Ken Collins

Innovation Leader & Award-Winning Product Engineer | AWS Hero | GenAI R&D | Technology Strategy

Sanjeev Mohan

Big Data enthusiast, Founder,; Business Intelligence and Analytics; Ex Gartner Research VP; Globetrotter

Mark Beccue

Thomas LaRock

My career and life experiences are best described as follows: I take things that are hard and make them simple for others to understand.

Donnie Berkholz, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Analyst, Platify Insights — the analyst firm for tech platforms. Platform engineering, generative AI, cloud-native apps, and more!

Jim Davis

Principal Analyst at Edge Research Group

Allyson Klein

Allyson Klein’s insatiable curiosity about innovation led her to found The TechArena covering all things edge to cloud.

Ben Young

Specializes in the automation and integration of a broad range of cloud & virtualization technologies.

Frederic Van Haren

Frederic is the CTO at HighFens Inc (active in the HPC & AI market). He spent more than a decade building large HPC & AI environments from the ground up and is frequently invited to speak at events to provide his vision on AI, Big Data and HPC.

Gina Rosenthal

Gina Rosenthal is the Founder and CEO of Digital Sunshine Solutions. Her company provides fractional product marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing services to business to business technology vendors. She has a strong technical background in cloud computing, infrastructure, and virtualization.

Karen Lopez

Data Evangelist and Architect

Keith Townsend

Global Advisor at the Futurum Group

Ray Lucchesi

Ray Lucchesi is president of Silverton Consulting, blogs at, co-hosts podcast and has worked in data storage for over 30 years mostly in marketing and engineering new disk and tape automation products.

Stephen Foskett

Stephen is the President of the Tech Field Day business unit for The Futurum Group and focuses on AI, edge, and cloud