Meet the Security Field Day Delegates: Jeff Wilson

Aruba has been getting ready for Security Field Day by introducing the delegates in a series of interviews. In this post, Jamie Easley spoke with delegate Jeff Wilson. They discussed how the iMac G3 got him into IT, the importance of code integrity, and overlooked security risk. Be sure to look out for Jeff during Security Field Day’s live stream this week.

Meet the Security Field Day Delegates: Kori Younger

Jamie Easley with Aruba is doing profile posts about the delegates for Security Field Day. This time around, he’s talking with Kori Younger. They discussed how she got interested in technology, advocating for women in the industry, and how to raise better awareness of cybersecurity.

Meet the Security Field Day Delegates: Christopher Kusek

Jamie Easley with Aruba has been writing a series of posts introducing many of the Security Field Day delegates. This time, he’s talking with Christopher Kusek. They discuss how he got his start in security, his best tips for business and personal security, and his favorite security memes.

Meet the Security Field Day Delegates: Paul Snyder

In preparation for their presentation at Security Field Day next week, Aruba’s Jamie Easley wrote up a post to get to know one of the delegates for the event, Paul Snyder. They discussed how Paul got into IT security, what the industry can do to attract more security professionals, and what are some of the overlooked security issues in modern enterprises.

Meet the Security Field Day Delegates: Ethan Banks

Ahead of their presentation at Security Field Day in December, Aruba’s Jamie Easley sat down for an interview with delegate Ethan Banks. Ethan is no stranger to the Field Day event series, but we’re excited to have him along for our inaugural Security Field Day. In the interview, they discuss what is new with Packet Pushers, the role of AI in security, and favorite memes.

The Need for Security Field Day

The Tech Field Day event series has always tried to present a comprehensive view of enterprise IT. Our more specialized Field Day events were created to provider a deeper dive into the most important areas. We started with IT mainstays like storage and networking, but in recent years have added cloud and mobility-focused events to the calendar as those have become vital to modern IT. In 2018, we’re launching Security Field Day. Tom Hollingsworth makes the case why this has never been more vital in this post.

Jack Daniel and Tom Hollingsworth Discuss Community and Security

Be sure to checkout this conversation between security researcher Jack Daniel and our own Tom Hollingsworth. They discussed the importance and challenges of building communities within the security field. They also discussed the inaugural Security Field Day event coming up this December.