ZPE Systems-Not Your Dad’s Console Server

The costs of disparate management systems have exploded over the past decade and ZPE systems is on a consolidation path! Josh Warcop, a delegate at last month’s Networking Field Day, expands on the new approach ZPE systems set in place for an age old networking problem. Josh hasn’t seen this amount of flexibility in any device from any other competitors. Read on for more from Josh!

Airvine WaveTunnel 60Ghz Indoor Backhaul

Airvine came to life at Networking Field Day earlier this year – so says delegate Josh Warcop. On his blog, Josh writes that Networking Field Day was a bit out a coming out party for Airvine who is quickly rumbling towards the public stage with their WaveTunnel product. Josh is excited to see WaveTunnel come to fruition and writes all about it on his blog. For more information about everything Airvine is up to, check out their videos from Networking Field Day on our website!

Getting Lost at Networking Field Day

On his newly titled blog “Foggy Bytes,” Josh Warcop writes about the challenges around the consistent context switching in tech and our lives today. He also notes the impressive, 11-sponsor lineup at the upcoming Networking Field Day where he will be serving as a delegate. This will be Josh’s second Tech Field Day delegate experience, and we’re excited to have him back! Check out Josh’s post for his thoughts and all the information about the upcoming Networking Field Day.

Network Sausage Automation

Josh Warcop creates perhaps the most delicious metaphor to talk about networking in this post. Using sausage (yes, sausage) as his framing device, he looks at how both have a rather broad definition, why automation is like buying from the grocery store, and why there are so many variations. We’re glad Networking Field Day could inspire such a scrumptious piece of writing.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Josh Warcop

Josh Warcop is one of the new faces we’ll be seeing around the delegate table for Networking Field Day. Before that, be sure to get to know him a little better with this interview from Gestalt IT.

Josh Warcop

Josh Warcop is an engineer, consultant, collaborator, tinkerer, and technology enthusiast. He likes to remind everyone that technology brings business value. Josh has over two decades of network engineering experience with a specific focus on project delivery. If you’re looking to move a data center, build a stadium, leave the cloud, consolidate telephony, or roll […]