Talking Real-World AI Applicability With Mist Systems

Lee Badman has become somewhat inured to the bluster around AI integrations that are often little more than marketing fluff. That’s why he found talking with Mist Systems so refreshing. They approach AI as another tool in the wireless networking belt, rather than a be-all solution. The key is to be able to handle the large amount of data to make it meaningful for networking professions, in order to deliver real world solutions to problems. Be sure to check out the extensive set of video presentations from Mist Systems at Field Day events for more.

Tackling Troublesome IoT With Fortinet

Is your enterprise experiencing an explosion of IoT devices? Are you trying to figure out the best way to secure them? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at a new IoT-focused solution from Fortinet that can help you out. Be sure to check out the full video from Mobility Field Day for all the details.

NXTWORK 2019: Mist, ML, and the Future of Juniper Networks

Jonathan Davis shares a recap of Networking Field Day Exclusive at Juniper NXTWORK 2019 in Las Vegas. His sum up is pretty simple: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Application Programming Interfaces. Be sure to check out the post for all the details.

AI for the Sake of AI? Or the Start Something Else?

Jake Snyder was at Networking Field Day Exclusive at Juniper NXTWORK 2019, and got to hear the latest from Mist Systems. Jake’s been skeptical about uses of AI and ML in the enterprise, but was impressed with what he saw from Mist. They were able to identifty a missing VLAN relatively, without requiring extensive training of individual models.

Time to Advocate Common Data Personality

In this post Chin-Fah Heoh talks about the challenges of getting valuable and relevant data from a data lake in a timely fashion. He considers different approaches he’s seen over time, coming to the latest in creating intent-based data personalities. For Chin-Fah, it all comes down to handling metadata.

BIB 084 Keysight Ixia Visibility and Testing

Ixia took a different approach to their recent Tech Field Day presentation. They talked about the current state of networking threats and the events that you are protecting against. In this episode of Briefings in Brief, Greg Ferro gives a little more background to get you up to speed on their offerings.

BiB083 – Forescout – Visibility for Segmentation

On this episode of Briefings in Brief, Greg Ferro takes a look at Forescout, a company that has been around for a decade but never before coming to Greg’s attention. If you want to get up to speed, Greg does a great job of breaking down the key features of this Network Access Control company. After you listen, be sure to watch their recent Tech Field Day presentation.

Ransomware and Response Done Right

In this post, Ixia’s Jason Lackey looks at recent Ransomware attacks and the security challenges they present to organizations. At Tech Field Day, Ixia provided insight into the latest from the world of malware, ransomware and mining. Be sure to check out their presentation to get up to date insights on this persistent threat.

The Importance of User Interfaces in IT Infrastructure Management

Enrico Signoretti looks at the importance of user interface in this piece, something that in an age dominated by automation and APIs is often forgotten. He looks at the different approaches to UI on display at a recent Tech Field Day event.

Data Visualization: A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words

Jon Klaus writes about the data visualization capabilities SolarWinds showed off at Tech Field Day. Their Orion suite contains a number of tools with advanced visualizations, including Network Atlas, AppStack, NetPath, and PerfStack.

Edge Computing Is the New Black

Enrico Signoretti clearly see that the edge is increasingly important in IT, allowing for compute and data storage to be placed close to the edge of the network to improve response times. He sees SD-WAN, automation, and edge-designed hardware as the enables of the edge. At Tech Field Day, he heard how Riverbed and Scale Computing is innovating with these enabling technologies.

The Value of Virtual Networks From Tesuto

If you need to build a lab and don’t have the hardware or the horsepower to make it happen, you need something different to help you. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at the Tesuto presentation from Networking Field Day and how it can help you meet your testing needs through the power of software.

VMware Is Delivering Pipelines to the Cloud With CAS

Anyone who thinks that VMware is still all about vSphere hasn’t been paying attention over the last few years. From what Ken Nalbone saw at Tech Field Day, VMware understands that developers are driving much of the innovation in enterprise IT and is invested in helping operations and infrastructure teams deliver the experience that will drive innovation.

Checking Out Juniper NXTWORK 2019 With Tech Field Day

Drew Lentz was a delegate at Networking Field Day Exclusive at Juniper NXTWORK 2019. With Juniper’s recent acquisition of Mist Systems, Drew was pretty excited to see how the company would integrate its AI networking assets. He made a ton of videos at the event, so be sure to check them all out for his takes on what he saw.

Mastering the Art of Data Visualization

Data management and visualization are hot topics in IT today, but sometimes the terms can get muddied. After returning from Tech Field Day, Max Mortillaro breaks down what qualifies as visualization, how this relates to a good user interface, and more.

Tech Field Day Recap #TFD20

Anthony Spiteri was part of the team that presented with Veeam at Tech Field Day. In this post, he details what the showed off at the event, and gives some more background on each presentation. Be sure to check out the full video of their presentation to get caught up on the latest updates.

Ned in the Cloud LLC – Six Month Check-In

Ned Bellavance took a big leap, moving from consulting into starting his own business. After six month, Ned catches us up on how the journey has been. He’s started the Day Two Cloud podcast, attended Cloud Field Day, and discovered the travails of time management. We’re excited to see where he goes with the company in the next six months.

Veeam at #TFD20

Veeam presented at Tech Field Day, and Michael Cade returned as one of their presenters. In this post, Michael talks about how he found the Tech Field Day event videos invaluable before joining Veeam, and what it was like to present with his boss, El Rickatron, who was a delegate at the first Tech Field Day event.

20/10 Vision: Aruba’s 20th Presentation at Tech Field Day’s 10th Anniversary

We were thrilled to have Aruba Networks return for our tenth anniversary Tech Field Day event, which marked their twentieth overall presentation with the event series. Having presented at the event since 2012, in this post, Aruba details their presentation highlights from years past.

Meet the #TFD20 Delegates: Jon Klaus

Aruba Networks did interviews with the delegates for Tech Field Day. In this post, they spoke with Jon Klaus, a familiar face to anyone who’s watched our videos. They talked about how he got involved with the event, his favorite memories, and more.