba joined us for Mobility Field Day in July! In this article, Aruba’s Kirstin Tanaka speaks with delegates Peter Mackenzie and Dan Jones to get their thoughts on AI for IT operations, Wi-Fi 6E, and location services. Check out this piece and then head to to see all of Aruba’s videos from the event!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Dan Jones

Let’s welcome Dan Jones to the Tech Field Day community! He is an Apple consultant who specializes in MDM and WiFi and is the technical director of a system integrator in the UK. Dan will be joining us next month at Mobility Field Day, so be sure to tune in and catch him on the delegate panel!

Dan Jones

Apple Consultant specialising in MDM & Wi-Fi