Improving Network Operations With a Doppelganger From Forward Networks

Forward Networks introduced innovative ways to improve network operations using a digital twin of any network at Networking Field Day, simplifying complex environments for diverse operational teams. Their solution, Forward Enterprise, captures detailed configuration and state data, enabling queries through a SQL-like language without requiring deep knowledge of specific vendor syntax. Additionally, their AI-powered features, AI Assist and Summary Assist, transform natural language into precise queries and summaries, respectively, facilitating even quicker access to critical network information, thus enhancing efficiency across the board. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Bruno Wollmann, sponsored by Forward Networks.

Safety in the API Jungle

Bruno Wollmann discusses the increasing security vulnerabilities and attack vectors exposed by APIs in today’s digital landscape. Noname Security presented at Security Field Day 9 and provides a comprehensive solution to address this issue. Their platform encompasses four key pillars: discovery, posture, runtime, and testing, allowing organizations to gain visibility, detect vulnerabilities, monitor traffic, and implement dynamic application security testing (DAST) for a proactive approach to API security. Read more of Bruno’s thoughts on his blog!

The What and How of Pica8

In his latest post, Bruno Wollmann talks about Pica8’s presentation at this past Networking Field Day. Pica8 is not letting a supply chain crisis go to waste, so they came up with a system that is viable for keeping corporate initiatives and supporting IT projects on track. Check out Bruno’s thoughts here!

Are You Swimming in a Secure Lane?

When swimming upstream against the rushing current of security alerts, requirements, and responsibilities, accessing APIs may be the only way to avoid being eaten alive. Bruno Wollmann, a Field Day delegate, discusses the demonstrations from Swimlane from this past Security Field Day and how the beautiful GUI is available through API. Take a look here for more on Bruno’s thoughts.

FIDO Device Onboard (FDO)

On October 21, 2021, Intel delivered three presentations to the delegates at Security Field Day 6. This post focuses on the presentation given by Richard Kerslake and Geoff Cooper, “FIDO Device Onboard (FDO),” where they talked about securely and cost-effectively deploying Internet of Things (IoT) devices in industrial and enterprise environments.

Preparing for the BIG ONE: Networking Field Day 21

Bruno Wollmann is excited for Networking Field Day. The event looks to literally be one of the biggest ever. Seriously, there are so many presenting companies, the event runs for four days. It should prove to be a jam packed event full of the latest networking goodness. Be sure to check out our live stream to catch it all for yourself.

Cisco Defense Orchestrator: Effective Security Policy Management Made Simple

Bruno Wollmann looks at how Cisco Defense Orchestrator offers some overdue respite to beleaguered security operations teams as well as comfort to CISOs, CIOs and CEOs trying to keep their organizations out of the news. If you are struggling with configuration management, device upgrades and overall security policy management, CDO may help end those struggles.

Networking Field Day 18 Wrap-Up

Bruno Wollmann reflects on his first experience at a Tech Field Day event with Networking Field Day 18. He comments on the family-like delegate environment, the jam-packed schedule full of attention-commanding presentations, and the importance for delegates to seize the opportunity to make their Tech Field Day experience the best it can be.

Bruno Wollmann

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