Tom’s Virtual Corner at Cisco Live Global 2021 – Anniversary

Cisco Live has decided to go virtual again this year, and so has Tom’s Corner! Last summer, Tom Hollingsworth had made Tom’s Corner virtual for the first time due to the pandemic. This year, Tom’s Corner will be on March 29, 2021, starting at 7am PT virtually via Webex. For more information and how to join, check out Tom’s blog at!

Presenters React to the Networking Field Day Experience

Networking Field Day was last month and the presenters are raving about the experience. The interactions with our delegates are what make Field Day events so special. To learn why companies participate in Tech Field Day events and what makes Networking Field Day stand out, check out this video and post on!

Looking Forward to Cloud Field Day 10

We’re excited for the upcoming Cloud Field Day and so is Ken Nalbone, who is joining us as a delegate for the event. In this blog, Ken looks forward to the event and provides his thoughts on the different presenting companies. Be sure to tune in from March 10-12, 2021, to catch the presentations and use #CFD10 on Twitter to join in on the discussion!

Cloud Field Day 10: VMware Cloud on AWS Delivering Resilient Yet Cost Effective Infrastructure Platform for Modern Applications

VMware is coming to Cloud Field Day! They will be presenting on March 11th, from 1-3 PM PT. This isn’t their first event, as they have participated in many different Field Day events since 2009! Tune in to the upcoming Cloud Field Day to learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS, which has been helping customers with their cloud migration journey for over 3 years, with VMware experts looking at how this is a resilient and cost-effective platform, as well as how it compares to other public cloud alternatives. For more details on the upcoming presentations, check out this blog from VMware!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jamie Phillips

Cloud Field Day is coming back soon and we’re welcoming a new delegate, Jamie Phillips, who will be joining us for the first time! Jamie is a Site Reliability Engineer, family man, and avid Mountain Biker. But that’s not all, check out this post on to learn more about him!

Cloud Field Day Returns March 10-12, 2021

Cloud Field Day is returning soon! Join us for the exciting 3-day lineup of presentations on March 10-12, 2021, and use #CFD10 on Twitter to join in on the discussion. To learn more about the upcoming Cloud Field Day, check out this video and post from our Founder and Organizer in Chief, Stephen Foskett, on!

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Brings Operational Consistency to the Edge

Last December, at Tech Field Day, Red Hat highlighted its OpenShift Container Platform, which has multiple configurations to run Kubernetes at the edge and as-a-service in the public cloud and on-premises. Red Hat has brought this offering to the edge with three new deployment models aimed at making it easier to run AI/ML at the edge. For more on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, check out the videos from Tech Field Day on our website!

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery Enables As-A-Service Ease and Fast Recovery

At Tech Field Day in December, VMware highlighted its Cloud Disaster Recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution. This offering orchestrates and implements cloud-based disaster recovery using a software-defined datacenter on VMware Cloud on AWS for customers with on-premises vSphere, allowing for low cost and fast recovery. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery also allows organizations to regularly test their DR plans with automated jobs regularly checking for issues, making it a highly available environment that’s ready for recovery. Check out VMware’s presentations from Tech Field Day on our website to learn more!

Buying Into the New Oil and Making It Work for You

Red Hat highlighted AI/ML market trends at AI Field Day last fall, and what it brings to the table. The company claims that 80% of a data scientist’s time is spent doing mundane tasks, which Red Hat is trying to solve. Data scientists want a self-service cloud-like experience for their AI and ML projects. This is where Red Hat OpenShift comes in. To learn more about how Red Hat OpenShift is helping with AI/ML projects and models, check out its videos from AI Field Day on our website!

Pliops: Re-Imagining Storage, Crushing Bottlenecks and a Bright Future in the Cloud

Max Mortillaro joined us as a delegate at Storage Field Day earlier this year and had the opportunity to learn about Pliops during its presentation. For TECHunplugged, Max analyzes the Pliops Storage Processor (PSP). The PSP accelerates database applications by up to 7 times and has three areas where it delivers instant value. Additionally, this technology can be deployed in three different methods. For more of Max’s thoughts on the Pliops Storage Processor and its bright future, check out his post on TECHunplugged!

Data Science Storage With NetApp’s Python Toolkit

At Storage Field Day in January, Ray Lucchesi had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and see NetApp’s presentation on its NetApp Data Science Toolkit. On his blog, Ray focuses on the Python SDK to manage NetApp storage for data scientists and AI researchers. He was impressed by this concept, as he comments: “I’m not a data science expert but a Python SDK for storage management just makes so much sense to me I just had to take a look.” For more of Ray’s analysis, check out his blog!

The Role of AI in Data Storage

Earlier this year, Enrico Signoretti joined us as a delegate at Storage Field Day and had the opportunity to see Tintri’s presentation. He recognizes that data storage used to be one of the more conservative areas of IT, but this has radically changed in the past few years. At this Field Day event, Tintri demonstrated its latest AI-based features implemented for its systems and how it can help with storage management. For more of Enrico’s analysis of the evolution of AI in data storage, check out his blog on!

Managed OpenShift in the Cloud: Red Hat at Cloud Field Day

At Cloud Field Day last November, Red Hat highlighted its managed service options and competitive advantages in the cloud. Red Hat addresses the challenges of maintaining day-to-day operations through its OpenShift Managed Services. There are three major Managed OpenShift offerings: OpenShift Dedicated, Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO), Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA). For more information on Red Hat’s OpenShift, watch its presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

Intel Optane – Challenges and Triumphs

At Storage Field Day earlier this year, Intel focused on their intel Optane memory solution and some of the successes and challenges they’ve had in implementing it. This isn’t the first time that delegate Dan Frith has seen Intel present on Optane, and he was refreshed with how direct they were about both the ups and downs of the product. Writing on his blog, Dan says that he enjoyed the presentation tremendously and the customer examples were powerful examples at what intel can do. If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch Intel’s presentations from Storage Field Day to get an idea of where Intel’s Optane has been and where it is going.

Unifying SD-WAN and Edge With Cisco Catalyst 8000 Series

Hardware isn’t dead! Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says that the new Cisco Catalyst 8000 series edge devices have shown us how hardware can stay relevant in today’s tech world. Tom writes that the Cisco Catalyst 8000 provides “a platform at the edge to create networks, deploy containerized software, and manage it all from a central location.” At Tech Field Day last year, Cisco highlighted their new products like the Catalyst 8000. Check out the Cisco presentation from Tech Field Day 22 and Tom’s take on it on the Gestalt IT post.

Tech Field Day 22: Protecting Your Cloud With Veeam

On his blog, Lino Telera writes that “the need to protect and recover infrastructure is still a mission-critical task for all IT departments of every sized company.” With this in mind, Lino details his interactions with Veeam both at Tech Field Day last year as well as through some thorough product testing after the event. In his post, Lino talks through his thoughts on Veeam, their acquisition of, and his tests of Kasten.

Hammerspace, Storageless Data, and One Tough Problem

Storageless data? Is that even possible? Heading into their Storage Field Day presentation, delegate Dan Frith had some questions. After seeing their presentation, Dan was intrigued enough to have a followup session with the team from Hammerspace to get the full rundown on their offering. On his blog, Dan writes that “at a high level, Hammerspace is a great choice for getting data into multiple locations, regardless of the underlying platform.” Check out Hammerspace’s unique solution to Storage through Dan’s recap or their Storage Field Day videos!

Back to the Future With Tintri

Storage Field Day delegate Dan Frith had the chance to see Tintri present at the event last month. On his blog, Dan looks back through Tintri’s transition throughout the years and notes that not too much has changed when it comes to the core benefits of their products like VMstore. He writes that this consistency has been a solid foundation for Tintri to build on and that the features that they offer have aged well over the years. He also appreciates Tintri’s attempt to decrease the work involved in infrastructure and free up customers to focus on other things. Check out Tintri’s presentations from Storage Field Day to see what they’re up to now!

StorPool : New Capabilities, New OPEX Model, and Stronger Support for Cloud Customers

Max Mortillaro writes about a recent debrief he and the team at TECHunplugged had with Cloud Field Day presenter StorPool. Max saw StorPool present at Cloud Field Day on what they call “SDS 2.0”; high-performance scale-out architectural designs. Max writes about StorPool’s focus on the Cloud and containers and thinks they are “in the perfect lane to become very soon a top-tier players in software-defined block storage.” Check out all of Max’s thoughts on StorPool on the TECHunplugged website!

The Future of Commvault Is Metallic

Chris Evans was a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019 and had the chance to see Commvault launch their Metallic platform. With Commvault’s announcement earlier this year of a significant expansion of Metallic, Chris has some thoughts on their transition and path forward. Writing for Architecting IT, Chris reviews the history of the product and says that the future of Commvault is completely intertwined with the success of the Metallic platform. Check out the post from Chris as well as the videos from Tech Field Day Exclusive Commvault Go 2019 on our website!