VMworld 2021 – Bringing It All Together With Project Ensemble

On his personal site, Architecting IT.com, Chris Evans writes his takeaways from VMware’s VMworld 2021. Specifically, he compares VMware’s Project Ensemble, displayed at the event, to other products such as those presented at a past Cloud Field Day event by Morpheus Data, in a past Tech Field Day appearance by Platform9, and the products displayed by ZeroStack during a Virtualization Field Day event, which he attended at as a delegate. Click the link below for more context behind these comparisons.

Slashing Troubleshooting Time: Runecast

There’s no doubt that the most valuable resource in the world of tech practitioners is time. At Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020, Runecast showed off the “Runecast Analyzer” product, which allows users to “proactively analyze the configs and logs of a range of systems, find potential risks before they strike and cause significant outages or security incompliance.” When used well, this acts as a serious time-saver for tech engineers! Check out Runecast’s presentation on its Runecast Analyzer product on the Tech Field Day website!