Meet Field Day Delegate – Ruairi McBride

Ruairi McBride got a taste of Field Day at Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018, but he’s getting his first full drink from the IT firehose at Storage Field day. He is a “storage aficionado”, a NetApp A-Team member and VMware vEXPERT. We are humbled that he would take the long journey from the UK to come to the event as a delegate. Get to know him better in this interview with Gestalt IT.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Vuong Pham

Vuong Pham is coming to Storage Field Day, his first full Field Day experience! Get to know this experienced Senior Solutions Architect with his recent interview with Gestalt IT. He’s an author, blogger, and speaker skilled in Storage Area Network (SAN), NAS, VMware Virtualization, Storage, Servers, Hybrid Cloud, and Data Center. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event and the presenters!

Zoned Technologies With Western Digital

A lot has changed since Chin-Fah Heoh last heard from Western Digital at Storage Field Day. Though only a year has passed, the company sold IntelliFlash to Data Direct Networks and is seemingly trying to sell off their ActiveScale object storage platform. But that doesn’t mean Chin-Fah isn’t excited to hear from the company. Indeed, their advances in Zoned Storage points to a bright future. We can’t wait to hear more about this from Western Digital and Chin-Fah.

NGINX – Making Sense of Service Mesh

Ed Horely is no stranger to Networking Field Day for good reason. His keen insight and experience always help give context to whatever the presenters have planned. In this post, he casts his gaze at NGINX, who he saw at Networking Field Day late last year. In the increasingly crowded service mesh market, they made a convincing case that their already wide distribution as a web server makes using service mesh a natural integration and lends itself to further use on a given platform. It shows that NGINX knows how they are being used by customers currently and how to expand functionality naturally across their offerings.

Attending Networking Field Day #22

New delegates are the life blood of Field Day events. They provide unique experiences, voices, and perspectives, that keep the conversations around the table fresh and help bring the best out of presenting companies. Kim Pedersen is heading out to Networking Field Day, his first full foray into the full Field Day experience. He got a taste of it last year at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2019, so we can’t wait to hear his impressions from a full week of presentations.

Heavy Networking 491: Real-Life Segment Routing & PCE

Segment routing has been a familiar topic at Networking Field Day over the years. The Packet Pushers Heavy Networking podcast recently looked at the topic, digging into the latest evolution of carrier networks. Nick Buraglio was a guest on the podcast and definitely drew on his experience from the Segment Routing Field Day Roundtable during the discussion. While the technology has certainly matured over the past three years, these kinds of discussions are great for getting people up to speed, sparking a deeper interest in specialized topics, and getting to know the prominent voices in the space. Be sure to check out the episode.

Storage Field Day 19 RoundUp

Storage Field Day is our first event of 2020, and we’ve got a packed roster of companies to present. It’s exciting to have a mix of familiar faces like NetApp and Dell EMC presenting with companies new to the event like Tiger Technology and Minio. Enrico Signoretti will be around the delegate table, asking questions and creating dialogue to help make Storage Field the unique event that it is. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, there is the always provocative “secret company” presenting at the event. Be sure to mark your calendar and unravel the mystery with us on the live stream.

Storage Field Day 19 – Vendor Previews

Chris Evans is no stranger to storage. His voice and experience is always welcome around the delegate table, and in this post, he brings both in previewing the presenting companies. He’s looking forward to the second day and hearing about Dell EMC doing deep dives into Isilon, DevOps and PowerOne. There are also a number of new presenters that Chris doesn’t have much background with. These include the DRaaS company Infrascale, the open-source enterprise-class object storage platform from MinIO, and Tiger Technologies. Tiger is competing in the crowded software-defined storage market, so Chris is interested to see how they will differentiate themselves. Western Digital will also be an interesting presentation, as the company has shifted it’s enterprise storage vision. Overall, it sounds like there’s not much Chris isn’t looking forward to at the event.

Storage Field Day 19: Getting Back to My Roots

Gina Rosenthal has extensive history in the storage industry, and we’re thrilled to now have her in the delegate ranks. In this post, she highlights what she’s looking forward to at the event. This includes a debut presentations from Tiger Technology, Infrascale, and Minio, as well as Gina’s second presentation from NetApp. There are many other presenters on tap, so be sure to mark your calendar for the event. We’ll have videos posted soon after the event, so even if you don’t catch the live stream, you can still watch all the storage goodness.

California, Rescue Me… Storage Field Day 19

In this post, Keiran Shelden looks forward to heading out to Storage Field Day. It’s our first event of 2020 and Keiran’s third, it’s always good to have a seasoned veteran delegate returning. The event promises to be packed with quality content. Even with experience under his belt, drinking from the storage fire hose can be an intense experience. Luckily, we provide full videos that you can watch at your leisure soon after the event. We can’t wait to hear what Keiran thinks of the event and to see his breakdowns of the presenters!

Pure Storage Announces New DirectMemory (SCM), FlashArray//C, & Other Enhancements at //Accelerate

At Pure Accelerate, Pure Storage announced the DirectMemory was coming to FlashArray//X, as well as the general availability of Cloud Block Store. In this post, Ray Lucchesi breaks down the details and the importance of these two announcements.

Are ARM Processors Ready for Data Centre Primetime?

ARM processors have been around for over three decades, in the last decade seeing massive popularity thanks to the ubiquity of modern smartphones. From their resource efficient roots, the processor designs have grown increasingly capable of a wide range of use cases. In this piece, Chris Evans looks at some of the companies trying to bring ARM into the datacenter. He saw Liqid demo their composable infrastructure tech at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World, and thinks that kind of deployment could make ARM in the enterprise an intriguing proposition.

Assuring Your Service Level With Ixia IxProbe

Are you getting what you’re paying for? If it’s a car wash or a movie it’s easy to figure out. But what if it’s your ISP connection? Do you even know where to find that answer? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at the new IxProbe from Ixia that they showed off at Networking Field Day. This post examines how it can help you figure out if you’re getting your money’s worth out of your SLA.

Kubernetes and Traffic Lights

It’s no secret that Keith Townsend is skeptical of the IT hype machine that is Kubernetes. In this post, he compares it to upgrading traffic light orchestration systems to help ease congestion. The drivers only care that it helps congestion, not what system is running. That’s why he’s impressed with what he saw from Solo IO at Cloud Field Day. They embrace namespaces in their solution, allowing you to consume infrastructure without worrying about the orchestrator. Read the full piece for all the details.

Journey to Fully Cloud Based Data Protection With Druva

Yusuf Emre Ozensoy got to hear from Druva at Tech Field Day in 2019, and was excited to learn more after initially hearing from the company at VMworld. He was impressed by their cloud-native approach to data protection, that simplifies management and eliminates traditional hardware silos.

Container-Based WAN Monitoring

Container-based WAN monitoring might just sounds like some IT marketing buzzword BINGO, but Pete Welcher makes the argument that it’s a vital part of a networking toolkit. Rather than traditional monitoring tools that look at metrics that indicate what a user actually excperiences on the network, companies like ThousandEyes and Netbeez user container-based monitoring to actually probe the network from the client side without needing additional hardware, able to run in contianers on a Catalyst 9000 switch, for example.

Worth Reading: Understanding Scale Computing HC3 Edge Fabric

Ivan Pepelnjak shares a great piece looking at Scale Computing HC3 Edge Fabric, something the company talked about during their recent Tech Field Day presentation. While Ivan doesn’t think its a once size fits all solution, he thinks it makes perfect sense in small environments.

2019 Year in Review – Al Rasheed

Al Rasheed takes a look back at a busy 2019 in this post. It was truly a year of accomplishments, with new certifications and getting involved with more tech community groups. We were lucky enough to have Al as a delegate at several Field Day events throughout the year. We can’t wait to see him at more in 2020.

Cohesity at Tech Field Day in 2019

Alastair Cooke is getting ready for Storage Field Day, and is particularly excited to hear from Cohesity. He’s familiar with the company, but has never seen them live at a Field Day event yet. If you need to do your homework to get up to speed on their solutions, be sure to check out this post from Alastair, which organizes all of our video coverage of their past presentations.

Is General Purpose Object Storage Disenfranchised?

It’s hard to image a Storage Field Day without the sharp insight and experience of Chin-Fah Heoh around the delegate table. In this post, he writes how general purpose object storage experienced a unique race to the bottom in Malaysia, with hosting companies chasing the lowest price per TB. This created a set of assumptions about object storage that aren’t strickly true. That’s why he’s excited to hear from MinIO at Storage Field Day, who break free from the classic cheap, slow, and cloud-locked assumptions.