SolarWinds – Moving Monitoring in the Right Direction

Nathaniel Avery got to hear from Solarwinds last week at Tech Field Day from the company’s home base of Austin. He got to see how the company’s IT portfolio has expanded, now encompassing over 50 products, including network management, systems management, database management, IT security, helpdesk, and DevOps. What he really enjoyed hearing was how Solarwinds put work into their product design to make moving within this massive product portfolio less daunting, like trying to match interfaces when possible. It’s that behind the scenes kind of conversation you can only get at a Tech Field Day event.

The Future of Sports Wi-Fi Is Intelligent With Extreme Networks

In this post, Tom Hollingsworth looks at what Extreme Networks is doing with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on their platform to improve wi-fi. Tom has some healthy skepticism about these buzzwords, but was impressed with what Extreme has been able to do in real world use cases, like providing improved wi-fi at stadiums. Extreme will be presenting at Networking Field Day this week, be sure to watch their presentation on our live stream for more details.

Tech Field Day at VMworld: Why Metric Collection Matters

Blue Medora presented last year at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018, specifically focusing on the importance of quality metrics collection. In this post, they offer a transcript of their entire presentation. Very helpful for those in the IT community who prefer, or cannot, consume their presentation with sound.

TechField Day 18 – Day 1 With Datera, NetApp and VMware

Ed Horley was one of the delegates that made his way down to Austin for Tech Field Day last week. The event had a full roster of prominent IT companies. In this post, Ed focuses on what he heard on day one of the event, with presentations from Datera, NetApp, and VMware. For him, the three companies showed varying approaches on how to differentiate their solutions based on how they are handling data analytics. These differences in approaches were illuminating in how each pitched their value to the delegates.


Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) was one of the focuses of the recent Networking Field Day Exclusive with Cisco Service Provider event. In this post, Larry Smith digs into some of the ZTP features built into Cisco’s IOS-XR. He outlines why this is the networking platform that excites him most from the company, namely that it provides a ton of possibilities.

Tech Field Days

Marina Ferreira just attended her second Field Day event, heading out to Austin for Tech Field Day last week. While it could occasionally border on information overload, being around fellow smart, opinionated people in the Tech Field Day community more than compensated. Be sure to see all the same presentations she did by watching the comprehensive video coverage.

I Am So Looking Forward to #SFD18

Matt Leib is no stranger to a Field Day event, and we’re thrilled to have him returning for Storage Field Day to close out February. This will be his twelfth appearance dating back to 2015. While he always finds the content to be extremely informative and vital for staying up to date with the latest industry advances, the community around the event has become a surrogate family for Matt. We couldn’t agree more, be sure to tune into the Storage Field Day live stream and join the family, even if remotely.

Komprise Continues to Gain Momentum

After hearing from Komprise at Storage Field Day late last year, Dan Frith got to have a deeper conversation with their president and COO Krishna Subramanian. This was based on a new round of funding for the company. For Dan, he still finds their unstructured data management solution to be an under appreciated but vital need for most organizations. Adding features like NAS to NAS migration and deeper analytics only sweetens the deal.

Forward Networks: Bringing Sanity to a Network Near You

Max Mortillaro isn’t exactly a networking guy, so it takes a lot for him to have a “wow” moment when hearing from them. That’s just what he got from Forward Networks during their presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2019. They showed off their Enterprise offering, which builds on a free mapping tier and adds Verification, Prediction, Comparison and Integration features. You’ll have to check out their presentation for all the details, but Max found it very impressive.

NetApp to Showcase Active IQ at Tech Field Day 18

NetApp was one of the presenters in Austin for Tech Field Day last week. In this post, Rip Wilson gives a preview of what was discussed at the event. The presentation focused on NetApp’s vision for data science, delving deep into their Active IQ intelligence platform. Be sure to catch the full video of their presentation for the full deep dive experience.

TFD18 Prep: VMware

Justin Warren is getting ready to head out to Tech Field Day in Austin later this week. Of course, he’s doing his homework before the presentations. In this piece, he’s looking at what to expect from VMware. They’ll be presenting on vSAN and particularly focusing on vSphere Health. As an Ops guy at heart with a long history with automation, there’s a lot to like with vSphere Health, even if its ideas aren’t exactly new. He’s interested to see how it handles being an advisory tool for automation versus something that remediates without constant interaction.

Cisco Live Europe 2019 Barcelona

Gian Paolo was at Cisco Live Europe last month. At the event, he got to network with new contact and old acquaintances, learn about ACI’s embrace of the cloud, the latest with Cisco’s SD-WAN, and get involved with DevNet. But he also can’t wait to watch the videos from Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. He’ll be catching up on them on his lunch breaks in the coming weeks, be watch along on all the presentations too.

Multicloud : The Buzzword We’ll Keep Hearing in 2019?

Max Mortillaro breaks down the idea of multicloud. It’s a potent buzzword in IT, but who is actually doing it? He looks at some of the stated reasons organization investigate multicloud, the common paths to getting there, and the inevitable issues that arise from the reality of it. He was intrigued by what he heard from Cisco at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe, even if their presentation on Cisco CloudCenter took a while to tease out the really valuable aspects for IT professionals. It made him stop worrying (a bit) and embrace the possibilities of multicloud.

Tech Field Day Extra @ CLEUR19 Recap

Cisco Live Europe is an event big enough that it’s tough to encapsulate in any one post. That’s why it’s great to have smaller, more focused looks, especially when it comes from Ivan Pepelnjak. He wrote up a posting looking at what he saw from Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. Cisco touched on automating Meraki deployments, new AWS-focus Cisco ACI features, HyperFlex updates, and more. Be sure to read Ivan’s thoughts on what he saw, and watch the presentation video for yourself.

VMware vSAN – Join Us at Tech Field Day 18!

It’s always exciting to have a presentation from VMware at an event, and they’ll be presenting this week at Tech Field Day in Austin. In this post from John Nicholson, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect for vSAN, he previews the company’s presenters and what will be on the docket for discussion. Be sure to watch along on our live stream!

TFD18 Prep: Datera

Justin Warren did a full profile on Datera ahead of the company’s recent presentation at Tech Field Day in Austin. The company recently had a lot of corporate shakeup, bringing in a lot of new faces in the c-suite. This hasn’t stopped the company from impressive customer and revenue growth though. The company seems to have found a sweet spot as a software-defined storage as-a-service provider, serving customers with low-latency storage while offering stateful data portability not found on typical cloud offerings. We’re looking forward to see if Justin was just as impressed after their presentation.

S1E1 – 802.11ax 6ghz and the death of Wi-Fi

In this first episode of CenterFreqs, Samuel Clements and Jonathan Davis discuss what happens after 802.11ax. 6Ghz, 320Mhz channels, and future wireless standards. Plus some interesting stuff from NETSCOUT as seen at Mobility Field Day.

TFD18 Prep: NetApp

Justin Warren wrote up a look at NetApp prior to their presentation at Tech Field Day in Austin last week. He outlines the moves NetApp has made to be relevant in the cloud, and why perhaps we’re still waiting to see revenues catch up to their technological change. That’s the context he had in mind ahead of their presentation at Tech Field Day. Be sure to watch their entire presentation on our full event video to judge for yourself.

Cisco HyperFlex 2019 Edition: Mixed Feelings

Max Mortillaro attended his fourth Cisco Live Europe this year, and also got to hear presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at the event. All that time has proven Cisco’s commitment to HyperFlex, which received important updates at the event, including improvements from a security and usability perspective, certification of SAP HANA, one-click upgrades, NVMe and more. Max remains convinced that Cisco has a compelling story around HCI, but he still has some questions about the overall strategy.

Tech Field Day 18 Here we come!

It’s always great to have Keiran Shelden along as a delegate. He just came down to Austin for Tech Field Day last week, and got to drink from the IT firehose with the other delegates. Aside from the educational benefit, Keiran enjoys getting to have conversations about the tech with the other delegates and people at the companies themselves. For him, it’s important to provide a positive dialog, to help build better relationships and better solutions.