NFD26: Juniper Adds Sophisticated MIST Functionality

After the recent Networking Field Day event, Dr. Pete Welcher wrapped up his thoughts about the presentations of Juniper Networks on LinkedIn. Welcher attended the event as a delegate, and crafted his opinions on Juniper after watching their presentation. Read the whole post to learn more!

The Spatial Streams Podcast: Episode 0024

This episode of the Spatial Streams podcast recaps the events of Mobility Field Day, which took place in July. The show features representatives from the NetAlly team, who made an appearance during the event. Listen for full information.

Taking Control Over the Network With Arista

In today’s networking operations, creating a consistent administrative experience backed by artificial intelligence makes the lives of networking engineers easier. Writing for Gestalt IT, Zach DeMeyer explains how Arista Networks is providing such an experience with their product portfolio, including the new Awake AI feature, all of which was displayed at September’s Networking Field Day event. Read on for more exciting innovations from Arista Networks!

Next-Generation Network Automation and Cloud Scale Routing With Arista Networks

Arista Networks is evolving their product portfolio by driving next-generation and more modernized network automation architectures. Jason Gintert had a front row seat as a delegate at last month’s Networking Field Day where Arista Networks presented how they are building large scale routing architectures with some unique and novel functionality. Continue reading Jason’s post for more innovation from Arista Networks!

Arrcus and the Vision for Application Acceleration

You may have heard recently on the Gestalt IT Rundown that Tech Field Day presenter Arrcus has a new CEO. Shekar Ayyar came over from VMware to lead the networking company into the next phase of their development. Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth explains the impressive growth of Arrcus! Read Tom’s post for more!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Rati Jokhadze

We are excited to welcome Rati Jokhadze as a delegate at the upcoming Security Field Day event in October! Rati is a CCIE Routing & Switching–certified service provider who has a fondness for data center fabrics and overlay architectures. Want to know more about Rati? Check out some fun facts here!

Cisco Innovates IoT Through Expanded Portfolio

Cisco is taking their best-in-class approach to networking into IoT, and the results are sure to improve any IoT environment. Zach DeMeyer, writing for Gestalt IT, expands on Cisco’s unique innovation into the field of IoT using a centralized dashboard called MONITOR. Read more into Cisco’s innovation from the latest Tech Field Day event!

Monitoring Apps in the Cloud With Avassa

Avassa’s approach to edge management gives nearly any IT organization full purview over their edge deployments at scale from the cloud. Writing for Gestalt IT, Zach DeMeyer lays out how such a capability is sure to enable faster, more effective edge deployments in the future. Check out Avassa’s latest product portfolio from Tech Field Day here!

Demonstrating End-To-End Visibility From Client to the Cloud

At Networking Field Day, Phil Gervasi represented Riverbed in their presentation. This piece is a disclosure of everything he presented. Read it, and learn more!

NetBeez 2021 Update

On his personal blog, NetCraftsmen, Dr. Pete Welcher presented his thoughts on NetBeez as a whole. This piece, which he penned shortly before attending NetBeez’s Networking Field Day appearance as a delegate, covers all of his takes on the company. Read the rest for all the goodness!

NFD26: NetBeez Update

On LinkedIn, Dr. Pete Welcher presented his thoughts on NetBeez’s new product updates in this piece. He describes all of their recent announcements, as well as their presentations from Networking Field Day, which he attended as a delegate. Read on for more info.

NFD26: Update on Two Cisco Fabric Automation Platforms

From LinkedIn, Dr. Pete Welcher writes about Cisco’s Networking Field Day appearance, which he attended as a delegate. There, he watched how they plan to improve networking fabric automation with two platforms designed to handle the task. Read the post to learn more.

Juniper to Focus on ‘Experience-First Networking’

Juniper Networks is doing some very cool things, and its application of AI into monitoring operations has been smartly done. Keith Ward tuned into the most recent Networking Field Day event where Juniper Networks presented their latest innovations. Read here for more from Keith!

Cloud or Die!

What was Kerstin Stief’s takeaways from her time as a delegate during Intel’s Networking Field Day presentations? This piece from the German data://disrupted outlet details her opinions gathered during the event. Read the piece for the full picture.

Kentik – Get Observability and Monitoring Under Control

After attending Kentik’s Networking Field Day presentation as a delegate, Ed Horley detailed his opinions on the matter in his HowFunky blog. Specifically, he calls out their network visibility product and how it affects IT organizations. Read the piece for more!

Pure Storage Portworx: Taking the Challenge Out of Kubernetes

Amidst launches and anniversaries, Pure Storage presented on updates to their Portworx product at Tech Field Day in September. What new and exciting K8s capabilities are available from the cloud-forward storage solution? Read this piece to find out.

Xilinx SmartNICs for the Enterprise Data Center

At September’s Tech Field Day event, Xilinx presented their answer to growing concerns of data center performance: SmartNICs. These intelligent, reprogrammable chips make it easy to streamline operations by offloading compute resources from CPUs. Read the piece for a full rundown.

Upstack Your Thinking – With APIClarity

Justin Cohen of Can I Tech It? digs into the recent app release by Cisco: APIClarity. The tool keeps tabs on your microservices’ API calls, and is free on Github. Don’t forget to reach the end of the piece for a great demo of the tool!

Briefings in Brief 102: ZPE Systems Melds Universal CPE With Out-Of-Band Management

The Packet Pushers take on the Networking Field Day presentations by ZPE Systems in this podcast episode. Specifically, Drew Conry-Murray and Ed Horley attended the event as delegates, and use their experiences there to guide the conversation on ZTE. Take a listen to learn more!

Ep 63 – NFD26 – the Art of Network Engineering

Looking for a fun and interactive discussion about what happened at last month’s Networking Field Day? Check out the latest podcast from delegates; A.J. Murray and Tim Bertino and guests Dan and Andy, as they converse about the presentations from Arista Networks, PathSolutions, Juniper Networks, Kentik, ZPE Systems and lastly, NetBeez. Tune into their channel for more!