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Founded in 2012 and led by data center technology experts Scott D. Lowe, David Davis, Geordie Carswell and James D. Green, ActualTech Media has quickly grown into an innovative content and demand generation powerhouse.

At ActualTech Media, we truly understand the pressures IT leaders are under because we’ve personally been there, facing these same challenges. We’ve actually previously been CIOs, IT Managers and Infrastructure Architects. We’ve lost sleep due to outages; we’ve fretted over backup and recovery; we’ve created paths forward for businesses large and small.

We believe the most immediate need decision makers have is to get a solid understanding of the new technologies changing the data center and the options they can open up. We believe this most effectively comes from a trusted 3rd party that has ‘been there’, that knows the legacy challenges IT has to deal with and the pushback they might receive as they begin to effect real change in the data center – and that’s why we designed ActualTech Media.

We’re here to help you educate and connect with key decision makers, and bring them into your world. Let’s get started!

Channel Staff

David Davis


David Davis is a well-known author, speaker, and trainer covering datacenter technologies.

James Green


James is Partner & Content Czar at ActualTech Media where he is responsible for developing unique content offerings that help enterprise IT vendors accomplish their most critical content marketing objectives.

Keith Ward


Keith Ward is a veteran technology journalist covering the IT space for over 17 years.

Scott D. Lowe


Scott D. Lowe is an independent consultant, blogger, and author focusing on issues that affect the CIO and on the virtualization and storage markets.

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