Finding Security Exposures and Risks From Network Data With Forward Networks

Sulagna Saha describes the blueprint of a successful security program, and explains how the Forward Networks platform can help build it. The platform collects information from far and wide in the network that is rich in security intelligence. If harvested, it can be the key to optimizing organizational security postures. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo here at the Tech Field Day website.

Nokia’s New AI Assistant for SR Linux Network Operating System

Sulagna Saha reviews SR Linux GPT, Nokia’s new AI assistant for SR OS. Looking up network information shouldn’t require specialized coding, or browsing through pages of document. It is an inefficient approach, and AI conversational interfaces can replace it. The new SR Linux GPT made from the same technology as ChatGPT helps network engineers find answers to questions quickly and effortlessly. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo here on the Tech Field Day website.

Durable Defense and Rapid Restoration With Druva Security

Sulagna Saha reviews the ransomware protection and recovery capabilities of the Druva platform. Increasingly, sophisticated ransomware attacks are hitting organizations. Druva helps companies combat threats with real-time detection and fast response. Read about the solution at Gestalt IT or watch the demo on the Tech Field Day website.

Self-Service Networking in Multi-Cloud With Prosimo

Sulagna Saha reviews Prosimo’s cloud networking solution that makes multi-cloud networking more like a self-service option. Navigating the ever-evolving challenges of multi-cloud networking is a constant hassle. Prosimo presents full-stack cloud networking that implements a cloud-native blueprint to optimize network operations in multi-cloud. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo here on the website.

Stopping Resource Waste Resulting From Underutilization With WEKA Converged Mode for AWS

Sulagna Saha reviews WEKA Converged Mode for AWS. In large GPU farms, inefficient utilization creates idle silos of resources. WEKA in Converged Mode helps tap into those resources, thus improving cost-efficiency and sustainability of AI use cases. Read the article on Gestalt IT or watch the demo here at the website.

Reinforcing Agility With Graphiant’s Network Edge Service

In this article, Sulagna Saha reviews Graphiant Network Edge, an as-a-service solution that provides ready-to-consume networks for enterprises. Networking has become more complicated with the rise of edge and AI. Graphiant’s solution seeks to simplify complex networking drills by replacing traditional networks with one that is performant, affordable and secure, and consumable as-a-service.

Simplifying Complex Edge Network Stacks With RG Nets’ rXg

In this Networking Field Day article, Sulagna Saha reviews RG Nets’ rXg multi-services edge gateway solution. As network deployments become more and more complex with the rise of BYOD, enterprises need a solution that offers the coveted single-pane-of-glass management on one platform. Read the article at Gestalt IT, or watch RG Nets’ presentations of rXg here on the website.

Generative AI – Risks and Rewards With Gina Rosenthal

In this article, Sulagna Saha outlines Gina Rosenthal’s thoughts on the societal and environmental impacts of generative AI. The hype around generative AI has made it apparent that the technology holds great promises, but not enough people know about its downsides. Read the article at Gestalt IT or watch the Ignite Talk from the recent Edge Field Day event on the Tech Field Day website.

Perfecting Application Lifecycle Security Using AI and Automation With Fortinet

App lifecycle security takes a mix of approaches and technologies. At the recent Cloud Field Day event, Fortinet presented FortiWeb, a solution designed to reinvent application lifecycle security. FortiWeb enables quick and effective response to threats at a fraction of the time and cost of manual methods. Read about it at Gestalt IT, and watch the demo here on the Tech Field Day website.

Making App Strategy a Success With VMware Tanzu Intelligence Services

Modernizing the app portfolio is an arduous feat. Teams need all the help they can get to push through it. VMware presented the Tanzu Intelligence Services at the Cloud Field Day event that provides a bundle of tools to help manage and optimize the app experience, and ensure seamless modernization. Read about it at Gestalt IT, and watch the demo at the Tech Field Day website.

Enabling the Magic of Cloud on Premises With Juniper Apstra

As datacenters evolve and become more cutting-edge, operators find it increasingly difficult to overcome operational complexities. Juniper Asptra harnesses the power of AI/ML and intent-based networking to provide an experience that is simple and easy, much like cloud. Read the article at Gestalt IT or watch the demo on the Tech Field Day website.

AMD Fuels the Cloud-Native Revolution With Chiplet-Based Architectures

Following their Cloud Field Day presentation, Sulagna Saha explores how AMD is leveraging its chiplet-based architecture to support cloud-native solutions. AMD’s innovative approach involves the use of smaller “chiplets” assembled into a new server chip, allowing for flexibility and tailored configuration based on specific product demands. Saha believes this chiplet architecture aligns with the four core tenets of cloud-native—microservices, containerization, continuous delivery, and DevOps—paving the way for the next evolution in cloud computing.

StorPool Tightens Data Protection in StorPool V21

In a recent post on Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha covers StorPool’s latest software update, StorPool v21. The update focuses on data protection enhancements, including tailored enhancements like “magic scale-out Erasure Coding” and cross-node data protection. Saha also spotlights StorPool’s efforts to maintain a holistic, managed service, providing a unified solution for companies navigating mixed-stack storage systems.

Solidigm SSD Form Factors – Small, but Mighty

Solidigm presented their wafer-thin SSD form factors at the recent Edge Field Day event. The drives pack unprecedented power and performance within the smallest footprint. Read about them at Gestalt IT, or watch the presentations here on the site.

Hands-Off Management at the Edge With NodeWeaver

The only companies that stand a chance in the edge race are the ones that have the smartest solutions in their toolbox. NodeWeaver, with a proven record of leveling challenges and complexities at the edge, is easily the sharpest tool out there. Watch the demo from the recent Edge Field Day event here on the site, or read the review at Gestalt IT.

Building Future-Ready Micro-Datacenters at the Edge With StorMagic SvSAN

Edge sites of small and medium businesses are in need reinforcement. To make them adaptable to the emerging trends and growing demands, StorMagic presents SvSAN. A virtual SAN solution, SvSAN provides small outfits a specialized edge infrastructure that is resilient and powerful, yet low-cost. Watch HPE and StorMagic demo it live at the recent Edge Field Day event, or read about it at Gestalt IT.

Why Tech Companies Are Faltering to Keep Their Sustainability Commitments

Sustainability is a continuous struggle in IT. Despite concerted efforts, sustainability goals remain unmet and out of reach for a lot of companies. In this Delegate Roundtable, the panelists drills into the reasons for that. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the full discussion from the recent Storage Field Day here.

Preserving Data Through Centuries Without Hard Drives – Meet DNA Data Storage

DNA data storage subverts the conventional technologies, and creates a new kind of hierarchy that breaks barriers of data overload. Watch SNIA present this new technology at the recent Storage Field Day event here on the site. For a quick read, check out the article on DNA Data Storage at Gestalt IT.

Cracking Down on Ransomware With the New AI-Based CTERA Ransom Protect

The volume of ransomware attacks has touched new heights in 2023. Organizations need several lines of defense to protect themselves from reckless attackers trying to steal from private data. CTERA recently launched the new CTERA Ransom Protect, a solution designed to track and respond to threats within 30 seconds of attack. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo here on the site.

Solidigm Right-Sizes SSDs for Write-Intensive Workloads With the New D7-P5810

In this Gestalt IT article, Sulagna Saha delves into Solidigm’s Storage Field Day announcement of their new D7-P5810 SLC SSD. Recognizing the evolving demands for superior performance and cost-efficiency in storage solutions, Solidigm’s D7-P5810 strikes an impressive balance with ultra-high endurance and supreme cost efficiency, making it ideal for accelerating write-intensive workloads. Additionally, it outperforms several competitors in its league, delivering 2x the performance, and provides SCM performance at just 20% of the cost of existing technologies, presenting a compelling new offering in the storage tech landscape.