The Bedrock of AI Is Data With Nick Magnuson and Clive Bearman of Qlik

The latest Utilizing Tech podcast episode dives into the critical role of enterprise data integration for the success of generative AI, featuring insights from Qlik’s Nick Magnuson and Clive Bearman prior to their presentation at AI Field Day 4. They discuss the challenges enterprises face, such as preparing quality data for AI models and using machine learning to enhance data organization and tagging. The conversation also explores the potential of large language models to democratize data querying, underscoring the importance of curated data in the AI-driven future.

Podcast – Season 6 – Season Opener

The Utilizing Tech podcast returns for another season focused on AI. Frederic Van Haren is co-hosting this season with Stephen Foskett, and discussions will delve into how enterprises integrate AI across various sectors, focusing on their infrastructural stack and data pipeline management. As AI cements its omnipresence in technology, this season promises to unpack its applications and influence in current and future markets.