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Ather is an Enterprise Solutions Architect and works for Rackspace Technology. His focus is on all things related to cloud, technology, storage, virtualization and whatever comes in between.

Being in the industry for nearly 25 years, he feels ancient. If you feel that inclined, he can bore you with stories on how he used to manually park heads on a hard drive or bound protocols to network cards. Seriously though, he has designed, deployed and managed many enterprise environments, involving all the major cloud platforms, VMware Clouds, virtualization and storage technologies – to name a few.

Ather started blogging over 11 years ago so that he can share some of his knowledge with the community. He has been a vExpert for 9 years running and is also vExpert NSX/HCX. He has been an official VMware blogger at VMworld EU and US for the few years too. He is one of the founding members and contributor to Open HomeLab Wiki and co-hosts @OpenTechCast as well.

Ather’s natural habitat is tech events like VMworld, Cloud (and other) Field Days, VMUGs etc. and he thrives on meeting like-minded people and having a good old chat about technology. He’s friendly and not dangerous at all so please do interact with him whenever you spot him in such surroundings.

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