Why Wyebot?

Mae Lessard attended Mobility Field Day this past October and is now asking you, why to Wyebot? Wyebot presented on their Wyebot sensor solution that is used as a client device for certain tests, but not as an AP. She goes into detail on how this sensor works and will now go on about its bells and whistles. Check out Mae’s thoughts here!

My First MFD Experience – Part 2

First time delegate, Ali, gives us a great recap on presentations from Arista Networks, Ventev, and Wyebot at the most recent Mobility Field Day. He starts off discussing Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Program, then deep dives into Arista Networks’ switch and ends his post discussing Ventev’s solutions that compliments wireless deployments. Take a look here at Ali’s thoughts for more from Mobility Field Day.

Why Wyebot? Why Do We Need Them?

Mark Houtz joined us in Silicon Valley for yet another Mobility Field Day this past October and enjoyed the presentation from Wyebot. Wyebot presented on their sensor that is completely passive for monitoring your Wifi network. Mark says, “I see a huge benefit to using an overlay sensor network for measuring a Wifi network.” Check out more from Mark and visit the Tech Field Day website from all videos from Wyebot at Mobility Field Day.

We Shouldn’t Need Wyebot, but We Do | Wirednot

After attending Mobility Field Day in October, Lee Badman gives his thoughts on Wyebot’s presentation. You can check out his thoughts and all of the Mobility Field Day presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

Tackling WiFi Performance Problems With Wyebot

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha discusses Wi-Fi performance and how Wyebot’s solution ensures round-the-clock reliable network performance. You can read more on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out all of the presentations from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Moving Faster With Mobility Field Day 8

We’re gearing up for yet another Mobility Field Day! In his latest post on Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth, event lead, talks about what to expect from Wyebot, Arista, and Ventev. Tune in live this October for more from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!