XFD10: Digital Twin Powers Unite to Secure Your Network With Forward Networks

Matt Tyrer writes about Forward Networks digital twin technology, which he learned about at Security Field Day 10. This unique strategy enhances data security by allowing network environments to be audited and secured digitally. The platform creates a fully operational digital copy of a network, enabling risk-free experimentation and validation to identify vulnerabilities and ensure network integrity across various infrastructures, including cloud and multi-cloud. Forward Networks’ digital twin solution emphasizes its capability to improve network security without direct live-environment intervention, providing a safe modeling space for administrators to proactively manage and secure their network landscapes.

XFD10: Druva Simplifies Data Security and Cyber Resilience With Their Data Resiliency Cloud

Druva’s presentation at Security Field Day 10 showcased the Data Resiliency Cloud’s comprehensive approach to securing workloads across various environments, emphasizing autonomous protection, rapid response, and guaranteed recovery, as discussed in this article by Matt Tyrer. By integrating multiple services into a seamless experience, Druva’s solution was demonstrated to be secure by design, offering a suite of always-on features such as immutability and anomaly detection, enhancing cyber resilience. Highlighting their unique features like Deletion Prevention and Curated Recovery, Druva positioned themselves as a versatile and proactive choice in the ever-important field of data security.

Security Field Day With Forward Networks

At Security Field Day 10, Chris Hayner was impressed by Forward Networks and their digital twin technology, which offers comprehensive network visibility and security. The digital twin concept, which is not a new but increasingly essential tool in cybersecurity, is leveraged by Forward Networks to create a highly detailed network model allowing for in-depth analysis and proactive threat mitigation. The platform’s potency lies in its ability to model complex network changes over time, support security compliance efforts, and give IT teams an in-depth look at potential breach points and network vulnerabilities.

Finding Security Exposures and Risks From Network Data With Forward Networks

Sulagna Saha describes the blueprint of a successful security program, and explains how the Forward Networks platform can help build it. The platform collects information from far and wide in the network that is rich in security intelligence. If harvested, it can be the key to optimizing organizational security postures. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo here at the Tech Field Day website.

Durable Defense and Rapid Restoration With Druva Security

Sulagna Saha reviews the ransomware protection and recovery capabilities of the Druva platform. Increasingly, sophisticated ransomware attacks are hitting organizations. Druva helps companies combat threats with real-time detection and fast response. Read about the solution at Gestalt IT or watch the demo on the Tech Field Day website.

Security Field Day 10- Forward Networks- Double Trouble for Network Security!

Forward Networks presented their Network Digital Twin technology at Security Field Day, impressing Girard Kavelines. According to Girard, the solution excels in processing and analyzing every possible network scenario, creating a detailed replica of an organization’s entire infrastructure to identify and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. The post highly recommends viewing Forward Networks’ presentation from the event for its integrative capabilities and efficient threat remediation.

DXPRS0048: Security Field Day 10 Mit Viel Chichi Und Wenig Substanz

In the latest episode of Data Disrupted, Kerstin Stief shares her experience with Security Field Day for a German-speaking audience.

Security Field Day 10- Event Preview

Girard Kavelines previews Security Field Day in this post, expressing excitement for gaining new insights into the security industry and hearing about new solutions. He highlights presentations from Druva and Forward Networks, expecting learning about different approaches to protecting data and predictive infrastructure behavior analysis.

Setting a Foundation for Security With Security Field Day 10

Tom Hollingsworth announces Security Field Day 10, a virtual event on November 8, which will showcase presentations from Forward Networks and Druva. Forward Networks will introduce their innovative platform that efficiently diagnoses and remediates issues, while Druva will discuss their latest technological advances in data protection. The event will be live-streamed on LinkedIn and posted to YouTube!