Veritas Resilency Platform (VRP)

Mariusz Kaczorek used Veritas’ presentation at Cloud Field Day to provide some background for this post, looking into Veritas Resiliency Platform. This solution helps to maintain business uptime across private, public, and hybrid clouds, with support for VMware and Hyper-V and recovery of VMs to Azure, AWS or vCloud Director. In the post, Mariusz provides an architectural overview, reviews the interface for VRB, and looks at who it’s targeted at. Be sure to check out the post then dive into the full presentation video.

Full vs. Partial Coverage of Your Data

Veritas introduces their Veritas Resiliency Platform in preparation for Cloud Field Day this week. Designed to protect all your workloads, regardless of location, Veritas Resiliency Platform integrates into your environments and performs automated rehearsals as often as you want, as to not disrupt your work.

Cloud Field Day 4 (#CFD4) : A Heads-Up

Ather Beg gives an excellent rundown of each presenting sponsor for this week’s Cloud Field Day, explaining what each company does and why you should be interested. As a first-time delegate, he is excited to join the Tech Field Day community and looks forward to a great event.

Modern Data Protection Summary

Keith Townsend lays out exactly why data is the most important asset in the enterprise and what products have the essential protection and management features to protect, mobilize, and backup your data. Among the companies and products Keith discusses are Veritas, Rubrik Datos, and Druva who he saw present at Cloud Field Day 3 as well as Commvault who presented at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault Go in 2017.

Veritas 360 – CloudPoint

Following a presentation by Veritas at Cloud Field Day, Ned Bellavance wanted to try out CloudPoint, their cloud-native backup solution. In this post, he documents how to get through setup and install of CloudPoint. After a few hiccups, he walks through backing up and recovering VMs on Azure. Ned sees a lot of interesting ideas in CloudPoint, and hopes that Veritas will continue to invest in it to get it production ready.

Innovate or Die? Three Ways to Cloud Enablement

At Cloud Field Day last month, Ned Bellavance got to thinking about how companies approach cloud enablement. After seeing a variety of approaches, he highlights three ways for companies to succeed at this difficult task.

ThinkPiece: Cloud Field Day: Can an old dog, learn new tricks?

At Cloud Field Day Michelle Laverick saw some encouraging sign from established companies adapting to the reality of the cloud. NetApp, Oracle, and Veritas all showed that despite being incumbent companies, they have identified how to be competitive against newer cloud-focused startups. This often involved spinning up entirely new teams that can operate with agility. Not every company was convincing in their cloud play, but Michelle was definitely impressed to see older companies making moves to stay competitive with the cloud giants.

Veritas: The Untold Story of A Cloud Company

Martez Reed heard from Veritas at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. In doing his research before and after the presentation, he actually found a more convincing cloud story than he saw in their presentation. In this post, he outlines why Vertias has an untold, but compelling, cloud story.

The Three Facets of Backup

At Cloud Field Day last month, Chris Evans got to see three companies showing different facets of how to deliver backup. Veritas, Rubrik, and Druva all have different visions of how organizations should handle data management and protection. Chris takes a look at how some are transforming to handle new workloads, while others are expanding to add new functionality, scale, and scope.

Cloud Field Day 3; Day 3 – That One Thing….

Chris Porter finishes up his rundown of each day of last week’s Cloud Field Day in this post. That Friday saw two companies present, Druva and Veritas. Chris was intrigued by the possibilities Druva’s cloud-native data management as a service provided, particularly with running VMware workloads on VMC, effectively keeping all your infrastructure inside of AWS. Veritas’ CloudPoint stood out to Chris because of its unique support for native snapshots on EC2, Azure, and GCP instances.

CFD3 Prep Post: Veritas

Justin Warren wrote up a preview of what to expect from Veritas at Cloud Field Day this week. Follow along with Justin on our live stream, and join the conversation on Twitter using #CFD3.

Cloud Field Day 3 Preview: Veritas

Chris Evans gives a preview of Veritas ahead of their presentation at Cloud Field Day this week. The company is traditionally associated with storage, so Chris is interested in hearing their cloud story, particularly around CloudMobility and CloudPoint. He’s interested to hear how they differentiate these offerings from competing companies in their space.

Cloud Field Day 3 Preview – Data Protection

Keith Townsend prepared an overview of the data protection companies that will be presenting at Cloud Field Day. He looks at Druva, Rubrik, and Veritas, which all have the same overall goals for data protection, but go about it in very different ways.