VMware Explore 2023

The IT Reality podcast offers a recap of VMware Explore 2023 from Las Vegas, providing first-hand experiences and insights beyond the typical marketing narrative typically associated with such tech events. Featuring interviews with Mike Masters and Franky Barragan, the hosts discuss various tech topics within businesses, while also highlighting the fun side of the conference through Sandbox VR experiences. The discussion dives into VMware’s NSX+ announcement, highlighted during their Tech Field Day Extra presentation attended by Richard Kenyan.

Adopting a Standard Operating Format in Multi-Cloud With VMware NSX+

Sulagna Saha discusses VMware’s NSX+ in this article following their presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore, noting its ability to simplify transitions into a multi-cloud environment. NSX+ serves as a comprehensive solution for multi-cloud networking and security delivered as a service, unifying fragmented policies and operations, ensuring consistent security controls, and simplifying migration. Ultimately, NSX+ aims to address the increasing demand for consistent operation, promising comprehensive cross-cloud visibility, multi-tenancy, persistent security, and centralized operations.

Smart Migration With VMware HCX+

Gestalt IT takes a look at VMware’s HCX+ following their Tech Field Day Extra presentation at VMware Explore. HCX+ is designed to streamline workload migration in the multi-cloud environment. The tool seeks to eliminate uncertainty and chaos from the migration process, allowing companies a swift transition to their first migration. HCX+ offers a “bird’s eye view” on multi-cloud estates for consolidated management and higher operational clarity, transforming the normally cumbersome process of migration into a simplified and efficient endeavor.

VMware Goes for Multi-Cloud Support With NSX+

W. Curtis Preston shares his insights on VMware’s presentation of NSX+ at Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore 2023. The evolution of NSX+ aims at providing comprehensive multi-cloud network management, with features such as policy management, network detection and response, load balancing, and migration services. Preston highlights the potential of NSX+ to manage not only ESX workloads across multiple clouds, but eventually native workloads too, reflecting VMware’s vision for a robust multi-cloud setup.

VMware SaaS-ifies HCX With HCX+

In this article, W. Curtis Preston examines VMware’s presentation at Tech Field Day Extra, specifically their novel HCX+ product. This cloud-based version of their HCX product aims to simplify operations and help customers navigate through their mobility and migration needs. The focus of HCX+ is to modernize enterprises by assisting a seamless, disruption-free migration—from on-prem vSphere to cloud services like VMware Cloud on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure—and provide a cohesive view of a large VMware deployment.

VMware Goes for Multi-Cloud Support With NSX+

Curtis Preston shares his insights on VMware’s evolution, specifically its NSX+ product, following their Tech Field Day Extra presentation at VMware Explore 2023. VMware has launched NSX+, which incorporates five key services, including policy management, flow visualization, network detection, response, orchestrating load balancers, and a migration service, aiming to provide effective management across multiple clouds. Right now, NSX+ focusses on managing ESX workloads on several clouds, but future plans aim to manage native workloads, with VMware positioning itself as a centralized orchestrator for multi-cloud setups.

The Future of VMware: Going Down the Rabbit Hole at VMware Explore 2023

In the VMware Explore article, Allyson Klein delves into Broadcom’s imminent acquisition of VMware and highlights how NSX, and its latest version NSX+, may be the crown jewel of VMware’s portfolio. NSX+ brings new multi-cloud security policy configuration and management, with a single pane of glass view on management of distributed firewalls, gateways, and IDS/IPS policies. As this technology lies at the center of network innovation, Klein surmises it is likely the primary attraction for Broadcom in the acquisition, and will undoubtedly play a significant role in the VMware of the future.

Things Are Heating Up for Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore

We are thrilled to be returning to VMware Explore for 2023 and will be hosting Tech Field Day sessions featuring insights from VMware and AMD. We look forward to a deep dive into VMware NSX in the cloud on Tuesday and a special session from AMD on Wednesday examining their latest data center products, virtualization, and edge portfolio. Don’t miss our exciting lineup of interviews, videos, and Tech Field Day content that will delve into enterprise technology trends and solutions.

NetApp, VMware, AWS, and Our Partners Transform Cloud for VMware Customers

NetApp and VMware just announced their innovative partnership with Amazon Web Services! In his latest article, Keith Norbie goes into detail on this partnership, along with what to expect from his presentation at the Tech Field Day Extra at VMware explore from this past August. According to Norbie, they announced the availability of the VMware Cloud on AWS integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Take a look here, or on the NetApp website, for more from Keith!

Announcing VMware Cloud on AWS Integration With Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Phil Brotherton, VP of NetApp’s Solutions and Alliances program, writes about NetApp’s exciting news on their partnership with VMware and Amazon Web Services! He mentions how this is being “built from the ground-up, offering only integrated, certified, and supported external NFS datastore for VMware Cloud on AWS.” This cost effective migration is getting everyone talking, check out more from Phil here!

Shrinking Storage Costs With VMware Cloud on AWS Integration With Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha gives her thoughts on NetApp’s presentation of VMware Cloud on AWS integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP at the latest Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US. You can check out her thoughts on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website for all the latest updates on Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US 2022.

Streamlining Storage Operations With vVols

Sulagna Saha shares her thoughts on Pure Storage and their presentation on Virtual Volumes at Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US. Check out what she has to say on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out all of the videos from this past event on the Tech Field Day website!

vVols 2022 Adoption Update: Current Barriers and Will It Ever Go Mainstream?

Eric Siebert gives his thoughts on VMware Virtual Volumes from this past Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US showcase. Check out all of the videos from this past event on the Tech Field Day website!

Unified Multi-Cloud Log Data Management With VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud

In this post from Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha talks about VMware’s presentation on vRealize Log at this past Tech Field Day. She explains this solution is designed to centralize log management and deliver crystal clear log visibility for DevOps. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here!

Big Guns Attract Attention, but Not Always Interest

Jim Czuprynski attended Aprils’ Tech Field Day as a delegate. In his latest post he discusses presentations from VMware’s migrating apps to the clouds, Minio’s SDS in the cloud, and Intel’s Optane group. Check out his thoughts here!

The Pipeline Guys: Episode #3

In their latest podcast, Enrico Signoretti, a Field Day delegate, and Lino Telera discuss this past Cloud Field Day. Check out their recap on all presenting companies and what to look forward to in each presentation!

CFD13 Day Two Recap – VMware and Metallic

Adam Fisher attended this past Cloud Field Day in San Jose, CA as a delegate. In this post, he discusses VMware’s multi-cloud capabilities and Metallic’s cloud data protection. Check out Adam’s thoughts here!

Hybrid Infrastructure Is an Operating Model

VMware presented at this past Cloud Field Day! In Keith Townsend’s post, he discusses how VMware is on a corporate-wide mission to evangelize its cloud capabilities beyond VMware cloud solutions. Check out his thoughts on cloud adjacency here!

Elvis Is Everywhere. So Is Kubernetes.

Jim Czuprynski attended his very first Cloud Field Day in February as a delegate! Check out this great recap of all the presenting companies on Jim’s personal blog. Maybe you too will be reminded of the Elvis is Everywhere music video!