NetBeez Offers a Solution for Work From Home Scenarios

Looking for a reliable solution for work from home scenarios? You’re in luck! Keith Ward tuned into NetBeez’s presentation of their new installation on remote computers which provide insight and analysis that agentless solutions cannot match. Read more from Keith about NteBeez’s presentation from September’s Networking Field Day!

Juniper to Focus on ‘Experience-First Networking’

Juniper Networks is doing some very cool things, and its application of AI into monitoring operations has been smartly done. Keith Ward tuned into the most recent Networking Field Day event where Juniper Networks presented their latest innovations. Read here for more from Keith!

Xilinx Unleashes the Power of the Smart NIC

Are you looking at upgrading your IT infrastructure? Look no further! Keith Ward, a Field Day delegate, explains how Xilinx’s NIC can do a lot more than you think! Continue reading Keith’s insight to NIC from September’s Tech Field Day, you won’t want to miss this.

Managing Applications at the Distributed Edge Cloud With Avassa

Do you want a broader understanding of edge computing? Check out what Keith Ward, a Field Day delegate, writes on Avassa’s presentation of edge computing at Tech Field Day. He expands on the demos of edge software he witnessed during Avassa’s demonstration. Be sure to keep reading on!

Portworx Provides Software-Defined Storage for Kubernetes

Writing for Actual Tech Media, Keith Ward covers his experiences as a delegate during the Portworx Tech Field Day presentation in this post. In it, he describes their software-defined storage product as well as the presentation associated with it. Read the full piece for more.

Meraki Pushes Proactive Troubleshooting at Tech Field Day

Keith Ward of Actual Tech Media shares his thoughts on the technologies coming out of Cisco Meraki, which he witnessed as a delegate during September’s Tech Field Day event. This piece explains their Intelligent RCA product and what it means for today’s IT organizations. Learn more by reading this post, or by watching Meraki’s recorded presentations.

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Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day: A Live View

Scott Lowe attended Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day as a delegate, and live blogged all the announcements from Intel at the event. There were a lot of major announcements, with Intel showing seven new products, including CPUs, Optane memory, network adapters, and more.

Meeting the Challenges of Managing Microservices-based Applications

LightStep’s [x]PM was a highlight of their Cloud Field Day presentation from earlier this year. Keith Ward was a delegate at the event, and was impressed by how LightStep could monitor complex microservices while maintaining full visibility in real time without overhead. LightStep [x]PM might not be a great fit for smaller organizations without complex applications, but many modern apps would benefit from this type of performance monitoring.

Barefoot Networks and Fully Programmable Switches

Keith Ward got to hear from Barefoot Networks at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld. In this post, he shares a video talking with Director of Product Management Roberto Mari, about how the company’s Tofino programmable switch makes programming a network as easy as programming a server.

Apstra to Demonstrate Intent-Based Data Center Network Automation with VMware vSphere Integration at VMworld

James Green first got a look at Apstra back at Networking Field Day in 2016. The company offers an intent-based networking solution based on their Apstra Operating System. They’ll be presenting at VMworld next week, and James looks at their newly announced vSphere integration. This now allows for viewing the relationships between workloads, applications, tenants, and virtual networks,with specific interfaces, CPUs, and links, to all co-exist in the same graph representation.

Aviatrix Simplifies Public Cloud Networking

In this piece, Keith Ward looks at how Aviatrix’s software-defined cloud routing is helping to make public cloud networking manageable and simple. After hearing from them at Cloud Field Day this month, Keith thinks their approach should find a ready home in enterprises with cloud-scale routing needs.

13 Things You Need To Do at VMworld 2018

VMworld can be a packed an intimidating event. Luckily Scott Lowe wrote up a list of things to should do so you don’t miss anything big. One of them is making sure to catch the Tech Field Day Extra events happening at the presentation. If you’re not going to be in Vegas for the event, be sure to watch along with all the Tech Field Day Extra activity on our live stream!

How SoftNAS Is Like the U.S. Marines

If you were designing a business from scratch, adopting a cloud native strategy might be obvious. But what about everyone else left on the cloud adoption spectrum? Keith Ward covers SoftNAS’s presentation from Cloud Field Day as an ideal solution for those companies. In his mind, they approach a “leave no man behind” approach to going to the cloud.

Data In The Context of Digital Transformation

James Green got to get a close look at SolarWinds’ Pingdom Visitor Insights at Tech Field Day last month. In the past, James might have looked at this as a simple uptime monitor for websites. However after getting a closer look, he realizes that what Pingdom enables isn’t just data collection of uptime, but the contextual information to tie technical metrics to behavior.

DriveScale Releases Customer-Driven Advancements in Fall Edition of its SCI Platform

James Green inititally heard about DriveScale’s innovation with Software Composable Infrastructure and storage disaggregation at Tech Field Day in 2016. In this post, he reviews their “Fall Edition” update, which adds a new HDFS plugin, QuickCluster, and easier cluster scaling.

DriveScale Now Supports Kubernetes and Docker

DriveScale is all about disaggregating storage. James Green saw them at Tech Field Day a few years ago, and reviews their latest update. Their FlexVolume allows you to bring this same disaggregation to Docker and other containers in Kubernetes. James runs down the major features of the plugin in this post.

Cloud-Like Expenses with an On-Premises Experience

In this post, James Green outlines how ClearSky Data’s unique approach allows for cloud-like expenses but with an on-site experience for on-demand primary storage. James initially saw the company at Tech Field Day last year.

Microsoft Buys Storage Optimizer Avere Systems

James Green saw Avere Systems at Storage Field Day a few years ago, and has since done a great job reviewing the company’s Edge Filer portfolio. Now that the company has been acquired by Microsoft, James shares his thought how the company’s assets will fit into the Redmond giant’s overall offerings.

Still Backhauling All Internet-Bound Traffic To Your Data Center?

Many organizations depend on a hub-and-spoke model for performing enterprise-grade traffic inspections, but in this post James Green illustrates why this can prove insufficient for cloud first branch networks. He then highlights how a recent partnership between Riverbed and Zscaler allows for better overall WAN management and branch security. James originally saw this at Riverbed’s Tech Field Day presentation.