Does Storage Matter in AI Inferencing? What About the SSD?

Keith Townsend reacts to Solidigm’s presentation at AI Field Day, considering the role of storage systems in AI inferencing and the impact of SSD selection on AI system design. This video underscores the significance of considering storage performance and reliability when devising robust AI inferencing architectures. Solidigm’s discussion reflected a deeper industry focus on the intricate relationship between storage solutions and AI capabilities, suggesting that the choice of SSDs could be a pivotal factor in optimizing AI inferencing operations.

You Need to Check Out Mobility Field Day 7

In his latest YouTube video, Rowell Dionicio, a Field Day delegate, gives us a brief over cap of the most recent Mobility Field Day. Check it out here!

TECHunplugged Videocast: Cloud Filed Day 9 Part 1

Veteran Field Day delegate Arjan Timmerman virtually attended Cloud Field Day earlier this month and had the chance to see a fantastic lineup of presenters. As we headed into event week, Arjan was looking forward to the presentations and previewed each of the presenting companies on his TECHunplugged videocast! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Arjan’s preview on YouTube as well as all the presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website!

Pure Storage at #TFDx #VMworld

Ned Bellavance has been acquainted with Pure Storage for a while and has always been impressed with their product capabilities. He had the chance to see them at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld and talks about their presentations on his Daily Check-In video on YouTube. Ned says that Pure Storage has taken a step up with FlashStack by adding extra functionality that might have been missing in previous VCF deployments. He also analyses Pure Storage’s acquisition of Portworx and how it has brought more capabilities to their company as a whole. Be sure to watch Ned’s Daily Check-In and the Pure Storage presentations on our website.


Daily Check-In for May 4, 2020

Ned Bellavance has been checking in on his YouTube channel every weekday at 11am ET while we’re all working from home, and he recently talked about what he saw from OpenShift at Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat. He focuses on OpenShift Cluster Manager, which can be used as a SaaS service or deployed on-prem. He looks at how this fits into typical organizational uses of Kubernetes, where organizations might run into problems, and some of the advanced features available to on-prem deployments.

(32) Daily Check-In for April 30, 2020

Ned Bellavance has been doing daily video check-ins while sheltering in place, and in this video he provides his thoughts on Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat. He was a delegate at the virtual event, and was impressed by both the breadth of talent and tech shown at the event. The overall focus was on OpenShift. In the video, Ned breaks down some of the major updates, why Red Hat pivoted OpenShift to Kubernetes, and what the implications are for IT and organizations.

OpenShift TFDx Hot Take – What’s the Tipping Point for K8s?

To date, Keith Townsend hasn’t felt comfortable recommending OpenShift and Kubernetes to the typical enterprise he consults with. He got to get extensive time with the OpenShift team during our recent Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat, and finally got the firm response that he wanted the OpenShift is a PaaS solution in addition to a managed Kubernetes offering. Keith is still a Kubernetes skeptic, he still hasn’t heard the problem that Kubernetes has uniquely solved. But the clarification about OpenShift was well worth it for Keith.

Coming Together During COVID-19, With Stephen Foskett of Gestalt IT

Tech Field Day founder and organizer Stephen Foskett appeared on Live Now to discuss how technology companies and events are adapting to the current COVID-19 self-isolating landscape. He finds the industry is dividing into two camps: those that are scaling back on events and other efforts as they get up to speed, and other that are already used to working remotely and operating at full speed. It’s an interesting discussion in how IT as a whole is reacting to this unprecedented situation.

vSphere 7 and Kubernetes – Should Customers Wait?

On this video from Keith Townsend, he talks with CTO Dose co-host Joep Piscaer about vSphere 7 and his impressions of the Kubernetes integration. Project Tanzu Grid is the updated branding for Project Pacific. They break down if VMware’s initial release lived up to the not inconsiderable hype. They also discuss if customers should be quick to latch onto Tanzu, or wait for further development. Watch as Keith and Joep recap their impressions from VMware’s Tech Field Day presentation.

Hot Take Zerto 8.0 Tech Field Day 21

Keith Townsend recently made a video looking at what Zerto presented at Tech Field Day. In it, he focuses on how Zerto can help solve a common anxiety when testing disaster recovery, contaminating production data with DR and then having to roll back. Their platform introduces a logging feature, which replicates the whole VM state. With the configuration tools built into the feature, it makes it really powerful to keep the application state consistent. This logging feature also allows for the logs to provide extremely granular visibility for data protection. Be sure to check out Keith’s video to get his full hot take, then dive into their presentation video.

Google Cloud VMware Engine – Hot Take

The former CloudSimple team presented at Tech Field Day 21 on the recently rebranded Google Cloud VMware Engine (GVE). What is it? How is it different than VMware Cloud on AWS? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Keith Townsend got to learn all about it during our recent virtual Tech Field Day event. While not going into competitive solutions specifically, they did outline how GVE differentiates in the landscape. This takes the VMware Cloud Foundation based, which allows any cloud provider to take any VMware components to offer a managed VCS service. Google of course offers their considerable scale on top of this. Keith breaks down how this compares to the other major public clouds.

vSphere Kubernetes Hot Take

Keith Townsend got to hear from VMware at Tech Field Day, where they packed a lot of information into a four hour session. Part of the presentation that surprised him was the Kubernetes integration into vSphere. This didn’t take the approach that Keith had thought when it was originally announced. Instead it comes as an extension of VMware Cloud Foundation, providing the ability to run a SDDC reference design across any environment. His biggest question with this is using VSAN as the management platform for Kubernetes. It’s an intriguing breakdown of the presentation, and Keith can’t wait to get some more focused deep dive sessions from VMware soon.

NGINX on a Floppy

The humble floppy disk hasn’t been relevant for a few decades, but that didn’t stop NGINX from grabbing some dongles and showing off what they can do with 1.4MB of storage. They were able to run a web server, reverse proxy, load balancer, and content cache off the disk. If you want to see what they had in store for the Cloud Field Day delegates, be sure to check out the full edited video of their presentation.

Mark Your Calendars: Mobility Field Day 3

In this video, Rowell Dionicio discusses coming back for his third Mobility Field Day. He discusses what he expects to hear from each of the presenters, including Arista, who recently acquired previous presenter Mojo Networks. There are a lot of new faces on the delegate side, and Rowell is looking forward to the discussions and perspectives that they will bring.

Policy Control with WxLAN, PPSK, and Personal WLANs

Robert Boardman and the Wi-Fi of Everything crew talk to Mist Systems. In this video, they look at how the company integrated sophisticated policy controls into their wireless products.

Dynamic Packet Capture For Simpler Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Robert Boardman and the Wi-Fi of Everything crew talk with Mist Systems and look at how their dynamic packet capture can ease troubleshooting. This allows an engineer to follow a given client across access points.

vBLE Implementations with Bob Friday of Mist Systems

Robert Boardman and the crew at WiFi of Everything recorded an interview with Mist Systems co-founder and CTO Bob Friday. They discuss vBLE, and get a live demo of their beacons in use in the Mist Systems offices.

Datacore Tech Field Day 15 Reap

The CTO Advisor, Keith Townsend, put together a full video recap series looking back at Tech Field Day presenters from last month. In his final video, he looks at DataCore Software, who debuted their MaxParallel for SQL Server at the event.

Riverbed Tech Field Day 15 Recap

In his video recaps of last month’s Tech Field Day, Keith Townsend looks at what Riverbed presented. He came away impressed by their solution to project VMs to remote sites.