Tech Field Day at VMworld: Why Metric Collection Matters

Blue Medora presented last year at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018, specifically focusing on the importance of quality metrics collection. In this post, they offer a transcript of their entire presentation. Very helpful for those in the IT community who prefer, or cannot, consume their presentation with sound.

Netscout, Smart Network Analytics

Rita Younger hadn’t used Netscout’s solutions much since the 90s, but got reacquainted with the company after hearing a presentation from them at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018. What she saw was a company that has evolved with the network analytics movement, providing a single tool to provide visibility into complex hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

76: GreyBeards talk backup content, GDPR and cyber security with Jim McGann, VP Mkt & Bus. Dev., Index Engines

In this episode of the Greybeards on Storage podcast, Ray Lucchesi and Howard Marks talked with Jim McGann, VP Marketing and Business Development at Index Engines. Jim presented at Dell EMC’s session at Tech Field Day last month. They discussed the company’s CyberSense solution, along with GDPR and indexing backups.

71: GreyBeards talk DP appliances with Sharad Rastogi, Sr. VP & Ranga Rajagopalan, Sr. Dir., Dell EMC DPD

In this episode of the Greybeards on Storage podcast, Ray Lucchesi and Howard Marks spoke to Sharad Rastogi & Ranga Rajagopalan from Dell EMC’s Data Protection division. They discuss the company’s new IDPA DP4400, which was also detailed at their Tech Field Day Extra presentation from VMworld US 2018. This provides up to 96TB of usable capacity for secondary storage and backups, while also providing up to 192TB of a native Cloud Tier.

Live at VMworld Europe 2018: An Update on VMware Strategy and Vision, or VMware is Cool Again

In this post, Max Mortillaro considers the emergence of Kubernetes as a de facto container orchestrator. This can be seen looking at any number of IT companies, including what he saw at Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018. This event saw a lot of coverage around the company’s new NetApp Kubernetes Service, from their recent StackPointCloud acquisition.

Tech Field Day Extra VMworld 2018 – Runecast

Matt Allford heard from Runecast at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018. This provided Matt with more detail about their proactive VMware management solution, and the specific updates with Runecast 2.0, including a new UI, updated virtual appliance, and historical data reports.

Tech Field Day Extra VMworld 2018 – Jetstream Software

Matt Allford attended some of our Tech Field Day presentation from VMworld US 2018, including a launch presentation from JetStream Software. The company uses VMware IO filter APIs to get workload on the platform without using snapshots. The company offers JetStream Accelerate, JetStream Migrate and JetStream Data protection. Matt was really intrigued by the Migrate solution, and hopes to get a deeper dive from the company soon.

Monitoring Data Translation As a Service – Blue Medora

Alastair Cooke heard from Blue Medora at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018 earlier this year. In this piece, he looks at how the company provides Bindplane, a solution that serves as a sort of Rosetta Stone for all of the “single pane of glass” monitoring that ends up siloed among teams. Bindplane isn’t just another monitoring tool, it’s the glue to stick together multiple data sources that can be commonly viewed and have additional tools work on in unison.

Tech Field Day Extra VMworld 2018 – JetStream Software

Joe Houghes got to hear from JetStream Software at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US this year. The company showed off their three solutions, Migrate, Accelerate, and Data Protection. In this post, Joe focuses on Migrate, which provides a robust bulk-migration utility to move virtual machines from one site to another.

The #vCommunity

We were thrilled to invite Al Rasheed to be a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld this year. In this post, he writes about how he came to decide to sign up to be a delegate, leaning on the experiences of two recent Field Day invitees, Ken Nalbone and Nick Nick Janetakis for reference. We’re glad he found the event well organized and managed. If you ever wondered about becoming a Field Day delegate, be sure to start by signing up on our site.

StorageCraft and The Sub-Second Recovery

Ather Beg attended a recent Tech Field Day Extra presentation from StorageCraft at VMworld US 2018. They highlighted their OneXafe hyperconverged data protection platform. This comes in 1U or 2U configurations, and is aimed at SMB and Mid-Market organisations.

Managing VMware Proactively with Runecast

Gabe Maentz was a delegate at our recent Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US, and got to see the latest from Runecast. In this post, Gabe looks at Runecast Analyzer, which is designed to help VMware admins keep their environments secure and up to best practices. On a technical level, Runecast Analyzer is a single VM that aggregates various sources to synthesize a single repository of information. From this Analyzer can look at your specific configuration and proactively alert you when if finds something applicable.

RuneCast presents @ #TFDx VMworld 2018

It’s always a pleasure to have Matt Leib at an event, and we most recently had him attend a Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld presentation from Runecast. He got a deep dive on Runecast analyzer, which is easy to install and connect into vCenter, providing analysis of authorized sources, while still keeping within compliance guidelines.

Dell EMC Data Protection for vCloud Director – A Seamless Approach

John Marrone attended Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US as a first time delegate this year. He heard quite a bit from Dell EMC’s data protection team, and came away impressed. In this post, he digs into what the company presented around vCloud Director and why it’s an intriguing solution for Service Providers.

A Matter of Perspective

Tom Hollingsworth considers the importance of perspective, and how the delegates around a table can shape a Tech Field Day presentation. This first came to mind seeing Aviatrix present their Cloud Routing solutions, first at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US, then at Cloud Field Day. For the networking focused audience at the first event, Aviatrix was interesting, but seemed to largely align how they expected networking to work when moved from the data center to the cloud. For the Cloud Field Day delegates, the networking Aviatrix showed was met with acclaim. Tom further saw this in action from Arista Networks, who presented at Mobility Field Day for the first time, discussing how they were integrating the recently acquired Mojo Networks.

Barefoot Networks and Fully Programmable Switches

Keith Ward got to hear from Barefoot Networks at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld. In this post, he shares a video talking with Director of Product Management Roberto Mari, about how the company’s Tofino programmable switch makes programming a network as easy as programming a server.