How Nasuni Made Their Name in a Cloud-Washed Space

When everyone claims their product is in the cloud, it’s hard to parse through which solutions actually leverage the cloud in a way that benefits your business most. In their appearance at Storage Field Day, Nasuni detailed how their all-in-one, cloud-native approach to file storage fills their customers’ needs without emptying their pocketbooks. Read on to learn more about their approach, and be sure to check out their Storage Field Day presentation for more info.

A Major Transition in the Way Networks Are Built With DriveNets

We were excited to welcome DriveNets to Networking Field Day earlier this year where they presented on their unique software that pairs with Whitebox switches to provide easy to manage networks. In addition, the DriveNets offering is unique in that it treats the networks as clouds. The Gestalt IT staff write that DriveNets is making waves with their innovative take on networking “that can move from the hyper-scalers and service providers into enterprise-level companies.” If you want to learn more, be sure to head over to the Tech Field Day YouTube channel and watch the DriveNets videos from Networking Field Day there.

Oracle Cloud ❤️’s Terraform

Ned Bellavance has been a little skeptical of Oracle building a public cloud, and seeing them while he was a delegate at Cloud Field Day gave him a great opportunity to ask some hard questions and learn more about their offering. In one of his “Terraform Tuesdays” videos from his Ned in the Cloud YouTube channel, Ned digs into the intriguing proposition that the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure uses Terraform as its IaC. Head over to his YouTube channel to see him talk through how this works with video from inside the platform itself!

The Case for Continuous Documentation

In the latest post on his Virtual Lifestyle blog, Joep Piscaer makes the case for Continuous Documentation. He writes that Continuous Documentation is a concept that is inexplicably missing from our methodologies and that if we could correctly apply it we could reduce team workloads. While a delegate at Cloud Field Day, Joep got to see the VMware team present on how they’re working to improve the documentation experience for developers using their software. Joep writes that “VMware’s DX tools are a massive improvement on the Continuous Documentation front.” Be sure to check out Joep’s blog post as well as VMware’s presentations from Cloud Field Day!

What Makes the Latest Intel Xeon Platform an AI Workhorse?

As a delegate at the Intel Data Center Update with Tech Field Day last month, Frederic Van Haren got an up close and personal look at Intel’s new Xeon Scalable processors. Writing for Gestalt IT, Frederic Van Haren takes a look at the Xeon processor from an AI perspective. He thinks that the combination of consistent hardware innovations andd the investment of time and money into software optimization helps make Xeon a “true AI workhorse.” Check out Frederic’s post on to learn more about Intel’s latest announcement!

Data://express 0002: Cloudfest 2021 Und Security Field Days 5

This episode of the German data://disrupted podcast features Wolfgang Stief, who shares his experiences from watching Security Field Day in late March. In the show, Stief details the changing of the security status quo around common network features like SSDs, HDDs, firewalls, and more. Once you’re done listening, be sure to check out the entirety of the Security Field Day event Stief attended to hear more from the companies that presented.

Data://express 0003 – Intel Data Center Update, FPGAs Und Eine Cloud, Die Sich Selbst Verrät

This episode of the German Data://Disrupted podcast features their editor and newest Tech Field Day delegate, Wolfgang Stief, who describes his recent experience as a delegate at Intel’s Data Center Update with Tech Field Day. Joined by host Kerstin Stief, the duo dives into the newest generation of Xeon scalable processors from Intel, and tackles a few other topics from around the enterprise IT industry. Be sure to check out Wolfgang and the rest of our panel of delegates at our exclusive coverage of the Intel Ice Lake launch, only at

Data://express 0001 – Cloud, Milan, Taiwan Und Irgendwas Mit Cyber

Wolfgang Stief tuned in for Cloud Field Day last month where he heard from companies such as Veeam Software, NetApp, and Intel. In this podcast, Wolfgang discusses the presentations and the central theme of Kubernetes. Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts, Wolfgang!

Is VMware Cloud on AWS More Than a Landing Zone?

In this video, Joep Piscaer is joined by Raff Poltronieri and Ather Beg as they discuss their thoughts toward the Cloud Field Day event they attended as delegates in early April. Specifically, the trio hones in on VMware’s presentation regarding the VMware Cloud on AWS, voicing their concerns about limitations in use cases while also digging into the exciting integrations that can be leveraged. Be sure to check out the video to hear their thoughts, and also tune in to VMware’s Cloud Field Day presentation to help guide your own opinions towards the release.

Pliops Brings Performance, Endurance, and Cost Savings to Flash-Based Storage

In January, Pliops highlighted its storage processor at Storage Field Day. This processor comes in PCIe card form and Pliops aims to offload SSD maintenance tasks away from the CPU to “unleash the full potential of solid-state drive (SSD) storage”. The Pliops Storage Processor (PSP) can benefit storage regarding performance, capacity expansion, data protection, and endurance. For more information on the Pliops Storage Processor, check out Pliops’ presentation from Storage Field Day!

NetApp Delivers AI Data Management Solutions to Enterprise IT

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been used in many endeavors for social benefits, including the quick development of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, there can be operational challenges that come with managing and storing petabytes of data. As seen at Storage Field Day in January, NetApp has some platforms and tools in its portfolio that are built around adding value to AI/ML workloads and solving some of the challenges organizations face when adopting AI/ML. To learn more about NetApp’s solution, be sure to watch its presentations from Storage Field Day on our website!

Nailing Down Home Networking Issues With NetBeez

The mass transition from working in an office to suddenly working remotely created issues for troubleshooting connectivity issues. NetBeez has a history of finding new and innovative ways to collect metrics on networks, which they demoed their process at Networking Field Day in February. As Tom Hollingsworth mentions in this post on, “Thanks to NetBeez, we can solve one of the headaches of not having enough information about the home networks our users are contending with.” To learn more about NetBeez and their monitoring solution, be sure to check out their presentation from Networking Field Day on our website!

Scality & HPE #ARTESCA Launch – Part One

We had a blast working with Scality as they collaborated with HPE to announce the launch of ARTESCA! One of the delegates in attendance for the launch was Barry Coombs who marked the occasion with one of his “Tech Doodles.” On his doodle, Barry recaps the Scality presentation including the details of the ARTESCA software from the origin story to the technical break-down. Head on over to Barry’s website to check it out and, if you haven’t yet, check out the great content from “Tech Field Day Presents Scality and HPE: Making the Future of Data Possible” on the Tech Field Day website!

StorPool Review – Part 1 – Installation & Configuration

While attending Storage Field Day in 2019 as a delegate, Chris Evans had the chance to see StorPool present and was impressed with the their software. Chris just wrote the first part of a deep dive on StorPool and “how the distributed storage architecture works, how it performs and how it integrates into an on-premises public cloud strategy.” In Part 1, he takes an in-depth look into the underlying architecture and the concepts of the software as a whole. Be sure to check out the deep dive from Chris as well as the videos from StorPool’s multiple presentations on our website!

Three Wow Moments at Security Field Day #5

After attending Security Field Day 5 as a delegate, Dr. Avril Salter found herself particularly impressed with three of the presenters from the event. On her LinkedIn, Dr. Salter writes about her “wow moments” from the event including HashiCorp’s Consul product facilitating the automation of service discovery, Juniper’s use of ATP and Mist AI to identify and handle security threats, and how Kemp’s users of Flowman can look back over stored data to determine if they’ve been compromised. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Dr. Salter’s thoughts as well as the presentations that she wrote about on the Tech Field Day website!

Is Veeam’s Strategy Unsexy but Customer-Focused?

Delegates Joep Piscaer and Raff Poltronieri joined us for Cloud Field Day in March. Veeam Software presented at this event and discussed their cloud strategy, including insight on how they enable customers to manage their data across multiple platforms. In this video, Joep and Raff tackle the question, “Is [Veeam Software’s] strategy to support data protection across on-prem, cloud, SaaS and containers unsexy but customer-centric, or are they missing the point of cloud-native?”

SOLIDserver Manages DDI With an API: EfficientIP at Networking Field Day

EfficientIP joined us for Networking Field Day in February where they presented their SOLIDserver DDI. We take a deeper look at this solution and its advantages in this piece by Gestalt IT. After evaluating the solution, they conclude “EfficientIP’s SOLIDserver DDI solutions work to provide resilient, scalable, and secure core networking services and integrate with modern IT practices with their API interface.” Check out this post by Gestalt IT for more information!

Presenters React to Security Field Day

With another successful Security Field Day event in the books, it’s always important to look back at what was top of mind for the presenters during the event. We focus on the slides and the questions and the way that everything looks on the published videos. However, there is more to Tech Field Day than just Powerpoint and presentation skills. Check out this video to see what the presenters think about the other parts of the Field Day experience that matter.

Intel Updates the Xeon Scalable Platform With Tech Field Day

Intel’s “How Wonderful Gets Done 2021” event featured keynotes from new CEO Pat Gelsinger, as well as Navin Shenoy of the Data Platforms Group and Lisa Spelman of the Xeon and Memory Group. During this event, they announced their 3rd generation Xeon Scalable processor line, code name “Ice Lake.” Tech Field Day also participated, with sessions and roundtable discussions following the announcement. For links to the keynotes, as well as the Tech Field Day presentations, head over to!

Intelligent Data Management at Cloud Field Day

Komprise joined us last month for Cloud Field Day! Their presentation focused on three sections: Intelligent Data Management in the cloud, Komprise architecture overview/demonstration for hybrid cloud, and Komprise architecture overview/demonstration for multi-cloud. Check out the event page on for all videos from the Komprise presentation!