Ekahau Presents at Wireless Field Day 2

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Jussi Kiviniemi (Director, Product Marketing) and EJ Jackson (Global Tech Support Manager) of Ekahau presented at Wireless Tech Field Day 2 on Thursday, January 26, 2012. Watch the presentation below, and follow our WFD2 Links page for reactions and responses from the delegates!

Jussi and EJ demonstrated Ekahau’s wireless LAN tools, with an overview of Ekahau Site Survey capacity planning. Jussi also reveals the Mobile Survey application on Android. EJ demonstrated how to use Ekahau Site Survey and took questions from the audience.

EJ also gave a brief demonstration of Ekahau’s Wi-Fi Real Time Location System (RTLS). RTLS uses Wi-Fi and infrared beacons to locate tags with sub-1 meter accuracy, and integrates with Site Survey and Vision.

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