Cloud vs Fog at #TFD19

Jim Palmer was a delegate at Tech Field Day over the summer. It’s often said that going to a Field Day event is like drinking from the IT firehose. It’s taken Jim a while to process everything that he heard at the event, which means the presenters did a good job showing off their latest and greatest. In this post, he looks at some of the things VMware reviewed at the event. For a wireless guy, VMware was a little intimidating. But as this post shows, Jim clearly got a lot out of their presentation.

Data, Data Everywhere, Nary a Byte to Eat

Jim Palmer attended Tech Field Day earlier this summer and got to hear from a wide variety of companies. One that stood out was Druva. Not coming from a storage background, it took a minute to get his footing during the presentation. Druva really illustrated to Jim that not all data protection is created equal, and made the case for their solutions apparent event to a relative outsider.

My Post #TFD19 Roundup

Tech Field Day is an event all about bringing together the disparate silos of enterprise IT in the same room and create meaningful conversations around technical presentations. So it was great at our event last month to have Jim Palmer, a wireless guy, as a delegate. What stood out to Jim was that the event allowed him to learn as much from his fellow delegates, who each have their own areas of expertise, as the presenters. We’re glad he got a lot of value out of the event, and we can’t wait to hear more of his thoughts on it.

Automation, Anywhere You Want It

At Tech Field Day, Jim Palmer got a look into the fascinating world of Robotic Process Automation, thanks to the folks at Automation Anywhere. While this is the fastest growing enterprise software market, it was one that Jim hadn’t heard much about before. He was impressed by the company’s vision of having a “digital assistant” for every worker. They provide not just a platform to make this happen, but lead the industry with their education resources. For someone new to the space, that was an invaluable aspect for Jim.

I Met Stephen Foskett

In this post, Jim Palmer details his experience meeting Tech Field Day founder Stephen Foskett. Jim had previously attended Wireless Field Day last year, but got invited to Tech Field Day this year. Getting exposed to new technology and new people was a really unique opportunity and it was great to have Jim at the event. He even got Stephen to explain RAID storage to him!

My Defining Moments

Jim Palmer got to hear a great Ignite Talk while at Security Field Day earlier this year. The focus was on Your Personal Brand. For Jim, this prompted a reflection about how he got to where he is, and what his purpose is now. It’s an amazing journey that includes some very scary moments, his time in the military, saving a relationship, and more. We really appreciate Jim sharing this really thoughtful post.

Imposter Syndrome Alive and Well at Tech Field Day 19

Jim Palmer will be joining us next month for Tech Field Day and we can’t wait. One of the great things about Tech Field Day is it allows us to gather experts from across the various data center disciplines. This allows for conversations from various perspectives that are truly unique in IT. With Jim’s background in wireless, we can’t wait to see what he thinks of the presentations.

Meraki Is Now In The “F’ACK” Game

Jim Palmer wants his readers to know that Meraki’s FAST-ACK as presented at Mobility Field Day last month isn’t the same as fracking. Instead, this patented technology designed to speed up content from a remote device. He digs into the use of ACK in a traditional Ethernet network, and how Meraki is innovating on this for wireless networks.

Aruba Takes The Lead With WPA3

WPA2 is more than a little long in the tooth, having been around for about as long as 802.11g. Jim Palmer outlines what Aruba presented on the new WPA3 security standard, and their efforts to push Opportunistic Wireless Encryption into the specification as well. It led to a lively discussion at Mobility Field Day last week.

Mobility Field Day 3 – A Delegate

It’s always great to hear about people’s first Field Day event experience. In this post, Jim Palmer talks about some of the behind the scenes of being a delegate at Mobility Field Day. It was a packed event and Jim was impressed by his fellow delegates around the table.

Cost of Perfection

After Mobility Field Day last week, Jim Palmer got to thinking about how wireless professionals approach their networks. He considered what trying to achieve wireless perfection actually costs, when the vast majority of the time connectivity falls short of that goal. He stopped to think if this quest for perfection often misses broader customer requirements and the implications of the return on time invested toward perfection.

A Story of Three Companies

Jim Palmer wrote up a look at three different companies he saw at Mobiltiy Field Day last week, Arista Networks, Fortinet, and NETSCOUT’s. He looks at how each companies presentation impacted their messaging. From Arista trying to work in their acquisition of Mojo Networks into their broader portfolio, to Fortinet’s improved focus as a wireless company, and NETSCOUT’s divestment of their Handheld Network Test product line almost at the same time they were presenting to the delegates. Overall Jim got a little look at not just these company’s mobility solutions, but into the companies themselves.

I’m Going To Disneyland!

Jim Palmer is very excited to be attending his first Tech Field Day event as a delegate for Mobility Field Day. Jim is looking forward to discussing wireless for three straight days and talking way too much the entire time. He plans on covering the lead-up and days of the event in as much detail as he can muster.

Jim Palmer

Jim is a Wireless Systems Engineer for a large airport in the midwest with over 20 years experience in all things wireless