Network Analysis Tools: Intelligent Data Collectors

Kerstin Stief of the data://disrupted podcast details networking updates from the Nuvas Summer Party in Munich. This piece from Medium contains all of the breakdowns of the intriguing technologies displayed at the event. Check it out for more info!

How VMware’s SASE Secures Work From Anywhere

This post notes upon the difficulty of securing employees that work from anywhere compared to traditional networking models and how VMware’s SASE product can help address the issue. The product, which VMware presented at March’s Security Field Day event, works by smartly routing traffic between cloud and on-premises resources as if it were all happening within the traditional data center. Read on for more information about how VMware describes the product, or watch their presentation to hear it in their own words.

How Juniper Networks Is Using AI to Streamline Risk Assessment

Juniper Network’s ATP Cloud, which they presented at March’s Security Field Day event, leverages Mist AI to compile security data and identify potential risks. This piece breaks down their presentation on the product, including an example of the product in action. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch all of Juniper’s presentation for an even deeper technical dive into ATP Cloud.

Tackling Distributed Data Center Security With Software-Driven Firewalls by VMware

VMware appeared at May’s Security Field Day event to present their NSX firewall product. This coverage post examines what NSX is, what it does, and what it means for the industry. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch VMware’s NSX presentation for even more technical information.

Solving the Mysteries of Security With Kemp

What’s the difference between a puzzle and a mystery, and how does that relate to security? Well, at March’s Security Field Day event, Kemp Technologies answered both of those questions, proffering their Flowmon product as a method for providing the necessary information to solve the mysteries of security in a single pane of glass. Read this post to learn more about their presentation, and be sure to watch the presentation itself for even more technical information.

Streamlining Zero Trust Security With Hashicorp

This piece addresses Hashicorp and their Security Field Day appearance in March. At the event, Hashicorp detailed three tools, Vault, Consul, and Boundary, which, when used together with an identity solution like SSO, build a solid basis for a zero-trust approach to security for enterprises. Learn what each of the three tools can do here, and be sure to watch them all in action in Hashicorp’s Security Field Day presentation.

In Search of the Network Edge

Dr. Avril Salter details her experience as a delegate at March’s Security Field Day event, specifically her takes from the presentation of VMware, in this article. Her overview hones in on VMware’s Point of Presence (PoPs) solution, and how organizations can use the product to extend powerful compute capabilities to the far-reaching edges of their network. Read on to hear her overall opinions towards VMware PoPs, and be sure to watch VMware’s Security Field Day presentation to learn more about their product.

Data://express 0002: Cloudfest 2021 Und Security Field Days 5

This episode of the German data://disrupted podcast features Wolfgang Stief, who shares his experiences from watching Security Field Day in late March. In the show, Stief details the changing of the security status quo around common network features like SSDs, HDDs, firewalls, and more. Once you’re done listening, be sure to check out the entirety of the Security Field Day event Stief attended to hear more from the companies that presented.

Three Wow Moments at Security Field Day #5

After attending Security Field Day 5 as a delegate, Dr. Avril Salter found herself particularly impressed with three of the presenters from the event. On her LinkedIn, Dr. Salter writes about her “wow moments” from the event including HashiCorp’s Consul product facilitating the automation of service discovery, Juniper’s use of ATP and Mist AI to identify and handle security threats, and how Kemp’s users of Flowman can look back over stored data to determine if they’ve been compromised. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Dr. Salter’s thoughts as well as the presentations that she wrote about on the Tech Field Day website!

Presenters React to Security Field Day

With another successful Security Field Day event in the books, it’s always important to look back at what was top of mind for the presenters during the event. We focus on the slides and the questions and the way that everything looks on the published videos. However, there is more to Tech Field Day than just Powerpoint and presentation skills. Check out this video to see what the presenters think about the other parts of the Field Day experience that matter.

Security Field Day 5: All About SASE and Secure Access

VMware joined us at our Security Field Day event last month! During the presentation, they covered VMware SASE, a VMware Secure Access use case, and a VMware Secure Access demo. Kelsi Cooke explains in this blog that SASE and how cloud-based security can solve real problems for companies and their employees is one of their favorite topics to cover. Head over to the VMware website for more information on SASE and how it is helping those working from home.

Security Field Day 5

Ben Story has joined us as a delegate for Security Field Day this month! You can follow the conversation on Twitter with #XFD5, including tweets from Ben himself. Be sure to also watch the videos from the event on the Tech Field Day website!

Security Field Day 5

Security Field Day is next week and Al Rasheed will be joining us as a delegate. While it’s not his first time as a Field Day delegate, it will be his first time being a delegate for Security Field Day! Al’s looking forward to the event and so are we! Be sure to tune in on March 23-25, 2021 to see Al and his fellow delegates in action as they interact with the presenting companies and learn along with them. You can also join in on the conversation and share your thoughts using #XFD5 on Twitter. For more details, visit the Tech Field Day website!

Security Field Day Is Back March 23-25, 2021

Security Field Day is coming back! Join us March 23-25, 2021 to see the exciting lineup of presentations and experts from the security community. You can also use #XFD5 on Twitter to join the conversation, and for more about the upcoming Security Field Day, check out this video and post from Tom Hollingsworth on