Aruba SD-Branch – Evolution

Aruba is a familiar face at Networking Field Day, and at our most recent event thye did a deep dive into their latest with SD-Branch. In this post, Ed Horley breaks down how it offers a unified interface and flexible configuration to appeal to a lot of organizations.

CommvaultGo 2019 Hot Take

Commvault announced a SaaS backup solution (Metallic) and went into a little detail about the acquisition of software-defined storage company Hedvig during Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019. Keith Townsend shares his impressions of the keynote in this video.

Aruba’s SD-Branch Part #1: Solution Components

Remington Loose got to hear from Aruba as a delegate at Networking Field Day. They went into details about the latest for their SD-Branch offering, something that Remington wasn’t too familiar with it. From their basic summation that SD-Branch= SD-WAN + SD-LAN, Remington digs into the technical details about what makes it stand out.

Stephen Foskett Gets the Latest News From Commvault at Commvault GO 2019

Stephen Foskett is interviewing Commvault management to learn the latest news at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019 in Denver. Commvault recently acquired Hedvig, a software-defined storage company, and is enhancing its backup offerings with this highly-integrated, scalable storage solution. The company also announced Metallic, a new software-as-a-service offering.

Why You Should Consider Software-Defined Storage in Your Data Center

Datacenter architectures must meet the changing needs of many applications, while also supporting demanding workloads today. Datera’s design focuses on data movement, to allow flexibility for growth as requirements change. It uses commodity hardware and machine learning to create an optimal and cost-effective storage platform for the modern datacenter. Stephen Foskett breaks down their approach based on Datera’s presentations at Storage Field Day and Tech Field Day.

Pure Accelerate: Cloud Block Service

Keith Townsend, The CTO Advisor, attended Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate 2019 and in this post, he analyzes their latest solution, Cloud Block Service.

Commvault Breaking the Storage Laws

For Keith Townsend, Commvault’s acquisition of Hedvig signals that they may be breaking one of the cardinal rules of storage. Commvault may be thought of traditionally as a backup company, but Keith makes the argument that the acquisition proves they want to move beyond the aspirations of secondary storage. Be sure to check out all of the video coverage from our Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019 and decide for yourself!

NGINX: Deliver All the Things…

Adam Fisher is working on a blog series focused on modern application delivery, with NGINX offering a lot of solutions in that area. As a delegate at Cloud Field Day, he got to hear from the company directly, providing vital background for the series. Be sure to check out their video coverage to get up to speed for the rest of Adam’s blog posts on it.

Pure//Accelerate 2019 – Cloud Block Store for AWS

One of the big announcements at Pure Accelerate this year was Cloud Block Store for AWS. Dan Frith was at the event as part of Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate, and got even more access, with technical deep dive presentations. He writes up his thoughts on Cloud Block Store in this post.

Cloud Field Day–

Joey D’Antoni definitely got a lot out of Cloud Field Day, and we’ve loved seeing his write ups about the presentations. In this post, he turns his gaze to They provide a modern API gateway that securely bridges modern applications like Lamba or Azure functions to both monolithic applications as well as modern databases running in Kubernetes pods.

My Thoughts on Networking Field Day 21

A.J. Murray got to experience the super sized event that was Networking Field Day. This saw an incredible array of companies presenting to our delegates over the course of four days. In this post, he shares his thoughts about each of the presentations. Remember, if you’ve ever wondered how you can become a delegate, we have a sign-up form right on the website. Join us at our next event!

Network Sausage Automation

Josh Warcop creates perhaps the most delicious metaphor to talk about networking in this post. Using sausage (yes, sausage) as his framing device, he looks at how both have a rather broad definition, why automation is like buying from the grocery store, and why there are so many variations. We’re glad Networking Field Day could inspire such a scrumptious piece of writing.

Who Is Network to Code @ Networking Field Day 21

There’s probably no hotter topic in networking right now than automation. At Networking Field Day, we got to hear the debut presentation by Network to Code and see what solutions they offer in the area. This post helps to introduce the company’s overall mission, be sure to check it out before diving into the video coverage.

All-In on AI With Mist and Juniper

How will AI impact the future of administration of networks? Following his presentation at Mobility Field Day, Tom Hollingsworth sits down with Bob Friday of Mist, A Juniper Company, to discuss how software is going to change the tasks we do in our daily work.

NFD21 – NetBox Automation Integrations

Network to Code presented at their first Networking Field Day event this fall, and they packed a lot of interesting content into their time. In this post, they dig into their Netbox solution and its role as a robust source of truth within a network automation framework. If you didn’t catch their presentation live, be sure to watch the entire video from the event!

Spicing Things Up With Tech Field Day 20!

Jon Klaus will be joining us for Tech Field Day 20. We couldn’t think of a better way to help celebrate the 10th birthday of the event! In this post, Jon talks about getting back in touch with the larger Field Day family, and previews what he expects to see at the event.

Data-As-A-Service by Hammerspace

Hammerspace returned to Cloud Field Day to show more details about their Data-as-a-Service offering to the delegates. Rita Younger was definitely impressed by their solution, which offers a true software-defined data management approach that lets organizations abstract data from the infrastructure that serves it up. It has some interesting implications which Rita details in her piece.

WLAN Toolmakers Are Going All in on the Cloud

In this post, Lee Badman looks at how the WLAN industry is embracing the cloud. He saw no better example of that than what he saw from MetaGeek and NetAlly at Mobility Field Day. Both companies are proving that adding in cloud capabilities can add real value to customers. To get the full analysis, be sure to check out Lee’s piece.

Sysdig Converges Monitoring and Security

Joep Piscaer heard from Sysdig at Cloud Field Day this past spring. In this post, he uses that presentation to consider how we evaluate application health, and how Sysdig helps companies solve the cloud-native visibility gap.

Network Neighborhood: Corporate Communications and the IT Community With Dana Iskoldski

In this episode of Network Neighborhood, Ethan Banks talks with Dana Iskoldski, Corporate Communications Manager at BlueCat Networks. Ethan heard extensively from BlueCat at Networking Field Day last year. This time they dive deep into the role of corporate communications in tech.