Rethinking Search With Cribl

Cribl Search is a federated query engine designed to integrate datasets, with a focus on security. In this article for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth discusses Cribl’s unique approach to data processing that combines observability and security. With insights into the latest developments in search technology, this article is an essential read for IT professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Cribl: A Refreshing Approach to Product – XFD8

After attending Cribl’s presentation at Security Field Day in November, Vince Schuele thinks Cribl’s customer first approach is a “refreshing way to provide training, resources, and product information.” Read his thoughts on the IP Architechs website.

Security Field Day 2022: Cribl Presents

Nick Heudecker presented at Security Field Day in November and this article from the Cribl blog summarizes that presentation. Cribl Stream, Edge, and Search help companies deal with data volumes, tool sprawl, and staffing challenges. Read his summary and watch the Cribl Field Day presentations to learn more.

Micron Authenta: A Safety Seal for the Digital Age

Brian Knudtson reviewed Micron’s Authenta, which provides automatic, silicon-level integrity for a zero trust architecture. This article on Gestalt IT, sponsored by Micron, provides a review of Authenta following their presentation at Security Field Day in November 2022. Learn more about Micron Authenta by reading Brian’s article and watch their presentation videos on the Tech Field Day website!

FortiReady- Securing the Future One Solution at a Time

Girard Kavelines tuned in live for the Fortinet presentation at this past Security Field Day, now he is sharing his thoughts on his personal blog. He goes into detail on both the FortiRecon and FortiDeceptor technologies that are changing the game in the way we detect, respond, and remediate multiple threats! If you want to learn more from Girard about Fortinet’s newest platforms, check out his article here!

Preventing a Secret Sprawl With HashiCorp’s Vault

Sulagna Saha reviews HashiCorp’s Vault, a secrets management solution designed with a zero-trust architecture. Vault secures sensitive credentials aka secrets in the environment, making sure all accesses are secure and authorized. Read her review on the Gestalt IT website, or check out in-depth presentations on Vault by HashiCorp on the Tech Field Day website.

The Road to SecOps Automation With Swimlane

Sulagna Saha discusses Swimlane’s Security Automation Maturity Model. This newly launched framework helps organizations measure the maturity level of their security operations and pave the path to security automation with a detailed five-stage program. Check out the article to read her review of the model. To watch the presentation recorded live at the latest Security Field Day event, be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website.

Querying Observability Data at Edge With Cribl Search

Sulagna Saha discusses the newly launched Cribl Search – a search function available to users on Cribl Cloud. Cribl Search reimagines the conventional search process by allowing administrators to search observability data at the edge. To read her thoughts, check out the article on the Gestalt IT website. For a complete demo of Cribl Search, be sure to watch the Cribl presentations from the recent Security Field Day on the Tech Field Day website.

Securing IoT Devices Silicon to Cloud With Micron’s Authenta

Sulagna Saha, writing for Gestalt IT, talks about Micron’s Authenta, a solution that provides hardware-based protection for IoT solutions from inception to the end of their lifecycle. Authenta is designed to keep IoT devices safe from notorious supply chain attacks in their journey from the factory to the cloud. Read her thoughts on the Gestalt IT website, and for a deep dive into the technology, make sure to watch Micron’s presentations at the recent Security Field Day event.

Breaking the Cyber Kill Chain With Fortinet

FortiRecon; “an indispensable item to have in the security tool kit”, says Sulagna Saha in her most recent article on the Gestalt IT website! She talks about Fortinet’s FortiRecon solution that was recently presented at November’s Security Field Day. This solution is designed to help organizations obstruct threat actors at the pre-attack stage and will help break the attack sequence in the early cycle if they are already inside. To hear more about FortiRecon, check out Sulagna’s thought on the Gestalt IT website!

XFD8 Prologue

Michael Davis is attending Security Field Day this week and shared his excitement about the event in general as well as his thoughts on two of the presenters. He’s particularly interested in Cribl and Swimlane, and it will be interesting to read his thoughts on them post-event.

Safe, Sound, and Secure With Security Field Day 8!

Tom Hollingsworth gives the rundown on the upcoming Security Field Day event. The Security Field Day event will see presentations from Fortinet, Micron, HashiCorp, Swimlane and Cribl. Follow along on the Tech Field Day website as well as the Security Field Day event page.