Is VMware Cloud Really the Right Strategy for App Modernization?

VMware joined us to present at Cloud Field Day in March, highlighting VMware Cloud on AWS. In this VMware blog, Kit Colbert recaps the discussion from Cloud Field Day, “The answer is simple: VMware Cloud provides better infrastructure allowing for better app modernization.” To learn more about VMware’s approach of “migrate then modernize,” be sure to check out this blog from VMware, as well as the videos from Cloud Field Day on our website!

Cloud Field Day 7: Delivering Cloud Migration, Modernization and Business Continuity With VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware is a familiar presenter at Field Day events, and we’re thrilled to have them return to Cloud Field Day this year. This year, their presentation will focus on how VMware helps customers migrate, extend, protect and modernize their applications and how to help them continue their business operations without any disruptions. Much of this will be presented through the lens of VMware Cloud on AWS with technical deep-dive content how organizations can accelerate their migration and modernization journey. We can’t wait to see the session, so be sure to mark your calendar.