Cisco Tetration Helps Keep Security From Getting Left Behind

Most technology companies are simultaneously dealing with two competing priorities: the need to move quickly in development and the need ensure to your projects are completely secure. Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says that the Cisco Tetration analytics platform can help you do both by helping creating and enforcing policy for app developers. Check out Tom’s thoughts on Cisco’s Tetration offering and how to “shift left” in your organization on the website.

Security Field Day 4 – A Quick Virtual Hit of Security

It was great to have delegate Ed Horley back at Security Field Day earlier this year! On his blog, Ed previews his participation in Security Field Day including Cisco’s presentation. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website for all the videos from Cisco’s presentations!

Security Field Day 4 – Cisco Security Update – Tetration All the Things

Cisco’s Tetration, a hybrid-cloud workload protection platform that was showcased at Security Field Day 4 caught the attention of Ed Horley. Ed is a Security Field Day 4 delegate, co-chair of the California IPv6 Task Force, author, and blogger. His honest analysis of the system raises some interesting questions about Tetration. We are interested to see further developments from Cisco on its platform.

XFD4 – Cisco Tetration

Remi Philippe, Rob Tappenden, and Tim Garner of Cisco revealed the secrets behind their Tetration holistic workload protection for multicloud datacenters during their presentation at Security Field Day 4. Michael Davis delves deeper into their presentation and investigates how it really works, and provides value to organizations.