Xangati Presents at Virtualization Field Day 2

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Xangati presented at Virtualization Tech Field Day 2 on Thursday, February 23, 2012. Watch the presentation below, and follow our VFD2 Links page for reactions and responses from the delegates!

The presentation included the following Xangati personnel:

  • David Messina, VP Product Management
  • Jagan Jagannathan, CTO and Founder (@xagan)
  • Alan Robin, CEO (@alanlrobin)
  • Nathanael Iversen, Technical Marketing Director (@njiversen)
  • Steve Rodgers, Corporate Marketing (@steve888)
  • Kim Barsi, Public Relations (@XangatiPress)

Xangati Founder and CTO Jagan Jagannathan takes to the whiteboard to explain the company’s technology and explanation of virtualization performance management foundations. You might also like reading The Xangati Difference, which goes along with his presentation.

A live demonstration of the Xangati solution at Virtualization Field Day 2.

Xangati plays “Wait Wait… Don’t Blame Me!” by sharing real-world virtualization performance management stories.

See the Xangati web site for free software for use or evaluation:

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