HPE Primera – What the 100% Availability Guarantee Means for Storage Administrators

Wes Milliron attended our special Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation with HPE Storage at this year’s Nth Generation Symposium in Anaheim, CA. Wes was especially interested in the HPE Primera presentation, and their “100% availability guarantee”. Here’s his take on this new storage solution!

VMware Cloud Automation Services: The Next Evolution in Multi-Cloud Automation

Wes Milliron attended his first Field Day event last month. It was great to see his write up of what VMware presented, which was featured on the last day of the event. They focused on their Cloud Automation Services Suite, which is a SaaS offering for multi-cloud management and automation. The tech definitely impressed the delegates. Wes liked that it allows VMware customers to embrace DevOps without locking them into specific tools. The videos from the presentation are definitely worth a watch.

My Take: Ixia’s Visibility Portfolio

Ixia made a return to Field Day with their presentation at Tech Field Day earlier this year. We were lucky to have Wes Milliron around the delegate table for the event. In this piece, he looks at their overall visibility platform, and came away impressed at the scope and capabilities. While he admits their UI is due for a refresh, the underlying functionality provides the visibility you need to best take advantage of your security tools.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Wes Milliron

A new Tech Field Day event means we get to welcome more new delegates to the family. This time around, we invited Wes Milliron to sit around the table and hear from some of the leading IT companies. We got to know Wes a little better in this piece, be sure to check it out and look out for him on the event live stream.

Wes Milliron

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