Boosting Battery Life With Ventev’s Integrated UPS Power System

Sulagna Saha reviews Ventev’s Integrated UPS Power System with lithium batteries. Unreliable power supply often makes it hard to install IoT devices in outdoor places. Ventev’s lithium battery technology is designed to provide twice the backup time of ordinary lead-acid based systems during outages, while keeping the internal components protected from harsh weather conditions. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch Ventev’s presentations from the recent Mobility Field Day event here on the Tech Field Day website.

Ventev Presents at MFD10

At Mobility Field Day 10, Ventev showcased their latest innovations, including the VenGo Mobile Wireless Case for flexible connectivity on the go, suitable for job sites and emergency scenarios. They also highlighted their upgraded UPS power system featuring a new lithium battery that provides double the power and a retrofit kit for existing customers. Additionally, Ventev introduced versatile mounting solutions like the VenFlex swivel mount for optimal access point positioning, and revealed the new, compact Atto Patch Antenna, designed for both performance and aesthetics in wireless network designs. This article by Troy Martin goes over the highlights.

Ventev Introduces VenGo, the Network in a Box, at Mobility Field Day 10

Ventev showcased their capacity to enhance WLAN environments with their flexible and dependable antenna solutions at Mobility Field Day 10, addressing challenges encountered with traditional built-in dipoles. Lee Badman discusses their latest offering, VenGo, an innovative “network-in-a-box” solution aimed at delivering reliable Wi-Fi in temporary, unconventional spaces. During the event, the company also highlighted their advances in Wi-Fi 6E antennas and a new lithium battery strategy for UPS systems, further solidifying their impact on the wireless industry.

Wrapping Up a Year of Wireless With Mobility Field Day 10

Mobility Field Day 10, set to take place on November 15-16, 2023, promises a varied lineup of presentations from Cisco, Wyebot, Nile, and Ventev, offering cutting-edge solutions in wireless and mobility technology. This two-day event will feature a mixture of hardware reveals, technology updates, and discussions about the future of wireless tech. Viewers can tune into the live presentations streamed on the Tech Field Day website and join the conversation on the Tech Field Day LinkedIn page.

The Power of Expertise at Ventev

Tom Hollingsworth explores Ventev’s capabilities in wireless antennas and enclosures. The company has experts in IoT and industrial segments, and provides solutions for a variety of wireless challenges, including hostile environments. Ventev’s IoT solutions, such as the integrated enclosure solution that matches Aruba switches, include AC, DC power, and UPS, ensuring the network’s safety during power outages. The combination of expertise in research and data analysis, antenna designs, and power suggests that it may be worth consulting with Ventev for almost any wireless project.

CBRS Inno-Ventev-Ation at MFD8

After watching Ventev present at Mobility Field Day Mark Houtz provides some insight on Ventev’s applications for CBRS and their quest for remote tower sites. Be sure to check out all of the presentations from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

My First MFD Experience – Part 2

First time delegate, Ali, gives us a great recap on presentations from Arista Networks, Ventev, and Wyebot at the most recent Mobility Field Day. He starts off discussing Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Program, then deep dives into Arista Networks’ switch and ends his post discussing Ventev’s solutions that compliments wireless deployments. Take a look here at Ali’s thoughts for more from Mobility Field Day.

Deploying Wi-Fi 6E With Ventev

Writing on the Gestalt IT website, Sulagna Saha talks about Ventev’s presentation at Mobility Field Day in early October. Ventev presented on their antenna product that is aimed at solving the burgeoning challenges in Wi-Fi network and wireless deployments. According to Sulagna, users don’t care about antenna’s as long as they can be out of sight and out of mind. Is it time you swapped out the old bulky antenna for a new one that is Wi-Fi 6E ready?

The Thing About Ventev

Learn more about Ventev by checking out Lee Badman’s opinion about their presentation from Mobility Field Day in October. You can read his thoughts and check out all of the presentations from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

CTS 271 – Ventev VenVolt 2 at MFD6

A new release that has Rowell Dionicio and Francois Verges excited is the VenVolt 2 that Ventev demoed at Mobility Field Day this past July! This podcast dives deep into the newest updates of the VenVolt 2 and how it compares to the old edition. Listen into this podcast from two Field Day delegates to see what changes were implemented for the VenVolt 2!

Ventev Powers the World’s Complex Networks

Simply put, massive scale networks need power, as showcased by Ventev during their Mobility Field Day appearance. This piece displays their network power solutions and their specifications. Learn more by reading the piece, and please, watch their presentations for even more information.

Ventev’s New VenVolt 2 Site Survey Battery Pack

This post from Mike Wade discusses the Mobility Field Day presentations by Ventev, which he attended as a delegate. In it, Wade describes the various power supplies on showcase by Ventev, which he uses regularly as a WiFi expert. Read the whole post for all the information, and watch Ventev’s great performance while you’re at it.

VenVolt 2- Power to the (Survey) People

This piece, written by Lee Badman, is from the perspective of Ventev’s VenVolt 2 power supply for wireless surveyors. Badman witnessed the product firsthand while a delegate at Ventev’s Mobility Field Day appearance. Read on to hear all about VenVolt 2 from its point of view.

Experience at the Edge With Mobility Field Day!

It’s time to learn more during the 2021 edition of Mobility Field Day! We’re looking forward to getting updates from our lineup of great presenters and hearing the perspectives of our amazing delegates. July 14-16 is going to be packed with all the great information you need to plan your next wireless installation. Tune in this week to watch the event live!

The Spatial Streams Podcast: Episode 17: The JJ Xperience

On the latest episode of the Spatial Streams podcast with Tech Field Day delegate John Deegan and Landon Foster, they are joined by delegate JJ Minella to talk about their takeaways from this past Mobility Field Day and their thoughts on industry events going virtual. Check out their takeaways for presenters Ventev, Mist, and Cisco as well as all the Mobility Field Day videos on our website!

Powering Your People With Ventev

Getting your racks where you need them is one thing, connecting them to reliable power can be another thing entirely. Tom Hollingsworth writes about the issues of supplying dependable power in all the possible locations that you might want it and how Ventev is working to confront those challenges. Check out Tom’s post as well as Ventev’s Mobility Field Day presentation on “Taking Telecom Closets Outdoors” on the Gestalt IT website!

Ventev Products Make the WLAN Better

Lee Badman has always had a positive experience with Ventev products and was able to see their plans up close and personal at the last Mobility Field Day. Lee was impressed with Ventev’s approach to design and how they manipulate each variable to make the best product they can. Take a look at Ventev’s presentations at Mobility Field Day to learn more about their process!

Coffee Hour – Mobility Field Day 5

Rowell Dionicio and François Vergès over at the Clear to Send podcast recently previewed what to expect at Mobility Field Day. They were particularly interested to see VMware as a presenting company and can’t wait to hear what they’ll be discussing. They also look at some of the delegates attending to the event, note the increased importance of wireless security within the voices around the table, and how the virtual event is changing who can be a delegate.

Mobility Field Day 1 and the Future of Our Industry

Mobility Field Day 1 and the Future of Our Industry

Mobility Field Day: Glimpsing a Complex Wi-Fi Future

Mobility Field Day: Glimpsing a Complex Wi-Fi Future