CiscoLive and Security Field Day

Evan Mintzer is having a busy couple of weeks. While he didn’t attend Cisco Live US 2019 this year, he was named as the best remote attendee for the second consecutive year. This week, he’s physically headed out to Silicon Valley to attend Security Field Day. We’re excited to hear what he thinks of the presentations. Be sure to follow #XF2 on Twitter to stay up on all the social posts from the event.

Tech Field Day – I’ll Be at Tech Field Day 19

Dan Frith is a familiar face at Storage Field Day events, but we’re excited to have him around the table for Tech Field Day next week. We love bringing together perspectives from across the data center at these events, and Dan’s considerable storage pedigree should prove invaluable. Be sure to mark your calendar for the live stream to watch along with Dan.

Security Field Day 2

Michael Davis has long been a fan of Field Day events, and now he gets to join the delegate community. He’ll be at Security Field Day this week and he’s excited to hear from the presenters, and to meet the other delegates. Be sure to check out our live stream of the event to watch along with Michael, or catch the full edited video posted soon after.

Make No Mistake, Rubrik Is a Software Company

For Ken Nalbone, Rubrik’s latest Cloud Field Day appearance was all about the software. Whether it’s a deep dive into their Polaris platform or Build, their new open source community, Rubrik is committed to creating a great software product and enabling customers to enable a software focused mindset as well.

Viavi Enterprise Provides Unexpected Network Insights

John Herbert takes a look at Viavi’s Observer products, which he heard about in depth at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019. This includes Gigastor which can capture packets at line rate and retain the raw packet data, GigaFlow which ingests flow data from sources for analysis, and Apex that unifies the other solutions into a single digestible interface. For John, the combinations offers huge value to network and security operations.

How Cisco Live! Changed My Career…

With Cisco Live US happening this week, Justin Cohen is thinking back to how the event changed his career. He’s been attending since 2012, and got to know the community after meeting Tom Hollingsworth there. Things changed after 2016, when he got invited to Networking Field Day. Today, Justin is working as an Innovation Architect at Cisco, his dream job. It’s been a long journey centered around the event.

TechField Day Delegate at Cisco Live TFDx

Nico Stein is out at Cisco Live US this week, and attending Tech Field Day Extra presentations at the event. For him, it’s a perfect combination of community and technology to create real conversations. He’s looking forward to getting to know the delegates and seeing what interesting presentations are on tap.

Circle of Trust

For Al Rasheed, trust was one of the central concepts that kept coming up during Juniper Networks’ presentation at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. Whether discussing the company’s approach to simplify a cloud-everywhere model, to leveraging Mist Systems AI, to multi-cloud management, the concept of trust was a persistent theme throughout. Be sure to check out their full presentation video to get caught up.

“The Network Guy, the Network Guy Wants to Manage Firewalls All Day.”…An Introduction to NRE Labs

A comment about network admins administering firewalls got David Ball about Juniper Networks’ presentation from Cloud Field Day. They spent a good portion of time talking about a new initiative called NRE Labs. This was birthed out of the realization that the organization needs for network engineers is changing, with a need for more automation skill and knowledge. NRE Labs provides a free way to hone automation skills without the need for a home lab environment. Whether admins want to manage firewalls all day or not, NRE Labs can help develop the skills to make it not necessary.

The Cohesity Powered Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud has become a reality for enterprise IT and has brought with it complexity and fragmentation. Cohesity believe’s their platform is something of a Swiss Army knife for data, aimed at simplifying data management by providing a unified experience. The company’s growth and progress towards the vision of a hybrid cloud data management platform is getting closer to a reality as the company and product mature. In this post, Ken Nalbone looks at what the company presented at Cloud Field Day and how it fits into their overall vision.

What You See and What You Get When You Follow Me

As the founder and organizer-in-chief of Tech Field Day, Stephen Foskett wrote up a post explaining what you get when you follow him on social media. While Tech Field Day content will show up there, he goes through his thought process of what to share and how it is demarcated in the feed.

Datrium Delivers Data Mobility With Automatrix

In this piece, Chris Evans looks at how Datrium is taking the data mobility problem with their Automatrix solution, which they talked about during their recent Cloud Field Day presentation. If Automatrix can deliver the same data movement flexibility for containers that are being achieved for virtual machines, he sees it being an all-encompassing solution for data mobility.

The Good, the Bad, and the Questionable: Acquisition Activities

There have been a number of notable acquisitions in IT recently, and Tom Hollingsworth breaks them down into the good, the bad, and the…questionable in this post. One of our upcoming presenters for Security Field Day, Palo Alto Networks, made what Tom thinks is a good move in acquiring Twistlock. This should provide them the talent and IP to offer container visibility solutions, which is needed to stay relevant in infrastructure security.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Evan Mintzer

Evan Mintzer is coming to Security Field Day, so check out this interview and get to know his background a bit! From learning BASIC on a Commodore PET to working as an Information Security Manager, Evan is a great addition to the Security Field Day delegate panel. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event.

Thoughts on Transitioning to Dell EMC Midrange.NEXT

In this post, Chris Evans looks at the history of Dell EMC’s mid-range storage offerings, and how it might position the company’s offering going forward. This includes a look at XtremIO and Unity, which Chris got to see at Storage Field Day a few years ago. Ultimately, whether updating an existing line or building from the ground up, there isn’t an obvious solution for Dell EMC.

Opengear Extends NetOps Functionality for Advanced Out-Of-Band Solutions Ahead of Cisco Live 2019

Opengear returns as a presenter this year at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019. Ahead of the event, they recently announced new features for their Lighthouse central management system aimed at providing the network edge the same kind of resilence available to the network core. We can’t wait to hear more about it during their presentation.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Stephanie Ihezukwu

Stephanie Ihezukwu is one of the new delegates heading out to Security Field Day later this month. Be sure to check out this interview to get to know her a little better before the event. She talked about where she sees security going in the next few years, how she manages work/life balance, what she would do if she wasn’t in IT, and so much more. It was a great interview and we can’t wait to meet her at the event!

NetBeez Releases Integration With Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series at Cisco Live US 2019

NetBeez announced a new integration with Cisco Catalyst 9000 at Cisco Live US this week. NetBeez has long offered an interesting client-side networking monitoring solution, and this integration will simplify and accelerate sensor deployment. We’re looking forward to hearing NetBeez present at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019 to hear more about it.

Tech Field Day Extra With Liqid and Kemp

At Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World, the delegates got to hear from both Kemp and Liqid. In this post, Adam Fisher digs into the details of both presentations. Liqid showed their composable infrastructure solution, based on connecting datacenter resources dynamically across a PCIe fabric. Adam thinks its fascinating tech, and Liqid’s focus on emerging fields like 5G and AI will allow them to mature the solution along with the applications. Kemp, a company familiar to Adam with their load balancing portfolio, discussed their solutions for improving application delivery. This included a high level overview of their architecture, and details about their new integration of Dell EMC and Elastic Cloud Storage. In the end, one of the thing that impressed Adam the most was how versatile Dell EMC has to be to meet the needs of these two different companies.

Meet Field Day Delegate: Nico Stein

While regular Field Day events are always special, it’s also great to get to do presentations at larger industry events. They don’t get much bigger than Cisco Live. In this post, we’re getting to know one of the new delegates coming to Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019, Nico Stein. Be sure to read it to find out how he went from editing autoexec.bat files to working in IT. We can’t wait to have him around the delegate table and to see what he thinks about the presentations.