Announcing VMware Cloud on AWS Integration With Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Phil Brotherton, VP of NetApp’s Solutions and Alliances program, writes about NetApp’s exciting news on their partnership with VMware and Amazon Web Services! He mentions how this is being “built from the ground-up, offering only integrated, certified, and supported external NFS datastore for VMware Cloud on AWS.” This cost effective migration is getting everyone talking, check out more from Phil here!

Shrinking Storage Costs With VMware Cloud on AWS Integration With Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha gives her thoughts on NetApp’s presentation of VMware Cloud on AWS integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP at the latest Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US. You can check out her thoughts on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website for all the latest updates on Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US 2022.

Streamlining Storage Operations With vVols

Sulagna Saha shares her thoughts on Pure Storage and their presentation on Virtual Volumes at Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US. Check out what she has to say on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out all of the videos from this past event on the Tech Field Day website!

vVols 2022 Adoption Update: Current Barriers and Will It Ever Go Mainstream?

Eric Siebert gives his thoughts on VMware Virtual Volumes from this past Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US showcase. Check out all of the videos from this past event on the Tech Field Day website!

Unified Multi-Cloud Log Data Management With VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud

In this post from Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha talks about VMware’s presentation on vRealize Log at this past Tech Field Day. She explains this solution is designed to centralize log management and deliver crystal clear log visibility for DevOps. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here!

Big Guns Attract Attention, but Not Always Interest

Jim Czuprynski attended Aprils’ Tech Field Day as a delegate. In his latest post he discusses presentations from VMware’s migrating apps to the clouds, Minio’s SDS in the cloud, and Intel’s Optane group. Check out his thoughts here!

The Pipeline Guys: Episode #3

In their latest podcast, Enrico Signoretti, a Field Day delegate, and Lino Telera discuss this past Cloud Field Day. Check out their recap on all presenting companies and what to look forward to in each presentation!

CFD13 Day Two Recap – VMware and Metallic

Adam Fisher attended this past Cloud Field Day in San Jose, CA as a delegate. In this post, he discusses VMware’s multi-cloud capabilities and Metallic’s cloud data protection. Check out Adam’s thoughts here!

Hybrid Infrastructure Is an Operating Model

VMware presented at this past Cloud Field Day! In Keith Townsend’s post, he discusses how VMware is on a corporate-wide mission to evangelize its cloud capabilities beyond VMware cloud solutions. Check out his thoughts on cloud adjacency here!

Elvis Is Everywhere. So Is Kubernetes.

Jim Czuprynski attended his very first Cloud Field Day in February as a delegate! Check out this great recap of all the presenting companies on Jim’s personal blog. Maybe you too will be reminded of the Elvis is Everywhere music video!

A Rapid Path to Production With VMware Tanzu Application Platform

In the latest post from Sulagna Saha at Gestalt It, she discusses the recent VMware Tanzu Application Platform that was presented by VMware at this past Cloud Field Day. Their new platform manages to bypass a lot of the complexities surrounding development on Kubernetes, paving a straight, speedy, secure path of production. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here!

DXPRS0024: Cloud Field Day 13 – Automatische Automatisierung

Wolfgang Stief tuned in live to watch this past Cloud Field Day! Check out his podcast here, along with Kerstin Stief, for a recap of the presentations from Cloud Field Day and what was discussed by each company.

The Future of the Data Center Control Plane Is in the Public Cloud

Keith Townsend, a Field Day delegate, attended this past Cloud Field Day, where Pure Storage presented on a solution for managing their FlashArray Storage system. Check out Keith’s thoughts, here on YouTube, about how this is the future of all data center management!

Cloud Field Day 13 – Presenter Previews

Chris Evans will be joining the Tech Field Day team in San Jose, California, as a delegate, for the upcoming Cloud Field Day! Take a look at what the presenting companies will be discussing and what might form part of the technical presentations.

VMworld 2021 – Bringing It All Together With Project Ensemble

On his personal site, Architecting, Chris Evans writes his takeaways from VMware’s VMworld 2021. Specifically, he compares VMware’s Project Ensemble, displayed at the event, to other products such as those presented at a past Cloud Field Day event by Morpheus Data, in a past Tech Field Day appearance by Platform9, and the products displayed by ZeroStack during a Virtualization Field Day event, which he attended at as a delegate. Click the link below for more context behind these comparisons.

VxRail Tech Field Day – a Technical Relay Race for the Athletically Challenged

Earlier this summer, Dell Technologies had an exclusive Tech Field Day event where they highlighted how VxRail drives value for their customers by optimizing operations and workloads, embracing hybrid cloud, and unlocking business value at the edge. Writing for Dell, Kathleen Cintorino dives deep into VxRail and its benefits. Check out Kathleen’s post for more!

VxRail + Tanzu = Kubernetes Optimization

In order to keep pace with the flexibility and agility of the cloud, today’s IT departments need to be able to effectively roll out new Kubernetes deployments at scale. That’s why Dell and VMware have integrated the VxRail and Tanzu product lines to provide easy, scalable K8s capabilities, which Dell showcased during their recent exclusive Tech Field Day. Writing for GestaltIT, Zach DeMeyer expands on the demos from Dell’s exclusive presentation. Take a look at Zach’s post!

Dell, VMware, Intel, NVIDIA: Weniger Latenz Bei Workloads

The German editor-in-chief of data://disrupted, Kerstin Stief, shares her experiences from Dell’s recent exclusive Tech Field Day event in this piece. Specifically, she covers the issue of latency in enterprise IT, and how Dell, Intel, and VMware are poised to help address it. Read on for her full opinions.

Where Does Latency Come From in Enterprise-Storage-Systems and What Can Enterprises Do to Minimise It

German tech enthusiast and perennial Field Day delegate, Kerstin Stief, uses this piece to express her thoughts after experiencing the recent Dell exclusive Tech Field Day event as a delegate. In it, she talks through the storage solution presented there, PowerStore, and how it fits into enterprise IT as a whole. Read on to hear all of what she has to say, and watch Dell’s presentations for more information.