Enabling Efficient Big Memory for AI and Other Operations With MemVerge

This blog covers the presentation by MemVerge at May’s AI Field Day event. Their Big Memory Workbench cuts down on the extensive I/O toll that built-out physical big memory systems inherently require. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch MemVerge’s appearance for deeper technical break downs.

Morpheus Data as Enterprise Glue Layer

The venerable Justin Warren breaks down the Cloud Field Day presentations he attended as a delegate, honing in specifically on Morpheus Data in this post. He applauds Morpheus for their technology, which he feels acts as a glue holding multi-cloud approaches together. Read on to learn more about what Morpheus means for enterprise IT, and watch their presentations for other technical deep dives.

Aruba Said the Right Words Regarding Dashboards

Lee Badman dives into the presentations by Aruba Networks at Mobility Field Day in June, which he attended as a delegate. The piece focuses on two of the most growing “buzzwords” in the enterprise IT industry, AI and dashboards. Read on to learn how Badman feels towards these words and Aruba’s take on them.

The Future of Cloud Is Now With Cisco and Tech Field Day

What is the future of cloud? Join Cisco and Tech Field Day for this exclusive event to learn about what the future of cloud holds for enterprise IT. Be sure to watch the event to learn more!

Juniper Apstra Brings Tags and Connectivity Templates to AOS

This piece hones in on the appearance by Juniper Networks at May’s Networking Field Day event. There, they displayed their Apstra Operating System, or AOS, which recently saw the introduction of the “Tags” feature to provide context in their intent-based approach to networking. Read on to learn more, and get even more technical deep dive information by watching Juniper’s Networking Field Day presentations.

Start Your Engines for Networking Field Day – Service Provider

Best get excited; we’re kicking off a whole new Field Day event: Networking Field Day – Service Providers! A diversion from the usual Tech Field Day event, this new event will welcome a new crowd of organizations that provide networking services, showing off their expertise in the field of networking. The event takes place December 8-10, 2021, so be sure to tune in!

Cloud-Native Data Protection Is Not an Option – an Overview of Kasten K10

Max Mortillaro of TechUnplugged shares his takes on the presentations of Kasten by Veeam during his time as a Cloud Field Day delegate in June. In this piece, he specifically details their cloud-native protection solution with regards to backups, disaster recovery, and more. Read on for his full opinions, and check out the Kasten by Veeam presentations to learn more.

Clouds, Kubernetes, Terraform… And Flux Capacitors?

Brad Parks from Morpheus Data describes his experience with Morpheus at June’s Cloud Field Day event in this piece. He breaks down each of the company’s presentations, including an intriguing reference to the Back to the Future franchise as noticeable in the title. Read on to learn about what Morpheus presented on, and be sure to watch the recorded presentations for more info.

How to Install Zerto’s Virtual Replication Package (V8.5U3P1) for VMware

This blog by Al Rasheed details the process of installing the Zerto virtual replication package on VMware. Zerto, who recently appeared at Cloud Field Day before becoming acquired by HPE, offers the replication package for free with a Zerto account. Read this piece to learn how to install it effectively.

Mobility Field Day 6

Tim Titus of PathSolutions presented at Mobility Field Day in July! This post previews Tim’s presentation, which consisted of discussing wireless and client networking and device management, as well as a look at RemoteView, a way of troubleshooting remote and work-from home users. Check out all of PathSolutions’ videos from the event at TechFieldDay.com!

Mobility Field Day 6: Meet the Delegates

Aruba joined us for Mobility Field Day in July! In this article, Aruba’s Kirstin Tanaka speaks with delegates Jim Jones, Peter Mackenzie, and Dan Jones to get their thoughts on AI for IT operations, Wi-Fi 6E, and location services. Check out this piece and then head to TechFieldDay.com to see all of Aruba’s videos from the event!

Cloud Field Day Recap and Kasten Session Breakdown

Anthony Spiteri, a veteran presenter for Veeam at Tech Field Day, didn’t present at June’s Cloud Field Day but definitely tuned in to watch Kasten by Veeam! This post by Anthony recaps their appearance, as well as the timeline of the presentations that occurred. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch the Kasten by Veeam presentations while you’re at it.

Disclosure: CFD11

Justin Warren delivers another one of his disclosures in this post, honing in on his time as a delegate for June’s Cloud Field Day event. In it, he breaks down the swag he received from each presenting company as well as accompanying minutia. Be sure to watch all of the Cloud Field Day presentations to see Warren in action.

HPE Acquires Zerto for $374 Million

This article by perennial Field Day delegate, Justin Warren, is from Forbes, detailing the recent acquisition of Zerto by HPE. Having just recently presented their offering at June’s Cloud Field Day event, the acquisition marks a bold future for Zerto and HPE. Read the whole article for details.

Kasten, Kafka & the Quest to Protect Data

Ray Lucchesi, delegate at June’s Cloud Field Day, details his experience at the event, and his takeaways from the presentation by Kasten by Veaam. He hones in on how the product can be used to backup Apache Kafka instances, diving into deep technical detail about his takeaways. Watch the presentation from Kasten by Veeam to learn the basis behind Lucchesi’s breakdown.

vRNI ( VMware vRealize Network Insight )

This piece from the Portuguese Rodrigo Rovere covers VMware’s Networking Field Day appearance and his experience of it first hand as a Field Day delegate. The company’s presentation mainly covered their vRNI (vRealize Network Insights) product and how it can be used to increase network visibility, and this piece addresses those uses and Rovere’s take on them thereafter. Visit Rovere’s site, ciscoredes.com, for all of his opinions on the matter, and be sure to watch VMware’s presentation for full context.

Morpheus Data: Making the Spice Flow With Agnostic Infrastructure Management

Max Mortillaro describes his experiences as a delegate during June’s Cloud Field Day in this post from TECHunplugged.com. Specifically, he hones in on the presentation by Morpheus Data, on of his self-proclaimed highlights of the event. Read on to learn why Mortillaro was so impressed with Morpheus, and watch their Cloud Field Day presentations for a technical deep dive into their product.

BrainChip Akida Puts AI at the Edge

This piece covers the appearance of BrainChip at May’s AI Field Day event. There, they presented their Akida neuromorphic chip, which enables IT practitioners to leverage AI at the edge. Learn more by reading on or watching BrainChip demo the product in their video presentation.

Tackling Big Data With Intel’s Open-Sourced Analytics Zoo

When they appeared at May’s AI Field Day event, Intel presented their Analytics Zoo product for tackling problems of big data analytics in AI. This piece covers the presentation, including the customer use cases shared at the event. Read on for a full breakdown, and watch all of Intel’s AI Field Day presentations for more product demos.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Rocky Gregory

We are excited to welcome Rocky Gregory as a delegate at the upcoming Mobility Field Day event in July! Rocky heads up Wireless for Nike and loves enterprise wireless deployments and the wireless security of implanted medical devices (including his own!). Without any further ado, let’s learn a little more about Rocky!