Simplifying Data Center Interconnect With 128 Technology

During Networking Field Day Exclusive with 128 Technology, the delegates heard how the company solves the data center interconnection problem by leveraging secure vector routing and a management overlay called the 128T Conductor. In this post, Phil Gervasi looks at how this differs from traditional SD-WAN approaches, and what makes 128 Technology’s approach to routing unique.

A New Way to Onboard

In this post, Scott Lester looks at Cisco’s OpenRoaming initiative as a way to make faster handoffs from LTE to public Wi-Fi without dropping called. Scott got to see an in depth presentation on this at Mobility Field Day, and get’s into the technical details in this post.

MetaGeek Introduces Its Latest WLAN Tool: The Wi-Spy Air

Lee Badman heard from MetaGeek while a delegate at Mobility Field Day in August. In this post, he looks at the company’s latest WLAN tool, Wi-Spy Air. This allows someone to turn an Android or iOS device into a fairly sophisticated wireless analysis tool. For Lee, this offers a great combination of using the great screen on a mobile device for display and visualization, while connecting over a lower power connection to the Wi-Spy Air itself. He has a full breakdown of features, be sure to check it out.

Welcoming netAlly

Many a Field Day event feature the mysterious Secret Company prior to the actual event. For Mobility Field Day, the Secret Company turned out to be netAlly, which was spun out of the network tooling division of Netscout. In this post Scott Lester introduces the new company, which combines a familiar management team with a strong product portfolio and history.

The Campus and Cloud-First

We were fortunate to have Keith Townsend as one of the delegates for Network Field Day Exclusive at 128-Technologies last month. In this post, he breaks down how what he saw at the event got him thinking about how does a cloud-first strategy impact your campus network design and operations. For Keith, a lot of the decision comes down to assessing your campus end-user compute needs.

vSoccer at VMworld 2019

VMworld US without vSoccer? It almost happened! Luckily Jorge Torres heard the calls of the community and is organizing the iconic sporting event for VMworld US 2019. They’ll be playing at the Beach Chalet soccer fields in San Francisco. The Tech Field Day staff is proud to support this great community building event!

Compose Your Next Infrastructure Masterpiece With Liqid

The overall promise of composable infrastructure is flexibility, and like many solutions the choice of vendor depends on how much you value simplicity vs. flexibility. Liqid is a providing a more flexible solution for customers in exchange for simplicity. Being able to choose from multiple hardware vendors and also select the fabric that is the best fit is very attractive for a large number of customers, even if it requires more thoughtful planning.

The Future of Networking: Bringing Developer, Network and Security Admins Together!

Networking is coming! And Future:NET Is coming to San Francisco to celebrate its 4th Year! In this post, Christopher Kusek makes the case why this should be an event added to your IT roster. Future:NET stands out because presentations can come from anywhere within the IT stack from Developer, to Security or Network Admin to general practitioner IT Jack of all trades. He takes a look at what is on tap this year.

Banyan and Zero Trust in a Post VPN World

At Security Field Day, Nate Avery heard from Banyan. They offer a VPN alternative built on the idea of bringing the least privilege access model to remote access. Instead of setting a list of patch requirements like older secure remote access solutions, Banyan uses reputation scores to determine worthiness of access, can work with mobile devices, and can continuously check the posture of a device. Nate think the security and efficiency implications of this might make it the approach to use in the future.

Dreams, Hopes and Expectations on the Way to MFD4

Manon Lessard is at Mobility Field Day this week, her first time participating in the event as a delegate. In this post, she runs down how she got introduced to the Field Day events and community. It started by listening to the Packet Pushers podcast, and proceeded down a rabbit hole of blogs and other IT content. She runs down the presenters and technology she’s looking forward to seeing at the event. We can’t wait to hear her thoughts after she drinks from the Mobility Field Day fire hose!

Cohesity Looks to Exploit Secondary Data Value With MarketPlace

Since emerging as a secondary storage startup, Cohesity has continued to innovate in how to deliver the full value of data to their customers. In this post, Chris Evans looks at the latest implementation of that approach with Cohesity MarketPlace. This firmly moves the company into the data management sphere, with the ability to run AI/ML, analytics or other data-intensive applications on content stored in the Cohesity DataPlatform.

Stopping Network Blame With Kemp

How does you load balancing solution stack up? Do you blame the network when everything goes down? Or does the cloud make you anxious? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at Kemp and how their per-application solution can give you peace of mind and how it can be used in practical application with offerings demonstrated at Networking Field Day earlier this year.

Rooted in Security With Banyan

Any security solution you deploy today needs strong roots. But what if you need it to be distributed? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at what Bayan Security presented at Security Field Day and discusses how they can build a strong root of zero trust just like their namesake tree does.

Fun Forecasted at VMworld

One of Becky Elliott’s favorite things about a big conference like VMworld US is being surrounded by inspiring people with a shared interest and expertise. One part of that even will be Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US. There Becky will not only be surrounded by inspiring people, but she’ll get to hear in-depth technical presentations and create meaningul conversations around it. We can’t wait to see her there.

128 Technology Takes a Unique Approach to Routing. Should You Care?

128 Technology has a a clever software router that takes a unique approach to getting your traffic from source to destination. In this piece, Drew Conry-Murray points out that what they offer sounds a lot like a SD-WAN solution. But 128T wants that to be part of their overall router, not a product in and of itself. He thinks the company has good ideas of approaching routing differently. The challenge is how to communicate the benefit of that to customers that are more familiar with traditional solutions.

Pure Storage Accelerate 2019 – Everything’s Faster in Texas

Max Mortillaro is heading out to Pure Accelerate next month, and he’s looking forward to the Tech Field Day Exclusive event presentations happening there as well. In this post, he runs down some of the exciting updates he’s expecting at the event, including DirectFlash Fabric, and the keynote from astronaut Leland Melvin.

Say Hello to NetAlly- A New Old Friend

The secret company is one of the most anticipated parts of a future Field Day event. Mobility Field Day was no exception. But now the cat is out of the bag, and we know that the newly spun off NetAlly will be a presenter. Lee Badman looks at what this new, more focused, company with an extensive analysis and tools portfolio might present.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jennifer (“JJ”) Minella

Mobility Field Day has a lot of new faces around the delegate table, including Jennifer Minella. We got to know her a little better in this interview before the event. Be sure to check it out and look for JJ on the event live stream!

Meet the #MFD4 Delegates: Haydn Andrews

In between designing networks for the Australian Army, the Northern Territory government, universities and retailers, Haydn Andrews made time to come out as a delegate for Mobility Field Day. This interview with Aruba digs into his background, how the industry can encourage more people to get into STEM, and how the advent of 5G will impact mobility.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Timothy Dennehy

Tim Dennehy is a first time delegate for Mobility Field Day, so we decided to get to know him a little better. In this interview, we found out how high school typing class got him into programming, and from there into the Navy and IT. He has a lot of great perspective over his career, and we can’t wait to hear that insight during the Mobility Field Day presentations.