The Spatial Streams Podcast: Episode 0024

This episode of the Spatial Streams podcast recaps the events of Mobility Field Day, which took place in July. The show features representatives from the NetAlly team, who made an appearance during the event. Listen for full information.

The Spatial Streams Podcast: Episode 0023: MFD6 Hangover Edition

Landon Foster, who just recently attended his first Mobility Field Day as a delegate, breaks down his experience in this podcast episode. This recording of The Spatial Streams comes after a short hiatus. Listen to the whole episode for details.

The Spatial Streams Podcast: Episode 17: The JJ Xperience

On the latest episode of the Spatial Streams podcast with Tech Field Day delegate John Deegan and Landon Foster, they are joined by delegate JJ Minella to talk about their takeaways from this past Mobility Field Day and their thoughts on industry events going virtual. Check out their takeaways for presenters Ventev, Mist, and Cisco as well as all the Mobility Field Day videos on our website!

Episode 0015-Welcome Back, Foster

On this episode of The Spatial Streams Podcast, John Deegan discusses what he’s excited to see at Mobility Field Day. It was a packed event with some of the biggest names in mobility, including Celona, Cisco, Fortinet, Mist Systems, NetAlly, VMware, and Ventev. If you missed the live virtual event, be sure to check out the full video of each presentation on our YouTube channel.

#MFD5 Day 1-Quick Recap

John Deegan knows how to enjoy a vacation, a full day of IT goodness at Mobility Field Day. In this post, he looks back at the presenters feature in day one of the event. From the day, he was saw Mist having an early leg up as it further expands its AI-based analytics in enterprise networks, even while introducing tools to make the traditional dashboard obsolete. Celona showed off how their CBRS tech stack has matured since the last time they presented, and John was excited to see endpoint hardware supporting the spectrum needed for it. The day was definitely full of quality presentations, and he was definitely hungry for the rest of the event.

It’s #MFD5 Eve!

John Deegan was excited to be joining Mobility Field Day as a delegate, looking forward to the incredible technical presentations from the top companies in the industry, and discussing them with his fellow delegates. He was also interested to see how the event would feel in our virtual format. In his past Field Day experiences, he’s seen a number of exciting announcements exclusive to the event. He couldn’t wait to hear what was in store this time around. We can’t wait to hear what John thought of the presentations after the event!

Meet Field Day Delegate – John Deegan

John Deegan is coming to Mobility Field Day at the end of July! This will be his first time as a Field Day delegate, but he has been a follower of Tech Field Day for some time. John is a husband and father of four children. He holds CCENT, ECSE, and CWNE certifications. In addition, he tinkers around as a HAM radio operator! Before you see John at the event, be sure to read his interview with Gestalt IT to get to know more about his background.

John Deegan

John is a wireless architecht and all around tech enthusiast living in NYC.