Discovering Zerto’s Cyber Resilience Vault

During Security Field Day, Max Mortillaro learned about Zerto’s latest ransomware resilience advancements, including the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault—which showcases their long-standing expertise in continuous data protection (CDP) for virtual environments. Zerto, now under Hewlett Packard Enterprise, brings fine-grained recovery orchestration and air-gapped vault capabilities that integrate with HPE’s advanced storage systems for fortified cyber resilience. As organizations navigate evolving security requirements and potential shifts away from traditional VMware infrastructure due to licensing changes, Zerto’s solution offers a compelling approach to safeguarding data amidst these challenges. Read more in this post for TECHunplugged!

Taking Security Seriously at Security Field Day 11

Mark your calendars for Wednesday and Thursday, April 10 and 11, and join Tech Field Day for Security Field Day, featuring industry leaders Aryaka, Index Engines, Zerto, and Palo Alto Networks. The event kicks off with Aryaka’s presentation on their SASE-as-a-Service, followed by Zerto discussing ransomware prevention, and Palo Alto Networks on Data Security Posture Management. On Thursday we have Index Engines unveiling their newest CyberSense capabilities. Tune in for the live event on LinkedIn and check out the Tech Field Day YouTube channel for on-demand replays.

Preventing Attack Escalation With Real-Time Encryption Detection in the New Zerto 10

Ransomware has eluded real-time detection a long time. That is about to change. Zerto is introducing real-time encryption anomaly detection in Zerto 10. The new Zerto 10 solution reinforces its capabilities with real-time encryption detection, a cyber resilience vault, secure appliance, and protection for Azure at scale. Zerto 10’s real-time detection continuously scans and searches for signs of encryption, empowering organizations to swiftly discover and take action against ransomware threats. Read how Zerto’s new real-time capabilities enhance ransomware resilience and help contain blast radius, at Gestalt IT. Also catch the solution demo on the website.

Day Two Cloud 198: Modern Cloud Design Themes From CFD 17

Day Two Cloud’s Ned Bellavance, Ethan Banks, and Michael Levan highlight some key design themes at Cloud Field Day 17, hosted by Tech Field Day. These themes include platform engineering, data protection, disaster recovery, and the co-existence of old and new technologies in modern IT. Kubernetes’ growing status as the default platform choice was mentioned. Backup and disaster recovery solutions by HYCU, Zerto, and others bridge the gap between on-prem and cloud environments. Listen to this episode to learn more!

The Algorithm Made Me Do It: Cloud Field Day 17 Wrap-Up – Chaos Lever [EP61]

Ned Bellavance attended Cloud Field Day 17 in Boston and discussed the event with Chris Hayner on the Chaos Lever podcast. HYCU focuses on cloud backup and recovery and built a cloud-native backend and provide native backup solutions for AWS, Azure, and GCP with a marketplace and a development kit for SAS vendors to create backup solutions. RackN showcased their software platform, Digital Rebar, which simplifies working with on-premises hardware and bare metal servers and automates provisioning and configuration tasks for private clouds. Couchbase, a database-as-a-service company, utilizes native cloud constructs and offers secure private and public connection endpoints for database tenants. The event also emphasized the significance of VMware, the reality of multi-cloud environments, and the emerging trends of platform engineering and internal developer portals.

Cloud Field Day 17 Recap

Michael Levan gives an overview of Cloud Field Day 17, which included several innovative platforms useful for cloud computing and modernization. Platforms like HYCU, Morpheus Data, and RackN offer self-service and integration to aid in orchestration and provide better support. Zerto is a comprehensive VMware-based platform with backups based on detection and real-time alerting; Couchbase offers a vendor-agnostic NoSQL solution for cost optimization, and JetStream Software is an essential Disaster Recovery tool.

Zerto at Cloud Field Day 17

In this article, Eric Wright reacts to the Zerto presentation from Cloud Field Day 17. Zerto has launched version 10 of their platform which introduces several new features following their focus on ransomware resilience solutions. The product offers real-time discovery capabilities, a visualization tool named Zerto Analytics, a REST API documented with Swagger for interoperability, and a Vault to protect and store the company’s objects from ransomware threats, among many other functions. Zerto 10 is ideal for enterprises with significant VMware estates, as it tackles orchestration and automation to deliver self-service and manage hybrid clouds and modernize applications.

Elevate Your Cloud Knowledge at Cloud Field Day 17

Cloud Field Day 17 takes place May 31 and June 1, 2023, providing an in-depth look at the future of cloud technology. With a focus on the modern enterprise cloud, the event will explore the latest developments in cyber security, platform operations, data protection, and true integration. Join HYCU, Morpheus Data, RackN, Zerto, JetStream, and Couchbase as they delve into their cutting-edge approaches, with all sessions broadcast live on LinkedIn and recordings available on YouTube, promoting engagement and ongoing educational opportunities for all.

Cloud Field Day 14 – Event Details and Summary

Chris Hayner attended the most recent Cloud Field Day as a delegate! He now gives us a summary of each presentation along with the wide range of use cases that were displayed. Check out here what Chris thought of at this past Cloud Field Day and why multi-cloud is inevitable.

Continuous Data Protection Across Hybrid Multi-Cloud With Zerto

At the most recent Cloud Field Day, Zerto presented on their data protection capabilities in Zerto Cloud Management. Sulagna Saha goes into detail on how this platform delivers enterprises continuous data protection against ransomware breaches and disaster recovery. Check out her thoughts on the Gestalt IT website!

ML Commons Unveils MLPerf Training V2.0 | Gestalt IT Rundown: June 29, 2022

On the latest Gestalt IT Rundown, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Stephen Foskett where they dive into the newly released ML Commons MLPerf Training v2.0 results. This benchmark suite measures how fast systems can train models to a target quality metric. NVIDIA, Intel Habana, Google, and Graphcore all submitted at least partial results. How do we make sense of all this ML training hardware? Head to for shownotes.

An Introduction to Cloud Field Day 14

Craig Rodgers will be attending June’s Cloud Field Day as a delegate. In this post, he gives a quick insight to who is presenting at Cloud Field Day and what he is looking forward to the most. Check out his thoughts here!

Preparing for CloudFieldDay 14

Lino Telera, a Field Day delegate, will be attending this June’s Cloud Field Day. In this post he gives an overview of each company that will be presenting and which he is looking forward to seeing the most. Take a look at what he has to say!

Cloud Field Day 11 – Day 2-3 Highlights

Lino Telera details his takeaways from his time as a delegate at June’s Cloud Field Day event in this post. Specifically, he covers the presentations by NGINX, Zerto, Pliops, Kasten by Veeam, and Intel. Check out the full post for Telera’s entire breakdown.

Creating a Zerto Virtual Protection Group

Al Rasheed gives a step-by-step breakdown of the process of creating a virtual protection group in the Zerto product. Complete with screenshots, the piece covers the entire process, making it fairly straightforward. Read on for the whole process.

Unifying Cloud Data Management and Protection With Zerto

This blog covers the Cloud Field Day appearance by Zerto, who recently were acquired by HPE. During their presentation, Zerto discussed their cloud data management solution. Read on for a full breakdown, and be sure to watch their presentation for even more technical goodness.

US Government Strikes Down JEDI | Gestalt IT Rundown: July 07, 2021

This episode of the Gestalt IT Rundown covers the enterprise IT news for the week of July 7th, 2021. Top stories include the termination of the JEDI contract, the REvil ransomware attack on Kaseya, and more. Watch the video for all of the news.

Zerto Showcases Mature Data Protection Capabilities; HPE Welcomes Zerto to GreenLake Collective

Max Mortillaro discusses his time watching Zerto’s Cloud Field Day presentation as a delegate in this piece. He covers their value prop, their recent acquisition by HPE, and his overall opinions on Zerto’s products. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch Zerto’s recorded presentations for context.

How to Install Zerto’s Virtual Replication Package (V8.5U3P1) for VMware

This blog by Al Rasheed details the process of installing the Zerto virtual replication package on VMware. Zerto, who recently appeared at Cloud Field Day before becoming acquired by HPE, offers the replication package for free with a Zerto account. Read this piece to learn how to install it effectively.

HPE Acquires Zerto for $374 Million

This article by perennial Field Day delegate, Justin Warren, is from Forbes, detailing the recent acquisition of Zerto by HPE. Having just recently presented their offering at June’s Cloud Field Day event, the acquisition marks a bold future for Zerto and HPE. Read the whole article for details.