Next-Generation AI With VAST Data: Beyond Storage and Compute

This LinkedIn article by Gina Rosenthal discusses the VAST Data solution for AI data presented at AI Field Day. VAST Data pioneers AI and deep learning infrastructure with its integrated VAST Data Platform, as presented in partnership with NVIDIA and Supermicro that further solidify VAST’s role in streamlining AI adoption and digital transformation.

VAST Data Soars With Industry Heavyweights

As Allyson Klein writes, VAST Data is revealing a major shift in AI strategy, joining forces with NVIDIA and Supermicro to bolster its role as a forward-thinking AI data platform. By embracing a novel architecture that eschews traditional x86 design for a powerful GPU-centric platform with NVIDIA DPUs, VAST Data is poised to redefine data storage, promising significant energy efficiency and enhanced performance for AI workloads. The company’s move shifts the AI training landscape towards GPU-native frameworks and sets VAST Data as a key innovator in an infrastructure industry ripe for disruption.

Insights From the AI Field Day: A Futurum Group Overview

In this LinkedIn Pulse article, Paul Nashawaty of The Futurum Group summarizes all of the AI Field Day presentations, highlighting VMware’s deep dive into Private AI in collaboration with industry giants like NVIDIA and IBM, and Intel’s focus on deploying AI inference models with Xeon CPUs across diverse environments. Next-generation AI-infused storage solutions from Solidigm and SuperMicro underscored the critical role of optimized storage in AI, while Vast Data focused on addressing the growing data demands of AI and HPC workloads. Google Cloud’s session on AI platforms and infrastructures showcased innovative approaches with Kubernetes at the core, paving the way for accessible and powerful AI development and deployment.

VAST Data Upends Storage in the AI Era

Allyson Klein offers an insightful look at VAST Data’s innovative approach to the AI data pipeline, a process crucial for preparing data for AI training, through their advanced NAS solution spotlighted at AI Field Day. VAST Data’s platform addresses the challenges organizations face with data prep and movement in AI, proven by their success in the HPC sphere and their natural progression into supporting AI training clusters.

VAST Data Operationalizing AI

At AI Field Day 4, Keith Townsend engaged with VAST Data’s John Mao and Neeloy Bhattacharyya to discuss the company’s innovative architecture that separates the persistent data layer from stateless logic, optimizing access patterns and improving data preparation efficiency for AI applications. Gina Rosenthal highlights their global namespace approach and the unique “VAST DataBase” system, they are streamlining data availability and scalability across the pipeline.

The Year of AI at AI Field Day 4

AI Field Day returns on February 21st-23rd, giving a broad perspective on AI’s foundational technologies in a year touted to be pivotal for artificial intelligence. Attendees can expect in-depth sessions with industry giant Intel as well as key players VMware by Broadcom, Qlik, Hammerspace, Solidigm, VAST Data, and many more. This event explores revolutionary AI applications and their infrastructure demands, and will be broadcast live for a global audience. Watch live on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website and catch the recordings on YouTube!

Getting the Most Out of All-Flash Architecture With VAST Data’s Universal Storage

At this past Storage Field Day, VAST Data presented on their Disaggregated Shared Everything (DASE) that is its Universal Storage architecture. Writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha discusses how this will help today’s organizations that are grappling with an overwhelming amount of data. Take a look at her thoughts here!

Ceres – VAST Data’s AI Data Platform for Data Centers

At this past Storage Field Day, VAST Data presented their next-gen storage platform, Ceres. Sulagna Saha, writing for Gestalt IT, discusses how this platform is designed to radically improve the present-day storage architecture and deliver superior performance, scalability, and cost economics. Check it out!

Tech Upfront: March 18, 2022

Check out Enrico Signoretti’s latest podcast from this past Storage Field Day. He discussed the presentations from MinIO and VAST Data! Take a look here.

Storage Field Day 23 – Tag 2: SIOS Technology, VAST Data, MinIO

Looking for recap of the second day at this past Storage Field Day? Wolfgang Stief, a Field Day delegate, discusses what SIOS Technology, VAST Data, and MinIO brought to the table. Check out his thoughts here!

A VAST-ly Different Unicorn

We saw VAST at Storage Field Day last year where they presented updates on their Disaggregated Shared Everything (DASE) architecture. As they highlighted in their presentations, VAST has been called the fastest growing storage company in history. But what’s next for VAST Data? Writing for, Georgina Ford calls VAST a bit of a “unicorn” company and she looks at where they have been as well as where they are going. Take a look at the article on and be sure to watch Vast Data’s presentations from Storage Field Day!

Architecting AI Infrastructure

As a delegate at the first ever AI Field Day earlier this year, Gina Rosenthal helped to pioneer Tech Field Day into a new topic area! On 24×7 IT Connection, she writes about several the presenters she saw including BrainChip, Red Hat, Intel, MemVerge, and VAST Data. Gina notes that with the pool of professionals building AI infrastructures growing, there is an increased need for education around architecting those infrastructures. Our thanks to Gina for being on the delegate panel at AI Field Day, we hope you check out her deep dive!

Is Scale-Out File Storage the New Black?

Enrico Signoretti, a delegate at Storage Field Day earlier this year, writes that VAST Data is a startup that is utilizing unique storage architecture to create an improved and impressively effective product. By implementing Intel Optane and QLC-NAND into their system, they are able to reach impressive levels in terms of both performance and value. Because of this, VAST is able to offer their customers a solution that is effective and doesn’t break the bank. Enrico had the chance to see VAST Data present on their storage architecture at Storage Field Day. Be sure to check out the videos of their presentations on our website!

VAST Data – the Best Is Yet to Come

As a delegate at Storage Field Day, Dan Frith had the opportunity to see VAST Data present at their second Tech Field Day event. Dan writes that the VAST Data presentations were excellent and informative. This isn’t the first time around the block for many in the VAST data team, and that’s helped them quickly evolve, put together helpful offerings, and progress in meeting market needs. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the presentations from VAST Data on our website!

Moving to Unstructured Data Stores

Words mean things. So when Chris Evans saw the storage industry turning away from object stores and embracing the term “unstructured data store,” he needed to see if there was any merit to the change in naming convention. For Chris, object storage as a term has some baggage, even if the technology born in the 90s is more relevant than ever. Object storage is often synonymous with low-cost, low-performance storage. With innovative companies like Vast Data using what is traditionally viewed as object storage for spreading data across hundreds or thousands of NVMe drives, if might just require new terminology to connote the change in use cases. Be sure to check out more about Vast Data with their recent Storage Field Day presentation.

One Tier to Replace Them All

Data centers often need to deploy and manage multiple types of storage devices to provide the needed performance and storage tiers. Meeting an organization’s storage capacity and storage performance requirements can be a juggling act with multiple storage devices. VAST Data’s Universal Storage Solution can simplify this complexity using a single device providing a single cost-effective Flash tier. Vast Data made a big splash showing this off at Storage Field Day, so be sure to dig into this article for background before watching their full presentation video.

EP27 – VAST Data – a Revolutionary Storage Platform for the Next Decade – With Howard Marks

In this episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, hosts Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman talked with Howard Marks. While they once all joined forces behind the delegate table at Field Day events, Howard is now the Technologist Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at VAST Data. VAST presented at Storage Field Day, and in the episode, they dive deep into how the company is bringing revolutionary flash economics to the market by combining 3D XPoint, NVMe-oF and QLC Flash.

Put All Your Data on Flash With VAST Data

Jon Klaus remembers when flash storage become affordable as a performance tier back in 2012. Since then, we’ve seen all-flash arrays becoming increasingly common, but the spinning disk remains for a variety of reasons. At Storage Field Day, VAST Data demoed how their novel architecture is designed to finally kill the spinning disk. They are able to do this by using cheap low endurance QLC flash, which doesn’t wear out quickly thanks to 3D Xpoint SSDs used as a write buffer. Jon runs through more fo the technical details of VAST’s approach, but he thinks its a radical rethink of storage based on the latest emerging technologies.

Vast Data at Storage Field Day 18

In this post, Erik Ableson looks at what VAST Data presented at Storage Field Day earlier this year. The company came fully out of stealth at the event, and showed off their approach to Disaggregated Shared Everything storage. Built on a foundation of persistent high speed memory and modern networking, Erik looks at whether VAST can fulfill their goal of eliminating spinning disks entirely.